Stila Convertible Colour Blush in Lillium.

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Stila Convertible Colour in Lilium – £16.00
MAC 130 Brush – £29.00

It’s taken me some time to really get in to cream blushers, although I’m unsure why. Recently they’re all that I’ve been using and I love how easy they are to apply.I finally picked up one of the often talked about Stila brushes in Lilium, a lovely soft pink. Under the harsh Boots lights, I had a tough choice picking a shade – I think this is why I hadn’t purchased one before as I had been in to the counter a few times and left empty handed!
I’m glad I got Lilium, it’s really suited to my skin type (fair skin, blue eyes) and I love the way it brings me to life.
It’s quite pigmented compared to other cream blushes I’ve used and so, so easy to apply! I have quickly learnt to use a light hand with this as it’s easy to end up looking a bit clown-like.

I use my MAC 130 brush as it’s quite small and can buff in the blusher to a nice, natural finish which doesn’t budge. I absolutely adore how easy this is to put on and go, it doesn’t require any maintenance and leaves my skin looking flushed and glowing.

I shall definitely be picking up more of the Stila blushes in the coming weeks, are there any shades you recommend?

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