Review: New Volumising Hair Products.

Redken Body Full Shampoo – £9.09
Redken Body Full Light Conditioner – £10.26
Phyto Phytovolume Volumising Spray – £12.33 *
VO5 Plump It Up Dry Shampoo – £3.49

I filmed a video a while back which was all about adding volume to fine hair, so I thought I would do a little update on this as recently I’ve been trialling a few new products that aim to boost fine hair by adding volume and body. 

I picked up these Redken products in the Feelunique sale after reading that they remove product build up (ideal for those who regularly use dry shampoo!) whilst also adding body to fine hair. So far, I love both products – the shampoo leaves my hair so cleansed without adding any product and the conditioner is so lightweight. I usually don’t like using conditioner as it just weighs down my fine hair, but Redkens Full Body conditioner helps my dry ends as well as adding body and strengthening hair, without leaving my hair flat and lifeless. 
The next product is by Phyto, a haircare brand I love and have blogged about a few times. I’ve had this volumising spray on my wishlist for a while so I was so pleased when I received it recently.
I spray this in my roots after washing with the Redken products and after blowdrying my hair feels so big and textured. I absolutely love how full my hair is after using this product and it has quickly become my go to hair product for big hair!

Lastly, for in between washes I use this VO5 Plump Me Up Dry Shampoo – it adds volume whilst also cleansing the hair. My fine hair gets oily quickly so dry shampoo is a must. I find the VO5 ones to be the best and I own quite a few, they don’t come out white or make your hair grey and I don’t find the product builds up in my hair.

What are your favourite products for adding volume? 

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  • I adore that VO5 Dry Shampoo too, definitely one of my favourite dry shampoos 🙂

    sophierosehearts x

  • Ria

    Great post. Are you aware of any volumising sprays that don’t require blow drying? (I’ve been on the lookout for ages but i’m not sure they even exist haha)

    Ria x

  • Big Sexy Hair has a product called “What a Tease” which is like a backcomb in a bottle type of thing and it’s AMAZING for adding volume at the roots. I’m obsessed with it, but now I want to thy that Phyto spray!

  • this has definitely made me want to try the phyto product as I have been searching for a volumising product that actually works for ages!


  • I love superdrug dry shampoo for volume! X

  • Always trust your recs for volumising products as your hair is AMAZE! *Scribbles Phyto Spray onto never ending wishlist* 😉

  • I am obsessed with voluminous hair, so definitely a worthy post! i love redken 🙂


  • oh i need to check the VO5 dry shampoo out it sounds really good ! x

  • I normally just use that schwarzkopf ‘powederful’ thing, but only on nights out as it’s incredibly sticky and doesn’t leave your hair feeling too nice. it does work though. I’m definitely going to pick up that VO5 one though, and I might think about getting the phyto one.. it sounds so good! xx

  • I’m obsessed with Redken but always end up paying £12+ for all my products: where did you get yours from? xx

  • Love your blog!! I didn’t find the redken shampoo & conditioner did much for volumizing my hair 🙁

    xx Veronica

  • so many people have been on about the VO5 dry shampoo, and i think boots have an offer on VO5 products atm, so i’ll have to pick it up!

  • i’ve heard so much about redken products, really need to give them ago! i’ve seen the vo5 dry shampoo in boots, but didnt get it because i hadnt really heard anything about it! definately gonna get it now 🙂 xo

  • i just tend to use normal dry shampoo to get volume in my hair and it does the trick xx

  • Great post – i always find it sooo difficult to add volume, so will be trying some of these products!

  • I have naturally fine hair and because it is long it just gets weighed down further. I’m yet to find any ‘miracle’ products for adding volume so thank you for reviewing these – will definitely be giving them a look in!

    Morag x

  • Im going to have to try the v05 dry shampoo!!! x

  • I use other products in the v05 plump me up range but haven’t tried the dry shampoo yet, the root lift powder they do is great for adding volume too!