How To: Silky, Smooth Skin.

Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life – £7
Caudalie Divine Oil – £25

I know you all want me to stop talking about Caudalie’s Divine Oil but I just can’t, it really is amazing! Recently my skin has got a little bit dry, especially at the tops of my arms where it gets quite rough and generally isn’t all that smooth, and I wanted to get myself in order for when the sun finally showed itself. 
I love Soap and Glory products, especially their body creams and exfoliators. I love the Breakfast Scrub, it smells divine and just makes my skin feel so nice but I don’t really like tubs of things as I think they can be a bit unhygienic and also when you’re in the shower and have to scoop out product with your hands, water runs in and spoils it so I picked up this tube of body scrub ‘Scrub of Your Life’. 
I’ve been using this a couple of times a week to buff away dry skin, especially at the tops of my arms and shoulders and also on my legs. This leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth, without being overly abrasive or harsh – plus it smells amazing. 
Next up is my ‘product of the month’ Caudalie Divine Oil (review here), I absolutely adore this product. It’s lightweight, nourishing and easy to dispense with the spray pump. It’s also multi-use so it can be used in the bath (which I usually do), on skin, hair and nails. I liberally apply this all over after I’m out of the bath or shower, I just spray it on to my skin and rub in. I sometimes use this after a body lotion but mostly I like it on it’s own as it isn’t tacky or overly oil, more like a dry oil.

I absolutely love this combination, it just seems to work so well and the skin on my arms is back to feeling soft and moisturised. I usually spritz the Divine Oil on the ends of my hair and on my face too, it’s just an amazing product.

What do you use to help with dry, rough skin? 

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  • I used to suffer from dry, rough skin ever since I was a child as I’ve got a couple of allergies and patches of eczema, so I’ve developed a really good habit of moisturising and I think it’s the most important thing when it comes to dry skin, just moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more.

    What seems to be working the best for me now is using some kind of oil (I’m currently using the Nivea Q10 Plus Firming Oil or the Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil from the Body Shop) and body butter (currently the Soap&Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter) after every evening shower(I also tend to use moisturising shower gels) – I usually apply the oil on places that need more moisture, such as my legs and arms, the body butter works just fine for the rest:) A couple of times a week, when I need to wash my hair, I would also take a shower in the morning and afterwards, I need to use something that absorbs really quickly so that I can get dressed. Right now, I’m using the Garnier Intensive 7 Days body lotion (currently using the mango one for dry skin). All the other mornings, I always use the Soap&Glory Girligo moisturising mist to make sure my skin is hydrated. I also keep a body lotion on my bed side table so that I can eventually top up again before bed.

    To be completely honest though, I think it doesn’t matter all that much what particular products you use as the most important thing is the frequency and the regularity. Although obviously using products that smell lovely just makes us all feel a lot better overall:)

  • The more you talk about the Divine Oil the more I want it! It sounds so amazing, I’m so tempted! The Breakfast Scrub sounds great too.


  • Wow, this Oil looks interesting!

  • Anything from the Vitamin E range by the body shop is super hydrating…I especially love the toner! It did wonders for my skin

  • I think I am going to have to try the Divine Oil after hearing how much you love it!


  • K

    Ah Kate I literally want to buy everything you post about! I was thinking about buying the breakfast scrub but you make a good point water getting into the tub so I’m seriously sold for this tube. x

  • Soap and glory will always be my favourite brand for this type of product! Such good value to x

  • I NEED to try the caudalie divine oil! Loved this post… as always.

  • The caudalie oil looks great!

  • Ah i really need to get this scrub. I get what you mean about tubs, they are so frustrating in the shower and messy. I like a good old tube, its much easier. I am really getting into oils at the moment with my current fave being the L’Occitane almond oil but I may have to try this one once I have run out. I also love the fact that it has multi purposes!

    beckys makeup

  • LUSH’s Rub Rub Rub is absolutely amazing for dry skin. That plus their Dreamwash is just perfect 🙂 x

  • i definately want to give this a dry! i love the packaging of the scrub too. very cute 🙂

  • Oooh, must buy and try!
    Luckily I’m blessed with very soft skin but my shoulders have gotten so dry lately! Dunno if it’s the weather or not and I’ve actually never heard of anyone complaining about dry shoulders before so this post just made my day :o)

    – Nanna x

  • i have never tried the divine oil x

  • Soap and glory have become one of my go to brands lately, especially for products like this! I suffer from dry skin/ dry hair, this Caudalie Divine Oil seems to good to be true! I’m gonna have to give it a try 🙂 X

  • i really want to try the soap and glory scrub because my legs have always been super dry and flaky and lotion won’t help it 🙁

  • I never thought I had dry skin on my body but after actually putting oil on I realise that I probably do! It’s difficult to tell for me until I feel something completely better! Now my skin is so smooth, it’s definitely a product I won’t be stopping now I’ve started x

  • i have always used flake away but that soap & glory scrub looks really good! 🙂


  • adore the soap and glory collection!
    the ‘scrub your nose in it’ smell sooo good!

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  • i love this soap and glory scrub aswell, it really feels like it’s doing something!!

  • I loooove every soap & glory, but I totally agree with you when you said using the breakfast scrub in the shower is awkward! Mine always ends up with a puddle in the middle and it’s horrible. Wish they did it in a squeezy bottle or something like that!
    Totally going to try some of that divine oil, you’ve sold it to me!

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