NUDE Miracle Mask.

I’m always, always on the lookout for new skincare products that will change my life. I’ve suffered from acne and spot prone skin since my teens and, although it’s better now, I still always want to improve it and find products which help to make it look as flawless and clear as possible. 
I’ve had this NUDE Miracle Mask on my wishlist for a while now – the price being the main factor that was putting me off – and decided to jump the gun and purchase it whilst feeling naughty in Space NK a little while ago. 
This exfoliating mask uses natural AHAs as well as rice beads to reveal flawless looking skin. You massage in the mask with fingers first and let the gentle rice beads work their magic on the dead skin cells, and then leave it to sit for 5 minutes. 
This aims to minimise and refine pores, smooth over skin and help to reveal flawless kin. I love a mask that tingles, I feel like it’s working its potent magic on me!
This Miracle mask really is a miracle product, it might be a little harsh for some skins but mine’s pretty tough so I didn’t think twice about slapping this on. I use it once a week for a really deep cleanse and exfoliation and can’t believe the difference it makes to my skin – it’s definitely worth the price tag!
Have you tried this Miracle Mask? 

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