How To: Add Volume to Fine Hair with Ojon Volume Advance Range.

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Being a girl with too-soft, flat, fine hair, I’m always on the look out for products which add volume without weighing down my hair. The ends of my hair can get quite tangled but I hate using conditioner, especially anything too rich, as it weighs down my hair and no amount of volumising sprays will be able to stop it looking limp and flat. 

I’ve filmed a YouTube video on how I add volume to my flat hair, which you can see here. Since filming that, I attended a styling session with Ojon and their incredible stylists who had a chat with me about my hair and recommended some products. 
I love volume, but my hair quickly goes flat after I’ve plumped it up with products and although the ends of my hair need nourishment, conditioner is my worst enemy!
I’ve been trialling some products from the Ojon Volume Advance range which were given to me at the event. I’ve never really used a shampoo and conditioner for fine hair and after using these products, I wish I had found them sooner. Both products are lightweight, adding volume without weighing down my fine hair. The shampoo leaves my hair cleansed and shiny with a bit of texture at the roots to give it volume until the next wash. The conditioner is an absolute God-send, definitely the key product from the range if, like me, you find most conditioners too rich and heavy for your hair. I use the Volume Advance conditioner every wash and I love the results it gives.

On towel-dried hair I apply the Volume Advance Thickening Spray to give my hair some texture and volume. I always use volume sprays in my hair and this has superseded every other spray in my collection. It’s incredibly light, it leaves no residue in the hair – it’s not greasy and I don’t notice product build up or my hair looking dull. It simply gives my hair a bit of grip and volume at the roots. 

Lastly, in between washes I use the Rub Out Dry Cleansing Spray, a lovely and light dry shampoo which smells natural and really cleanses my hair between washes without leaving any residue. There’s no white spray or plastery feeling, and my hair looks clean and volumised. I mentioned this product in my “How To Tackle Oily Hair” post, it’s my go to dry shampoo! 

I’ve tried quite a few products from Ojon recently and have loved the results, I really recommend finding a range that works with your hair and really suits your hair type.

What are your product recommendations for fine hair?

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  • have wated to try ojin products for ages and these look really good!

  • I have really flat hair! The only thing I have ever found that works is wearing hair curlers whilst doing my make up then spraying tonnes of hair spray! Never found a product that actually works.

    Maybe I should give this brand a go! 🙂

  • i love trying new hair products its my favorite products to try xx

  • Would you reccommend Ojon for hair that can easily get greasy too?


  • omg I have the same problem with my hair! I will definitely check this products 🙂

  • my hair seems to be exactly like yours the way you described it. really want to check out these products! really great blog post! I need to check if this brand is available where I live… would be nice to find something like this from the drugstore though.. 🙂

  • I would try but the cost for some shampoo and conditioner by Ojon is quite a lot. Maybe if I win the euro millions tonight! X

  • I have the same hair type as you so would be really interested in trying some of these products out. Have wanted to try Ojon for ages but it is a bit pricey for me at the moment x

  • Dying to try these products! Especially the thinkening spray xo

  • Im always after thickening products! Must try these x

  • I have thick hair but it looks lifeless with too much product on. Still if these products don’t leave loads of residue and they don’t weigh the hair down then I might have to try them. Lovely post!

    Helen xxx

  • Thanks for that post, will you use them again?

  • These look great, definitely going to check them out.

  • I love Ojon products but I normally use the repair range for damaged hair so will definitely need to give this a go for my own fine, limp hair!

  • Aw these look lovely! I really want to try Ojon products!

    Abi x

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