Review: Esteé Lauder Violet Underground Collection.

Esteé Lauder Violet Underground Palette – £40 *Esteé Lauder Violet Underground Lipstick in Black Cassis – £19.50 *

When I saw the latest Esteé Lauder collection, Violet Underground, I knew I had to have it, although it’s completely out of my comfort zone. 

Both the palette and the lipstick shown are not shades I’d usually go for, I don’t even own anything like this! But with Autumn and Winter at our doorsteps, I thought I’d opt for some fitting shades for once and so, the vampy look was born!
I actually really like the dark lips, I thought my boyfriend would be horrified but he commented on them saying they were “different” which is a good thing. 
I absolutely adore the eye makeup, which was done using the more “me” colours of the palette – a gorgeous neutral, satin beige (bottom left) and a rich, chocolate brown (top right) and I think this will become an evening look for me. As I don’t wear eyeliner, I rely on eyeshadow and mascara to open my eyes and these shades together really do make eyes stand out. 

Although this look isn’t something I’d usually go for, I love how Autumnal and different it is! I reckon I’ll be whipping out the Black Cassis lipstick once again… what do you think? 

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  • The dark lip looks amazing against your pale skin tone! Love this look. X

  • Wow I adore this! Particularly like the metallic blue shade. May be popping this on my Christmas list!

    Cath x

  • That lipstick looks stunning on you and wow i love that palette, it looks perfect for all eye colours too 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Lipstick is beautiful :). It’s definitely on my wishlist 🙂

  • Oh yes, you certainly should get that one out again – amazing look! LOVE that lipstick on you. So glad I bought it before I went on a ‘no-buy’ 🙂

  • Gorgeous! I’ve got a couple of darker plum shades, but Ed hates them! Ah well, who cares what they think….I may have to check Black Cassis out soon x

  • It looks gorgeous, and I’m completely in love with the lipstick 🙂

  • I love the palette and the lipstick actually really suits you! Xx

  • Love love love the lipstick on you. Against your pale skin you look so vampy and mysterious! x

  • Love the lips! Really cool look!

  • What a gorgeous palette! The entire thing is perfect for fall and I absolutely love how nice the lipstick looks on you 🙂


  • Such a beautiful palette and the lipstick really suits you!

  • This lipstick looks gorgeous on you!

  • Absolutely love this!.. you look stunning. Has definitely inspired me to be more adventurous with plumy lip colours! x

  • I’m definitely getting the lipstick now, it looks gorgeous on you! The palette is beautiful but I would only use the two neutral colours so I’m not buying it.

  • you’re all set for autumn! haha

  • Wow so vampy! I don’t know if I’d be brave enough, but the shade looks great on you 🙂

  • It looks great on you! The colour of the lipstick is gorgeous.

    Anna xx

  • Hi I just found your blog and I am so glad I did!
    Your blog is so amazing and I love this post! These are such amazing photos and you are so pretty! and i cannot wait to read your next post 🙂
    I just followed your blog and would appreciate if you could do the same back!
    have a great day!

    The Green Raybans

  • Great post. Your blog is stunning <3
    Would you maybe like to follow eachother?
    Love, Anne

  • What a pretty lipstick, kind of reminds me of the sort of colours Jessie J would wear. Very gothic and cool.

  • Hi Kate,

    This colour looks amazing on you! Definitely ‘good-different’ 😉

    Love Joyce

  • Caz

    Those colours are gorgeous 🙂 I don’t think they’d be something i’d wear a lot but the eyeshadow you chose is lovely xx

  • your so brave, i could never wear a colour like that on my lips, im to scared xx

  • love that lip color on you!


  • I love the colours in the palette they look so luxurious and pretty. I don’t think I could pull of the lipstick, but it looks really good on you. Definitely a pretty autumnal look 🙂
    Daniella x

  • Love this lip colour!!! Oh lord that’s going on my wish list. It really suits your skin tone and eye colour too.
    Does it last or do you find it wears off easily?
    Sarah x

  • I love these colors on you, they suit you well ! x

  • Hello, what mascara are you wearing in this :)?

  • I love these shades! They’re abit out of my comfort zone too, but sometimes it’s good to go for something you wouldn’t normally! The lipstick looks lovely on you 🙂 X

  • such a pretty collection, this lipstick is gorgeous ! x

  • That lipstick is stunning! Definitely going on my wish list. xx

  • This is my favourite makeup look of yours, I need the lipstick!xx

  • OMG!
    Love that lipstick!

  • Omg these are the prettiest make up items I’ve seen since the new Clarins ones! I need!! x

  • Thats GORGEOUS. The lipstick suits you like no other, and the palette is *-*

  • i’m starting to really like estee lauder. the lipstick looks really nice on you!

  • the lipstick is gorgeous something id totally go for and the pallete looks beautiful 🙂

  • This looks beautiful on you! I want!!

  • I think this look is amazing!

  • So pretty! Love the lipstick x

  • This collection is gorgeous, the lipstick is a bit daring for me though!

  • The dark lipstick looks great on you, you can really pull it off Im afraid I cant though…. xx

  • great post!


  • Gorgeous palette and that lip colour looks wonderful on you 🙂

  • What a gorgeous shade of lipstick, I love the berry colours 🙂
    Rachelle x

  • The price is definitely a breaking point. Gorgeous colours but not sure I’m willing to spend that much on a lippie/palette I could get for much less. If it wasn’t given to you from Estee Lauder, would you have purchased it on your own?

  • Love the collection! The lipsticks is so pretty. Definitely a nice look for Autumn. 🙂

  • you look really beautiful with those colors! ^^

  • The palette is stunning! All the colours look so silky 😀

  • I just bought the Violet Crush lipstick last week and had convinced myself I didn’t need the Black Cassis, but you have just changed my mind. It looks stunning on you!
    Emma x

  • I really wish I had the money to buy this palette as its utterly gorgeous!I’m quite fair so darker shades such as the lipstick you’re wearing are a very daunting prospect for me, however, this looks stunning on you. I get what you mean about scaring the boyfriend but when opting for a more autumn friendly berry lip the other day my boyfriend quite liked the change too! xx

  • You look so nice with this make up!

  • This is a fabulous look! I think the dark lip is amazing on you, and the eyeshadow compliments it perfectly.

  • wow the palette is gorgeous!

  • you are so beautiful!
    And you’re remind me of Kristin Scott Thomas!:)

  • I love the dark lipstick on you, it is different to your normal look but definitely in a good way!

  • The lipstick looks absolutely stunning on you! Looks so lovely with your pale skin and blue eyes. 🙂 I’m really into vampy/dark lips myself as they’re so bold, out there and make such a statement. Plus, I’m really into that sort of gothic/punk look too. I just wish I were brave enough to wear them more often!

  • I love this palette so much! :p the lipstick is amazing tbh i dont even think i have one like this and i have a lot of lip products haha xx

  • I must say I prefer this colour lip to your usual pinks and corals. Obviously it may not be appropriate for every day wear, but WOW WOMAN. Do it more often! Hell, just do it every day. Who cares. Xxx

  • The darker lips look absolutely stunning on you and you definitely have me sold on these products 🙂 xx

  • I love this lipstick and how much do you look like Emily Blunt?! I watched Salmon Fishing in the Yemen the other day and all I could think was how much you look alike.

  • Looking totally fab!

  • Absolutely gorgeous shade of lipstick and it looks really good on you!

  • love it! you also look like elizabeth olsen here!

  • So in love with that lip colour and your eye shadow is great too 🙂

  • This palette is beautiful and I love the lippy on you!! xx

  • Love it, the colours are gorgeous! I have a MAC lippy this colour, and it never suited me until i dyed my hair back to my natural colour. hurray for brunettes!! your skin tone seems to be a perfect match for every colour you try!
    Ellie (

  • HSK

    The lipstick is amazing! Dark lips really suit you 🙂 I’m a sucker for vampy lips any time but with autumn coming, this is such a stunning colour!

  • really love the dark lipstick, i’ve been looking for one like this for a while and this is the perfect colour, i’m abit wary of buying such an expensive lipstick though when i can imagine it wouldn’t be worn very often so i’m deffo on the look out for a dupe of this! x

  • That lipstick is absolutely stunning! really suits you 🙂 i may need to buy this! 🙂 xx

  • Absolutely love the lipstick, suits your hair/skin colour and makes your eyes pop! Been looking for a shade like this for some time now with Autumn/Winter around the corner, might have to purchase it.
    Love the blog,
    Sara xx

  • Gorgeous look on you Kate! Dark lip is stunning, im loving all these berry colours for autumn/winter! I love your blogs byt the way, its even inspired me to start my own 🙂
    Love Michelle xxx


    This is such a gorgeous makeup look!, I love it 😀