Review: Skincare for Dull Skin.

Occasionally my skin becomes a bit sallow looking and a bit dull and/or rough, I always look to my skincare to solve this. I always say, there’s no point slathering yourself in makeup if your skincare can help sort the real issue.

I’ve been picking out a few of my favourite products to get my skin looking brighter, smoother and more radiant and these are a few of my favourites.
I’ve been using Origins Never a Dull Moment cleanser for a little while now, I often use Origins cleansers as I find them to lather up so well and really deep cleanse the skin without stripping it. Never a Dull Moment smells heavenly and really makes my skin look brighter after every use. I use this a lot with my Clarisonic for an extra deep cleanse!

RENs Resurfacing AHA Concentrate is one of my most used skincare products, it’s a product which naturally exfoliates the skin to reveal brighter, healthier skin. After using this at night, my skin feels incredible the next morning. I use this every few days, and I think it’s so much better than the Alpha H Liquid Gold!

Antipodes have slowly made their way into my skincare routine, I’ve so far loved everything I’ve tried from them – they’re a natural brand and from my home of New Zealand too! Everything I’ve tried from Antipodes has really impressed me and this Skin Brightening Serum is no exception. I apply this at night for a good dosage of radiance and let it do its magic. This serum is the key to lovely looking skin!

Next up is my number one skincare product at the moment, Origins Skin Rejuvenating Treatment -I reviewed this recently and the change it has made to my skin is incredible. Overnight it really works to smooth over skin and make it look so healthy and clear – I can’t believe how well this works and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who would like clearer, glowing skin!

Lastly, I had to include this exfoliator. This is the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, an exfoliator which is left on like a mask to naturally exfoliate the skin to reveal brighter, smoother skin (yes, like the others!) – it really works a treat and I use this once a week to make my skin look so much clearer.

What do you think of my brightening skincare picks?

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  • I really needs to try Origins asap, they’re everywhere atm, and with such great reviews. Lovely post 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  • I really want to try that REN Concentrate! x

    :: LUCYSLUXE ::

  • Great collection of products for brightening up the skin 🙂 I haven’t tired Origins products but I will look into them!

  • Love this post as its something I suffer from constantly, its really difficult to make olive skin look brighter! xx

  • Hi – love this post although it’s definitely going to result in my bank account taking a bit of a hit! Just wondering why you think the REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate is better than Alpha H? I’m going to run out of Alpha H soon but might be tempted by something else! XX

    • I see results quicker and it’s just a product I find helps my skin more than the Liquid Gold.

  • Hi – love this post but it’s definitely going to result in my bank account taking a hit! Just wondering why you prefer the REN AHA to Alpha H? XX

  • I’ve been really wanting to try the Antipodes serum, the REN concentrate sounds really good as well 🙂

  • I’ll add my word in for the REN AHA concentrate too! Seriously a wonder product, not to mention it smells delicious! And I have to figure out how to get my hands on Antipodes, both you and Essiebutton have tipped me off to their products and I really want to try them – don’t know how I can get them to India though! 🙁

  • Wow, so many things I want!! I too often have to deal with dull skin, especially as it gets colder, and in anticipation of that, I have just picked up a Rose Brightening Mask from Korres. Hoping it does the trick, but if not, these items (especially the Ren Resurfacing Concentrate) are going straight to the top of my wish list! Oh, who am I kidding, they’re already up there! xx

  • I really want to try the REN Resurfacing AHA Concentrate!

  • the Origin cleansers sound great, really need to try them ! x

  • I really want to try some Ren products after hearing and reading your reviews! xx

  • wanna try everything here!

  • How does the Origins Make a Difference compare to Origins Night-A-Mins?

    • I use Night-a-Mins after the Make A Difference as it’s just a treatment, I love them both 🙂

  • they’ve discontinued the origins rejuvenating treatment and replaced it with a different version!

    • They’ve released a new one, but as far as I can tell it’s the same! I will be posting about it soon x

  • I completely agree with you, the REN concentrate is much more effective than alphaH, on my skin at least. somehow it just works better and produces results faster? anyway loved your review and gonna go and buy some origins now!

  • Loove the Papaya peel x The Origins treatment sounds really amazing, I love all the orgins products I’ve tried so I’m definitely having a look at that next time I’m at a counter 🙂 great post x x

  • Loved this post, I often suffer with the same problem. I need to try the REN AHA concentrate, but I’m loving my origins moisturiser at the moment- especially with the weather getting colder and my skin getting drier 🙁
    Daniella x

  • I have been wanting to try the Enzyme Peel for ages, I think my skin gets pretty dull at this time of year damn British weather! x

  • These sound wonderful! I can’t afford them, at least I don’t think I can, but that’s okay. I’m trying to get into a new skin care routine. I do the daily cleanse, and moisturizing, but there are so many different cleansers, moisturizers, and lotions and potions it gets to be a bit overwhelming and honestly, I don’t know how or when to use all that stuff. I’ve been trying to find someone to do a guest post on my blog about this, so if you are interested I’d love for you to be my guest. I’d like to get someone to help us better understand how all of these products work, when to use them, how often we should use them, and I know for me, my skin changes with the season and I have to switch up my cleansers and I have hard time with that. So, maybe a guide on how to transition from fall to winter, and winter to spring. when to use the products…for example; should you use a different cleanser for morning, and another at night? I see moisturizers, toners, serums, etc., which is best to use following your cleanser? How often should you do a peel or mask? It would be great to get someone to clear all of this up for me and for others who are a little overwhelmed by all of these lovely products. If you are interested let me know. I would love for you to stop by my blog sometime.



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