A New Obsession: Burberry Pale Barley Eye Shadow.

I mentioned in yesterdays post that this eye shadow was worthy of its own post, I’ve been wearing this eye shadow since I got it a couple of weeks ago.
This is my first purchase from Burberry, their stands and counters are hard to come by and I wanted to see the shades in person to decide which one would be mine. 
I picked Pale Barley as it seemed the most fitting eye shadow for my skin tone but there’s quite a few shades I want to pick up! 
Pale Barley is a soft, cool toned beige/gold – a really flattering shade with my skin tone. The formula is perfect, a really soft texture which applies so well to the eyes and blends in incredibly.
It’s safe to say I’ve been completely mesmerised by this eye shadow and now want everything from Burberry! 
I also really want a Burberry blusher, ooh so tempting – I really can’t wait to try more from this brand! What do you think of Pale Barley? 

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8 October, 2012
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  • This is gorgeous! Definitely on my wish list… xo

  • Lovely shade, the packaging is lovely and I love the embossed print on the product! x

  • Gorgeous colour! And the packaging is lovely!

  • I have my eyes on this eyeshadow for a while now… Sadly I can’t get my hands on it as Burberry make-up is not available where I live!
    Iam deffo going to buy it when I’ll be going to London! XoXo

  • I have my eyes on this eyeshadow for a while now, but can’t get my hands on it, as Burberry make-up is not available where I live.
    Iam deffo going to buy it when I’ll be coming to London!

  • oo that looks lovely. I’d also love to know what lipstick you have on there? It’s so pretty.x

  • Oo that looks lovely. I’d also love to know what lipstick you have on here- it’s very pretty.x

  • I think it looks gorgeous! Definitely gonna check it out!!! 🙂 xx

  • This eyeshadow will be mine eventually. It looks truly lovely. Patina’s grown up sister, I’d say. Love! xx

  • Beautiful color. Might have to go looking for something similar. 🙂

    amen fashion, xo.

  • So, so pretty! I’ve put together quite the wishlist for Burberry Beauty!! This is going on the list 🙂

  • So pretty! Just a little pricy though…..

    Kate x

  • That’s such a lovely shade, it really suits you
    Daniella x

  • This eyeshadow looks so pretty on you. I wish we could get this brand in Ireland xx

  • This shadow is so lovely! And so handy for everyday wear when it looks great on its own! x

  • That eyeshadow looks lovely on you! Burberry is so tempting, but so expensive! Ugh, I might just give in one day! haha xx

  • Beautiful! 🙂 I love the colour!
    Have been looking for that colour and was never really satisfied but this one seems just perfect! Thank you for sharing!

  • That eyeshadow is lovely. I love Burberry products but they’re just so expensive!

  • Beautiful shade! I’ve been wanting to try one of their shadows as well, but I’m waiting to go to a counter so I can try them out. xx

  • wow that is a stunning colour and i adore the packaginggg 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Didn’t know Burberry did beauty products! Always saw them as a really ‘chavvy’ brand haha. Unless I’m being totally thick and it’s a different brand altogether?! I am loving pale barley though, it’s such a great neutral shade and suits you a lot!


  • Gorgeous!

  • Oh wow, I haven’t heard of this shade – but it sounds like the most perfect neutral! Gonna go look for this now. xx

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • I’ve been wanting Midnight Brown from Burberry for ages, might have to add it to my christmas list:)!

  • I didn’t even know Burberry did make up! That’s a gorgeous shade, I really like it. x

  • This looks like a more pigmented version of MAC’s patina and I already love that colour. But this looks even better! Too bad it’s not available online for me 🙁

  • so pretty x

  • a.

    great blog! youre sooo pretty !!!

  • Such a gorgeous colour, definitely going to pop this on my christmas wishlist


  • gorgeous eyeshadow ! x

  • What a pretty lipstick xx

  • I have been so intrigued by this shadow, i had a good play in John Lewis and fell in love, your such a bad influence missy! xx

  • Tash

    Love the look of this eyeshadow… Had it on my wish list for ages and now it’s out of stock everywhere…. Hope it comes back soon 🙁 xx