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How To: Conceal Blemishes.

I know how difficult it can be to make skin look flawless without slathering on loads of full coverage foundation, so I’ve put together this post for people who, like me, like to keep makeup natural whilst also camouflaging even the most unsightly blemishes!

For a good, natural-looking base, prep is the key. When I come out of the shower or I’ve just cleansed my skin, my blemishes or imperfections look red and more noticeable than usual. The first thing I do is spray a few pumps of Caudalies Beauty Elixir all over my face, this calms the blemishes and takes away redness. It also helps my skin in the long run, too.
After this, I gently apply a pea sized amount of Origins VitaZing moisturiser to give my skin a glowing finish with just a touch of colour. I find that since I’ve incorporated VitaZing in to my routine, my skin looks a lot more flawless before I’ve even touched foundation.

The next step is to prime, and for this I use and recommend only one product – Clarins Instant Smooth primer. This is the Holy Grail of all primers, no matter what your skin type. It calms and hides blemishes, helps with excess oil and doesn’t cling to dry patches. My skin always looks amazing after applying this and I find blemishes are hidden and I’m able to apply a light to medium coverage foundation.

This next step is when you would apply your foundation, if you wear any. I’m going to skip this step, although personally I do wear foundation but it’s not always necessary. If you feel the rest of your skin is overall quite good, then skip foundation or just apply a small amount.
The key is using a small amount of a good coverage concealer to hide blemishes, rather than layering on foundation. You will find your skin looks so much more flawless and natural, and you don’t have to deal with your foundation slipping off or looking caked if you’re using less.
I swear by Collections Lasting Perfection concealer, it’s amazing coverage without looking caked and it stays all day. I own quite a few high-end concealers but this one is £3.99 and has never failed me. Apply with your fingers or with a lightweight brush and always make sure your concealer matches your skin tone and/or foundation.

The final step is one that I don’t always find to be essential, but for those days when a massive spot has popped up and you desperately need to cover it, then setting your concealer with a powder is a must. I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush to very, very lightly dust on Laura Mercier Foundation Powder. As it’s a foundation powder, it’s good coverage and it can look cakey if you apply too much. The secret is to apply a small amount to blend in the blemish and set your makeup.

I think it’s important to understand that you can cover blemishes and imperfections without having to layer on heavy coverage foundation and powder, and I think that wearing minimal makeup actually makes my blemishes look a lot less noticeable and helps my skin a lot in the long run too.

What are your tips for hiding blemishes?

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  • This is a similar routine to mine for covering blemishes, although i need to get my hand son that Caudalie Beauty Elixir 🙂

    Sophierosehearts x

  • i agree that minimal makeup is at times, best in covering blemishes. sometimes putting too much amplifies an imperfection!

  • This is a great post, something I’ve always needed tips on, thanks 🙂

    check out my beauty and fashion blog! 😀

  • Great post! I absolutely love the Clarins Instant Smooth – just wish it wasn’t so expensive! xo

  • This is such a useful post, my blemishes are the bane of my life haha! xxx

  • Great tips, I always have trouble concealing blemishes. I use Loreal’s Youth Code too before applying make up, which really makes it slide on (and stay on) easily xx

  • I love the Lasting Perfection concealer, it’s amazing! x

  • This is really helpful, I have extremely hormonal, acne prone skin haha x x

  • love this post a i definatly agree with your choice of concealer!!

  • Thank you so much for this! I’m always struggling to find a natural but well covered look.

    I already own the concealer – will soon be checking out the other products!

    Morag x

  • The Clarins primer sounds great.x
    Samantha’s Secret

  • LOVE this post! Have been waiting to know your secrets 😉 xx

  • Lasting perfection concealer is amazing!

  • Great post, it’s always great to read other peoples tips and tricks!
    I really want to try the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

  • i think i should invest in a primer now!

  • This is a brilliant post 🙂 I find when I have blemishes I use concealer to cover them, but I don’t use any other make-up because for me, make-up makes my blemishes 10x worse! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  • I really need to try the collection 2000 concealer but sadly they don’t sell it in Belgium. I will look around on ebay though because it sounds like a dupe for the estee lauder double wear concealer. Great tips!

  • I love that concealer! I also really want to try the primer but I’ve already got a couple on the go! I’m working really hard to use things up at the moment! 🙂 Great post

    Kate x

  • Great post, I feel like it’s easy for people to cake on full coverage makeup to cover spots and such when really all they need to do is follow this sort of regime!

  • I simply love your fot the posts like this one;)=) I’ve got a gently amout of blemishes and I’m desperate about them… and sometimes is really hard to cover them and look like normal human being… =/

  • This was so helpful Kate, I really need a light natural coverage for my blemishes! I have just discovered your blog and YouTube, follower and subscriber! xxx xx

  • I need to invest in the clarins primer it sounds great!!

  • my routine is really similar to yours xx

  • I love this post! The Clarins primer is one of my personal Holy Grail products after receiving it for Christmas two years ago. It’s one of the only beauty products I repurchase religiously.

  • I really want that Origins VitaZing Moisturiser! I love it


  • wow, this was an awesome post, and really really super helpful! you are a genius!
    X jane

  • I’m going to give it a go wihtout using foundation and see if I see a difference!

  • Totally agree with not wearing too much makeup over blemishes – I occasionally get beast sized ones, odd considering I have pretty clear skin – and I never know what to do! My skin is naturally oily so I often try to stay clear of too much, if any, moisturiser, but I know, like you say in your most, it helps concealer go on better and generally blends more effectively! – I personally use Maxfactor powder as my foundation – I hate foundation as I feel it clogs my pores. Witchhazel have also brought out a powder specifically for tackling spots whilst covering them – I love it – you can find it in the facial wash aisle in Superdrug!

  • Love this post! Thanks for the tips. I never would have thought you had problems with breakouts. Your skin always looks flawless. Thanks for being the guinea pig with all these products!