Origins Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment & Moisturiser.

A little while back, I blogged about my favourite skincare product at the time (see the post here) and a few of my lovely, helpful readers explained that they had gone to the counter to find out it was being discontinued. So, before I began petitioning against this, I contacted the girls at Origins to see what was happening to the skincare product that had changed my life (okay, skin) so much.As it happens, the products were just being re-released – a better formular and now with a moisturiser and an ultra thick version of the moisturiser too. It is now known as Origins Make a Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment, and as far as I can see it’s still the same great results as the original tub.
The range helps to encourage hydration in the skin, this is dependant on an enzyme which helps to keep moisture levels in check, and so the new range of products have added ingredients (lychee and watermelon extract) to trigger the enzyme and encourage hydrated skin.

The new treatment gel still feels the same as the old version, but the new ingredients are far more effective. The introduction of the moisturiser has pleased me as I never knew what to apply after the treatment, I didn’t want anything too heavy or rich as the treatment itself felt enough, but I did wake up in the morning and feel like my skin should have had a night cream. The moisturiser is light and can be used morning and night to maintain hydration levels and keep skin moisturised.

Before using these products, I never thought of my skin needing hydration, it never has dry patches and I don’t use products for dry skin. My skin, however, was extremely dehydrated and appeared dull due to the lack of moisture within the skin. This range of products has completely sorted this out and my skin is so much healthier and clearer now I’m helping to combat this dehydration.
I’ve also found that my acne scars from years ago have cleared up and any current blemishes haven’t scarred like they usually would.
Overall, this skincare range has gone to the top of my list of most favourable products. They have completely turned around my skin and I’m so impressed with how clear and radiant my skin looks now.
What do you think of the range?

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  • would you recommend this over Mega Mushroom (if you’ve tried it), my skin is a mess right now 🙁

  • They sound fab, i need a good moisturiser like that!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • I have to buy this, it’s actually in my basket and if you buy it now you get 3 samples one including the drink me up mask!

  • Glad to know they aren’t discontinuing this! I love the treatment, but I’ve never tried the moisturizer. You can never go wrong with Origins though! xx

  • I’ve never really had problematic skin, but now that I’m almost 25 I feel like it’s time to start treating it well. I’ve only recently become interested in skincare but now i’m kind of obsessed! Anyway, I’ll definitely be ordering this. I love your suggestions!

  • I’ve actually never tried any Origins products before but I keep hearing so much about them and this has made me really interested in the range, especially because I have the same problem! My skin’s not dry but it’s dehydrated and I get quite a lot of scarring from blemishes, so this sounds like it would really work well for me. 🙂

  • I really need to try some Origins products! Is it bad that I kinda just want these for the lovely green packaging? 😛

    Katie xo

  • I really like the sound of the treatment, I will definitely be checking this product out x

  • They look so good! I really want to try an Origins moisturiser and I think it’s between this or Night-a- Mins.. x

  • Using these both at the moment, I love how much calmer my skin is looking. I also use the make a difference cleansing milk as my morning cleanse, I would really recommend it 🙂 xxx

  • OMG WHY YOO DO THIS TO ME?? I really want these now.

  • they both sound like stunning products!! I’ve really been getting into my skin care lately 🙂

  • Dying to try origins products, they look great!


  • These sound like amazing products – I have problem skin so I definitely want to go and check them out now. Thanks for the rec x

  • I would love to check out the treatment. I’m all about the thick moisturisers and creams this fall/winter. xx

  • I think I am going to have to try these when I run out of what I am currently using. They sound amazing for dehydrated skin.


  • They look really good! 🙂

  • that sounds really good, my skin has just been so ruined lately, i’ll have to have a look at these x

  • oh these sound amazing ! xx

  • I have the original, really wanna try the new one! xx

  • can you tell me does the rejuvenating treatment have shea butter in it? cos i know it breaks me out but can’t find an ingredients list anywhere for this product 🙁 love your skincare recs btw! xx

  • HW

    My skin has turnaround-ed because of “make a difference”, SWEAR by it!
    I live in the tropics, island weather, humid like hell, so the humidity added too much complexity to understanding one’s skin, always thought it’s oily coz I always look shiny, but I read a blog by an aesthetic doctor, explaining that the oil is produced to compensate the dehydrated skin – make sense. Until I moved to the sub-tropics, with a humid subtropical climate, still humid but less so than the equator area, our skin reacts so quickly and tells you clearly that it is indeed very thirsty/ taut/ tight. I was getting a serum at Origins and counter girl generously handed me a “made a difference” moisturizer, gave it a try, I am not exaggerating this – I could feel my skin drinking it, effect – hydrated, stabilizes my skin condition with much less break out, improves whatever “acne” problem I called it. Best part, leaving your skin feeling non-greasy. it’s addictive, I want to pile them on all.the.time. Origins saved my life! whee~

  • Thanks for sharing information about moisturizer. I was getting a serum at Origins and counter girl generously handed me a “made a difference” moisturizer, gave it a try, I am not exaggerating this – I could feel my skin drinking it, effect – hydrated, stabilizes my skin condition with much less break out, improves whatever “acne” problem I called it.