Esteé Lauder Advanced Night Repair.

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This is probably one of the most expensive skincare items I own, although I do usually always use high-end products on my skin. I had been thinking about buying this for a while before my boyfriend bought me it as a present (no, he doesn’t usually buy me things like this and yes, I was as shocked as you) and I’ve been using it for the last few months and thought it was about time to give you a proper review.

ANR is a well known and well-loved serum aimed at anti-ageing and improving the overall appearance of skin. It’s won countless awards and is loved by many. I don’t have the best skin, it can look dull and feel slightly rough and I have blemishes and scarring on my cheeks and chin and as well as the obvious anti-ageing properties, I was also drawn to the promises of protecting against environmental factors.

I tend to slap this on at night, before moisturising. Serums deliver a higher concentration of ingredients to the skin, but it’s important to always finish with moisturiser.
Over time, my skin looks a lot healthier and clearer and I find that blemish scars fade quicker. I can’t prove that this has been what has helped my skin, but I do know that when I apply this at night, my skin looks and feels so much better in the morning.

As soon as I feel a spot coming or my skin is looking a bit dull and tired, I apply this at night and wake up looking and feeling a lot better.
It’s a bit pricey but you have to splash out for quality!

What are your thoughts on ANR?

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  • I definitely really want to add this to my skincare routine soon! It sounds so lovely and I always hear nothing but good things about it xoxo

  • This looks lovely, although I really couldn’t justify the price haha!

  • I really want to try this! I’ve heard nothing but good reviews, but it’s just so expensive x

  • I agree with you that it leaves skin looking so much better in the morning. I’ve been using ANR for a long time now (I seek out the sample bottles from everyone else’s FGWPs as I don’t want to spend all that money and half my friends don’t think they need to use it yet. The eye cream that sisters this product is also excellent!

    Great review 🙂

    Helen xxx

  • I actually took the plunge and bought this serum in town this morning after hearing so many good reviews! My skin sounds like yours- blemish prone and often dull looking. Glad you have seen beneficial results from it, i am only hoping i can say the same and that it wont break me out further!

  • I picked up a tester of this as it is quite pricey. I definitely noticed a difference. Think I’ll be saving up my pennies for this one 🙂

  • I have a good sample size of this, i tend to use it now and again but have not really noticed any benefits, maybe i should use it more often to get the best out of it, but i don’t think i could bring myself to buying the size. amazing present though!

  • Great review !!! i will definitely buy one for myself

  • I love that stuff! I remember using it when it first came out (as a teenager) and being in love, haha.

    xo, – Fashion Blog

  • This is my favourite skincare product of all time, it makes such a difference! Wish I could afford it more often (currently have none!!!) Thanks for the tip about moisturizing after, I was never quite sure! xx

  • I haven’t tried this but have heard some amazing things about it…may have to go on the christmas wish list though as the price is a little scary!

    Rachel from x

  • I love this stuff! I’m almost out so it looks like a trip to boots is on the cards! xx

  • HSK

    Great Post 🙂 I’ve been dithering about putting this on my wishlist for the next few years because I was unsure about it doing anything but reading this, it sounds worth the investment.
    I think you wrote how you’d love to be one of those old ladies who had used this for years and looked fabulous (if it wasn’t you that wrote that then just pretend you didn’t read the first part of the sentence!) and I’d really love that too! All those awards can’t have been for nothing

  • this product sounds really good, especially if it works for small scaring x

  • I’ve been meaning to buy this for sooo long, it sounds amazing. I have been using the idealist serum (the one for pores) and thats done wonders so I can’t wait to try it! xoxox

  • Have to admit, this stuff sounds pretty amazing.. I might have to consider adding it to my routine 🙂


  • Sounds great, but it would have to go on the christmas list:)

  • This is a holy grail product for me! I used to suffer from acne and this has helped so much, especially with all the scarring that was left behind. I use this every night without fail and I’ll keep repurchasing it!

  • I know you have tried alpha H liquid gold too, which of these two would you recommend the most?

    I am umping and aar’ing between the two!

  • I want to try this so so much…I need to be able to justify £44.00! I’m thinking it may go on my Christmas list to my boyfriend too xx

  • I just got a sample of this a few days ago and so far I’m impressed! The immediate result is impressive, the texture, the smell: so far so good! Everyone seem to love this product, I guess it really is “that” good.


  • I was going to get this until I found the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum which I adore! It has very similar properties to the ANR, boosts radiance and is great for any blemish scars and dark spots! You should give it a go!!

    Please check out my blog, I’m new 🙂

  • Beautiful product!
    Your blog is amazing! 🙂
    I’d be happy to have a new follower like you! Hope you will check out my blog!

  • Yikes! I don’t think i could ever justify 40 quid on one piece of skincare. I’d feel guilty haha! I guess if it lasts for ages though it could be worth it! How much of it do you use each time?

  • I wanted to try this out forever! I think first I will treat my mum 😉 x

  • I’ve been on the hunt for great skincare items because I’m starting to fear for when I’m older! But even with such great reviews, I don’t know if I could justify this kind of purchase!

  • Can you be using anti aging products at 21? I’m always looking for products with anti aging properties, but recently I was adviced not to use them until my mid twenties.. I really don’t know :/

  • I want to try this out! But its so expensive 🙁 I guess its really lives up to its price though. What is the smell like?


  • wowwww, expensive price tag! Sounds like it works well though, and anything that makes you feel better on your off days is worth it

    HANNAH †

  • I would love to try this but I am scared of paying so much money and then it not working for my skin.


  • I do love using this product but am being really careful with my trial size bottle cause I dread the day I might need to splash out on the full size.. definitely a product I’ll use more of in a couple of years though xo

  • I absolutely love ANR! I don’t use it daily because of the price, and I alternate it with another serum. It really makes my skin feel good the next day and I look so much brighter!

  • i just cannot afford to spend that kind of money on 1 product xx

  • Looks great! I really love Estee Lauder in general 🙂

  • Annelise Kerr

    I definitely want to try this. I’ve been on the fence about it for a while now…I may just have to take the plunge! My poor bank account haha xx