Review: Topshop Whimsical Lipstick.

My first thoughts when trying on this lipstick (as soon as I got it home) were “my, doesn’t this look like NARS Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil” (review here) which a lot of people say looks like Topshops Coy. I would say that Whimsical is more nude, a much more played down version of Bolero and Coy – for all those who were wondering.

This lip product has been on the endless gh0stparties wishlist for yonks now and I finally picked it up yesterday when the Topshop sale didn’t leave me wheelbarrowing clothing to the till.
I’m not your biggest matte lipstick fan, actually let me rephrase that; I want to be the biggest matte lipstick fan but when your lips are as dry as mine, it’s just not on the cards, baby.

I think this sort of shade is the perfect colour for my skin tone, it goes with the blushers I usually wear (Benefits Hervana today if you’re wondering) and makes my blue eyes pop against my fair skintone.
I think most skin tones could pull this off actually, it would look equally as beautiful against tanned and dark skins in my opinion.

I don’t find the formula too drying,  but my lips need to be having a good day in order to pull this off (read: lots of maintenance beforehand) and for eight British Sterling you can’t really turn it down.

What do you think of Whimsical?

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  • It looks like a really pretty shade and suits your pale skin xxx

  • Gorgeous colour, looks lovely! I suffer with really dry lips too which means I tend to avoid lipsticks completely, would love to hear what your tips are?! xx

  • Such a gorgeous colour ♥

  • Such a gorgeous colour ♥

  • I have slightly yellow-ish skin so I’m not so sure I could pull it off (boohiss!), but I love it & it looks beautiful with your skin tone!

  • Oh,this shade suits you perfectly. So pleased you reviewed as I’ve been eyeing up this colour on the Toppers website for a while. I recently bought Topshop’s Hazard Lippy but my lips are definitely too dry for it so I gave up on that one. If you could do a ‘maintanence for dry lips’ post sometime soon, that would be amaz… I’m rubbish at makeup! xx

  • This is such a nice shad but I feel like it would suit paler skin tones best. x

  • It looks lovely on you! I haven’t tried any topshop lipsticks as of yet but have one or two on my mental wishlists. And the topshop sale didn’t impress me much either, was such a shame! xxx

  • This shade looks gorgeous! I really need to place a topshop make up order already! xx

  • Such a lovely shade, might just get this! Xx

  • Your hair looks amaaazing! 😀

  • This is a gorgeous shade, it looks so pretty on you
    Daniella x

  • Your hair looks lovely here and i feel like the nude colour of the lipstick makes you look younger?! I can only wear matte lipstick when i’ve had vaseline on them overnight and they’re properly moisturised ox

  • Gorgeous shade, really suits you!

  • Gorgeous colour – I have the same issue with dry lips though, it’s ashame as I adore matte lipsticks!

  • What a pretty colour, I’ve not tried any Topshop lippys before but they sounds pretty amazing!
    Rachelle x

  • You picked the perfect shade for your skin and eye colour for sure, you look so pretty! I just love the fact that the lip colour matches your skin tone and eye colour, and also the top you’re wearing. How do you pick lipsticks so perfectly? Do you try them out before you actually buy them or do you know naturally which one suits you?

    The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo

  • Such a pretty pink that will sit everyone, the colour makes your skin look radiant!

  • Such a pretty colour x

  • It look great on you but I think it would be a bit too light for me! P.S. loving your longer hair! xx

  • This is such a pretty shade. I’m always looking for the perfect nude so I may have to try this out.



  • Love this colour! It looks so pretty on you too! X

  • I’ve got this colour! When I first put it on, I nearly cried because it was pale and so am i…I love it though now! Looks even better on you! and your hair has got so lovely and long 🙂

  • I still haven’t tried a topshop lipstick :-S need to get my bum down there me thinks lol

  • That’s a lovely colour on you! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages but the ones I’ve tried are never quite right…

    Lana, xo

  • Lovely shade on you!

  • Amy

    I’ve been thinking about buying this for a while, might have to pick it up if it’s going to suit my pale-ale face x

  • Top Shop JUST opened up here in Vancouver but (according to my friend who went to see the opening) there aren’t any makeup available yet. I’m dying to try out the cream blushers and lipsticks that all the UK bloggers have been talking about.

  • Love this colour on you! I still need to try topshop lipsticks! x

  • Lovely shade on you. Your hair is getting so long now 🙂 xo

  • I’ve never really tried much of the Topshop makeup, I always seem to float around the stands but never pick anything up!

  • The colour suits you so well! you look beautiful! xo

  • Oh this colour is so pretty!x

  • This is my favourite lipstick! along with innocent 🙂 its suits you perfectly!

  • This colour looks so lovely on you! Love it. xo

  • it looks lovely on you hun ! xx

  • I like that colour. Your eyes are beautiful! x

  • Pretty 🙂

  • Beautiful shade, it really compliments your skin tone and brings out the your vivid blue eyes. 🙂

  • Looks beautiful on you! You are right about it complimenting your coloring. xx

  • I love this. It’s my favourite topshop lipstick.

  • You look amazing here, the colours suit you perfectly. I’m impatiently waiting for my tan to fade so I can look all pale and pretty like this.. just can’t resist the sun during Summer!


  • You’re hair has grown so much. Lovely xx

  • I recently just bought Whimsical and its my new favorite lipstick!! Suits you nicely

  • such a pretty colour. i tend to use matte lipsticks after using the lip scrubs from lush. gets all the dry skin off so easily