Nails: Essie Bikini So Teeny.

Ever since I discovered the Essie diffusion line which has recently gone in to Boots and Superdrug, I haven’t even looked at another brand. The colour range is everything you will ever need, and the brush makes even the most sloppy of people look like they’ve spent hours painting their nails. 
I recently picked up ‘Bikini So Teeny’ from the newly released Summer ’12 shades, it’s a lovely soft, shimmery cornflower blue with the lightest touch of lilac that is nothing like any of the other shades I own. It really is such a gorgeous summery colour and I have loved having it on my nails. 
I find the diffusion line shades to be a dream to apply, the brush is incredible and each layer dries so quickly. I like to change my nail shades a lot and the Essie polishes have made this so easy. 
At just £7.99 a bottle, I think they’re absolutely worth the money and I am building up quite the collection now. 
What do you think of Bikini So Teeny? I keep giggling at the name because it’s so cute!

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21 August, 2012
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  • Essie names are all so cute, it’s a lovely shade though and Essie quality is so good (:

    Sian x

  • This is such a pretty colour! I wish I had nails long enough to paint haha 🙁

  • I’ve been loving picking up an Essie nail polish or two in boots, this one’s next on my list! I really like Ballet Slippers.
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  • I have bought so many Essie polishes since they have come into Boots and Superdrug, I’m just a tad in love with them. This colour is absolutely beautiful, might have to see if I can grab it today xx

  • I want to try Essie so bad xo

  • its an amazing colour!

  • this went on my wish list last night ironically – great taste 😀

    Mel xxx

  • Love this colour! And the name is so cute! 🙂 I’ve picked up a few essie nail polishes too- absolutely love the fact you can buy them in superdrug and boots now! xxx

  • Absolutely love this colour! Essie comes out so well, currently wearing Mint Candy Apple! 🙂


  • I still haven’t tried Essie polishes, but this colour is beautiful (and love the name)

    Rimmel do a similar colour which I already have so I probably won’t try this one, but will check out the rest of the range if they really are that easy to apply!

  • this is such a pretty colour, i love the essie names! i still have to try some! xo

  • Love this! x

  • Such a pretty colour. x

  • I have been looking for this exact colour for ages! Thank you thank you thank you xo

  • Love this, such a lovely colour!!


  • This is such a nice shade, i’ve yet to try Essie and i’m so tempted everytime i’m in boots or superdrug!

    rachelpan xo

  • Gorgeous colour! The name of it is quite funny :-). x

  • I love the colour but would love it so much more if it didn’t have shimmer in. For some reason I’m just really not liking shimmer and glitter at the moment 🙂 xx

  • I really want to buy some of Essie’s metallic shades!
    Thanks for posting 🙂

    xx Veronica

  • So excited that this shade is included in the diffusion line – I’ve been wondering whether it would be! Definitely going to run out and grab it now!


  • I’ve been craving this shade since it’s release, partly because of the gorgeous colour and partly because the name slips so easily off the tounge.
    I have major love for essie polishes as well, such a great brush on them & they’re never too thick- my pet hate!

  • This colour is gorgeous, I really want it! Only ever owned one Essie nail polish (shocking I know!) but I did really like it!! xx

  • I love Essie polishes names 🙂 This one is on my list to buy definitely, what a gorgeous colour!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • I have been trying to resist this polish, and its even more beautiful in real life! You’ve done such a good job of photographing it, I can never capture colours like this accurately xx

  • Such a pretty colour *adds to list* x

  • Such a lovely colour 🙂 x

  • I like the sound of this! Might have to try some! The colour is gorgeous too.

  • I’ve never owned any Essie nail varnishes but I am very tempted with this colour! It’s gorgeous!

  • Amy

    Cute colour and it has THE best name! 🙂

  • I was debating whether or not to buy this in Boots yesterday, I went for Tart Deco instead but I’m now wishing I bought both! I absolutely love the brush and how easy it is to apply!xo

  • I love this colour, I may have to add it onto my list! x
    Sirens and Bells

  • I saw this shade on a magazine and was hooked!
    It’s lovely! xx

  • Suuuuch a cute name and the colour is gorgeous! I’m going to have to find out if they sell the new line in Canada or not! Great post 🙂

  • this is such a pretty colour, i have been dying to try some of the essie colours but have never got around to getting one 🙂 xx

  • I’m so gutted that our boots and superdrug aren’t stocking essie – not yet anyway 🙁
    That shade is gorgeous. I only have one essie polish – absolutely shore [LOVE], but would like more. x

  • i love the colour, its gorgeous!

    chloe @chlowitty blogs

  • I love this post!! 🙂 I wish they did some really bright shades!

  • i haven’t tried essie before, but i might splurge a bit and try some colours out. that name is great and the colour is gorgeous too!

  • I swear by Rimmel nail varnishes at the moment but I may have to try out an Essie one! Gorgeous colour!

  • Nice 🙂

  • love this kind of blue, perfect for the season and would look great on toes x