Beauty Spotlight: Favourite Beauty Oils.

Moroccanoil Treatment – £30.45
L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil – £16
Caudalie Divine Oil – £25
Clarins Lotus Facial Oil – £29 *

I’ve posted before about my love of oils, I think they are so beneficial in so many ways and I have quite a few which I incorporate into my routines. I’ve gathered together my favourites to give you a little introduction and a run down on why I love them.

First up is the famous Moroccanoil which everyone seems to love. It’s a luxurious treatment for hair, made from Argan Oil. It’s quite rich and so is great for dry ends or frizzy hair. I usually apply a really small amount to the ends of my hair after washing. My hair is quite fine and treatments like this can be quite heavy and tend to weigh my hair down, so I’m careful to only apply a small amount which I rub in the palms of my hands first.
My hair ends are quite dry and need a treatment like this to help to detangle and keep them looking healthy. Moroccanoil isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s definitely the best in my opinion. I tried the travel sized bottle first and I’d recommend this if you’re not sure about the price. 

I know they now do a Light version for fine hair so I will be purchasing this next. 
My favourite body oil is L’Occitanes Almond Shower Oil, which is sort of the middle point between a shower gel and an oil. It’s slightly more viscous than an oil but still lathers up like a shower gel. It’s the most moisturising product I’ve ever used on my skin and I can’t believe how smoother and softer my skin looks and feels. If you do suffer from dry patches (I get dry areas at the tops of my arms) then I’d definitely recommend this, it’s worth every penny! 
Caudalies Divine Oil (full review here) is a product which I’ve talked about (too much) a lot recently, as it’s really impressed me and I use it most days. It’s a multi-use only and can be used on hair, nails, skin or in the bath. I’ve tested all of these methods and have to say, it’s one of my favourite oils and has also replaced quite a few I used to love. Divine Oil has a handy spray pump which disperses a small amount of light oil, ideal for quickly applying after the shower to hair and body.
I find it’s a lot lighter and easier to apply than Moroccanoil, so I’ve actually been using this on my hair a lot too. This is a great product to use on skin to lock in moisture after a bath or shower, it’s so easy to just spray and rub in. 

Lastly, one of my favourite skincare products is Clarins Lotus Oil, a lightweight facial oil aimed at Combination/Oily skin types. I absolutely adore this product, I have normal/combination skin type which leans towards oily but I stil love to use oils on my skin as they have so many benefits. My cheeks can get quite dry and as I use a lot of skincare for blemish prone skin, I need something to replace what is lost.
This is also great mixed with my night time serum.

A lot of people aren’t sure what the advantages of using an oil are, but I think they are so worth the money and definitely improve my skin so much.
Which oils do you use? 

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  • I have just started getting into oils. I used to stay clear of them having oily skin but the Clarins lotus oil is an absolute dream. I use the L’Occitane almond oil which smells amazing. I just cant get enough of oils at the moment whether they be for my hair, body or face I love them!


    beckys makeup

  • This review is really helpful. I might try the shower oil one soon, just because it’s slightly cheaper, and I love anything that makes me skin really soft xx

  • Love the L’occitane shower oil!! I get it (on request) for Xmas every year, and it lasts me until ~March with every day usage, because you don’t need to use too much 🙂

  • Really want to try the moroccanoil light and the Clarins one! Been eyeing them up for aggeesss haha! Top of my shopping list 🙂 x

  • This was really helpful! I’ve tried cheaper dupes of Moroccan oil but I think I might have to invest in the real one xo

  • I love morrocanoil! The ends of my hair get quite dry, so it’s perfect to soften them up a bit! Really liking the sound of the Clarins Lotus oil 🙂 X

  • The occitane products seems to make wonders! xx

  • Thanks for sharing! I agree that Moroccan Oil in’t the easiest to apply.

    xx Veronica

  • I love oils but have yet to actually purchase any loll. You should do a before and after post using these oils >.< , I'd love that! Great post <3

  • I really like oils but I think they make me look greasy. The body shop has a new range out that I want to try but reading you rave about your L’occtaine one has made me want that too!

    Helen xxx

  • I purchased the maroccanoil a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT! It’s so worth the hype. I also went into a L’Occitane store to have a look at their shower oil but there were no testers and I wasn’t sure if I’d like the scent.. I’m really picked about scents but I need to go there again I think, haha 🙂
    And I like the way maroccanoil smells!
    great products and a really helpful post!
    Love, Lenna

  • Really want to try the Clarins Lotus oil! I have combination skin which is always really tricky to get great products for, but I definitely need something for my extra dry patches!

  • I like the Ojon Restorative hair oil! Its a lot lighter than Moroccanoil and I use it on my ends when my hair is dry to inject some moisture!

    Kate x

  • still need to try the moroccan oil that everyone loves xo

  • I’m dying to the Almond shower oil and their body oil, I’ve heard such good things about it. I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms and legs and need permanent hydration so I’m constantly reapplying moisturiser and oil.


  • Zoe

    I reallyyy want to try the almond shower oil, it sounds amazing and i bet it smells so nice! x

  • that almond oil sounds lovely, almond is my favourite scent!

  • I really want to get some of the Moroccan Oil, but it’s sooo expensive 🙁 xo

  • I have been reading so many reviews of oils recently to try and find which one would suit my hair best and i think im def going to try moroccan oil after reading this as it sounds perfect! X

  • I SWEAR by moroccan oil, it’s the best I love it, it smells really good too. I’ll be sure to try the others at some point – you clearly know your oils! 🙂

  • Let us know how the Moroccan oil for fine hair works out :). I’m really tempted to try it, but I have so many things to use right now it just wouldn’t be reasonable …


    This colour looks really nice on you :).
    Could you do a post explaining what exactly you have for breakfast that seem to have made such a difference? My hair is growing and I a happy about it, but it breaks so easily it’s depressing!


  • I really want to try the Almond shower oil but found it too expensive compared to a normal shower gel!! but now you’ve mentioned its great for dry skin, I have to try! I suffer with dry skin along my arms 🙁

  • I’ve been wanting to try Morrocan oil for ages! x

  • Great set! I love oils so much! But I prefer to mix them myself! My fave mix is sweet almond oil+avocado oil+essential oil of tea tree! Skin-friendly mix, and it has anti acne effect=) Thank you for your post =* have a good week and be happy! ^^ Big kisses for you and the like on Bloglovin =*

    Kisses From Europe

  • I have been using oil for years, ever since I lived in the Gulf reagion where many Indians reside who regularly oil their hair. So I have been using pure coconut oil for a deep treatmeant and I use Garnier and l’Oreal hair oil for a leave-in after shampooing or smoothing it during the day.
    I, however, would never waste money on the so-called “Moroccan Oil”. Most of the price goes to the hype, if one is after Argan oil, simply order it via the internet. It is the same as in MO, but without the “stars” attitude, so it costs only a fraction. And you usually get the pure oil for such a low price.
    For my face I also use oil, even though I have oily skin and breakouts. But I also have rough patches and sometimes flakiness, so oil helps a lot. Here I use an oil from a German drugstore brand and I love it.


  • chickkennethvmp

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