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Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl in Nude *

As the months get colder, Kate gets lazier. And sometimes, more inventive with the makeup routine. On days where I’ve sacrificed a well made up look for an extra ten minutes in bed, these are the products I reach for to keep my makeup looking fresh and effortless.

I always start these hurried mornings with the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base, it’s one of those “do all” products that I adore. It’s the only primer I have that gives a glow to the skin whilst also smoothing it over. It also helps with blotting away excess oil – perfect for post run to catch the train! My base looks flawless after using this little wonder, and I follow it with the Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Cream – another product that I rate highly. This is good coverage, easy and quick to apply and leaves my skin looking healthy without heavy coverage. It does help to really coverage imperfections, but for any other blemishes showing through, I use my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. An absolute favourite of mine, I will never be without it!

I continue the slap dash makeup routine with yet another Holy Grail product of mine, the Stila Convertible Colour blush in Lilium. This is the perfect pop of colour to make your skin look alive and ready for the day. I pop this on to my cheeks with warm fingers and quickly work in with a Stippling brush. As this is a lip and cheek product, I also dab a little bit on my lips for an effortless but gorgeous lip colour.

After the base is done, I spend a bit of time making sure my eyes are looking awake and bright! I swear by nude eyeliners to give my tired eyes a boost, I have issues with my eyes and they often look red so a nude eyeliner is one of my essential products. I don’t wear any other eyeliner but nude, it conceals redness and makes eyes look so bright and open. I use this new Rimmel number to line along my waterline and also the inner corner of my eyes. You’ll be surprised at how much this does for you!
My brows frame my whole face so they’re never missed off my routine. I quickly brush through my brows to tame with the HD Brows Brow Beater, it keeps them in place all day and gives them the perfect shape. I then fill in and define with my favourite pencil, the Laura Mercier Brow Pencil. This makes my brows look so strong but natural.

Lastly, a quick slick of my favourite mascara, the Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume, and I’m finished!
This whole look takes no time at all but my makeup looks flawless and fresh, without the pale complexion and tired eyes!

What are your tips for an effortless makeup routine?

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  • This seems like the perfect natural look for winter days xx

  • I really want to try the Rimmel Scandaleyes:)

  • Hey Kate, great article! Our Effortless makeup routine simply consists of some blush, lip gloss and a little mascara! What’s your fave make-up product? 🙂

  • I love make-up like this, where it’s just easy to put on!:)xo

  • I love these sorts of posts, I’m always having lazy days- who can say no to those extra 10 minutes in bed!

  • I really want that Rimmel nude eyeliner! Love this post, I’m getting really into minimal make-up using my BB cream on the days when I just can’t be arsed! 😉

    Hollie x

  • Amy

    Rimmel Scandaleyes eye kohl is seriously unbeatable in value for money. The black is especially incredible. Never known a drugstore eyeliner to last so well on the waterline! <3

  • Perfect look for cosy days in 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  • I want to try the Dr. Jart BB cream, heard about it once before and now quite curious 🙂 my routine is pretty similar, although as I’m even lazier and would prefer an extra 20 mins in bed I do it on the train, so its BB cream, blush, powder, eye shadow, mascara, lip balm!
    Daniella x

  • *love* mac prep & prime!! x

  • I love this look! I’ve definitely been using my stila convertible colors in peony and gerbera on a daily basis!

  • I always crave that extra 10 minutes under the covers when it starts to get colder so I’ll definitely be trying out your nude eyeliner tip! It sounds perfect for brightening up the eyes 🙂

  • I feel daft for admitting this, but I never knew nude eyeliners existed! I am a black eye liner addict, but more and more have been going just for mascara.. so this might be the product I’m missing!


  • I love nude liner for brightening up the eyes as well! Such a great trick for when you’re a little tired or, in my case, when you have horrible allergies. xx

  • really need to get my hands on this nude liner, it sounds amazing ! x

  • I want to try out the Dr Jart BB Cream, heard its pretty awesome!! But its waterbased so hmmm will it not slip off after a while.. XX

  • Everyday’s a lazy day with me haha! Great post 🙂

  • Have been eyeing up that BB cream for a while now, your skin always looks so flawless so it will 100% be going into my shopping basket haha lovely post once again 🙂


  • looks good amount of makeup for effortless look!