Tips For Growing Hair.

One thing I’m always astonished by is how quick my hair grows. At the start of this year it was barely touching my shoulders and I had a fringe at my eyebrows. I’d say the my hair is now a good 4 or 5 inches longer since January and a whole lot thicker and healthier. My hair obviously isn’t long as such, but a lot of people ask me for tips on getting their hair to grow so here we are. These are just what has worked for me in the last 8 months and not everything you can do.

01. The first thing to remember is how much heat damages your hair. The last time I used my straighteners was… months ago! I rarely use them or apply any heat to my hair on a regular basis. I know everyone isn’t like this, I probably prefer my hair slightly more wavy but I’m lazy and I’ve also seen how much my hair grows sans heat. Try and reduce the heat you apply to your hair, I use my hairdryer to dry my hair after every wash, so probably 3 times a week but I don’t overdo it. I gently brush through and apply serums and/oils and then run my fingers through to separate and leave to dry naturally for around 20-30 minutes – this makes all the difference and you’ll notice you really cut down on drying time!

02. Find hair products that suit your hair type. I really wasn’t a fan of my hair until I got to know it, it’s fine and can get oily and weighed down easily – using heavy conditioners was weighing down my hair and I found myself needing to style it with straighteners or tongs constantly and wash/dry it more often, meaning I was using heat all the time. After I bought shampoo and conditioner for fine hair, like the Phytovolume range from Phyto, my hair sat better and lasted longer between washes. I wasn’t reaching for styling tools constantly and my hair wasn’t falling flat at every opportunity.
Once a week, if you feel it’s necessary, use a hair mask on your hair to keep it in check. I rarely do this as I hate too much conditioner in my hair, so I leave in my normal conditioner for a few extra minutes occasionally. This will prevent damage to hair and keep it silky smooth.

03. Be gentle. Although I have fine hair, the ends can get tangled easily. I stopped using conditioner for a while because I felt that it was just weighing down my hair, so before I found something which was lightweight and suitable for my hairtype, I had tangled, dry ends. Not good. I used to get my boyfriend to brush my hair and it would take so long, even with a Tangle Teezer (which I’m not a fan of), to brush and detangle my otherwise soft hair.
I swear by a small amount of L’Oreal Mythic Oil in the ends of my hair, it detangles and protects and leaves my ends silky smooth. I also use the Denman Tangle Tamer to brush through, it’s such a good brush to gently detangle hair without breaking or damaging it. I have recently found out this is a kids brush, but it’s one of my favourite hair brushes and very cheap so I really recommend it! It’s so gentle and I think this is one of the reasons my hair never seems to break off or have split ends.

04. Protect from heat damage. Using heat is going to happen, as I’ve already explained not even I can live without it and I’m pretty laid back when it comes to my hair. I swear by a quick spritz of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection spray, not only does it protect against heat damage but it also leaves hair silky smooth! Great for those who rely on straighteners to tame unruly hair.

05. Eat well and take supplements. Unfortunately for me, I have a rather awful immune system which means I have to take vitamins regularly or I get sick. I was brought up eating well so it’s kind of stuck with me, and the added vitamins are probably another contributing factor to my good hair growth.
I don’t take anything special, usually just Multivitamins but I make sure to get Iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Zinc on a regular basis. I don’t take anything specifically for my hair, these are just to keep me well but a balanced diet will help with hair growth.

What are your tips for growing hair and keeping it healthy?

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