How To: Sunday Night Detox Mini-Facial.

When I arrive back from Glasgow on (almost every) Sunday night, I look horrific. I’ve spent the last three days ignoring my usual skincare routine, and on top of that, spending a lot of time eating, drinking and having late nights. Combine that with the long, dehydrating train journeys and stress of trying to carry my life across London and you can imagine what we’re dealing with here.

Sunday night is always, always my pamper night. I make up for those three days of ignoring my skin with a deep cleanse and I love it, I actually look forward to it!
After seeing this video by Origins of a mini-facial and Annas post (who has the same skin type as me and impeccable taste in products) I thought I’d share my Sunday night routine.

After cleansing, I usually use the Origins Zero Oil cleanser or just Bioderma and cotton pads as I don’t usually travel back with makeup on (sorry fellow commuters), I apply the REN Anti-Blemish Treatment mask – I have three REN masks and I love them. I fell in love with REN when I interned at their PR company a year ago and I haven’t looked back, REN is my favourite skincare brand and I love all of their products.
This really detoxes my skin and helps to calm blemishes (I always come back with spots!) as well as helping with excess oil and clogged pores. After this has been washed off, I use my Caudalie Beauty Elixir, another product that I’ve been using religiously for months now. My skin loves this and I love how it soothes redness and blemishes, whilst also helping to give my skin moisture.

Now, you may be wondering why I didn’t use an exfoliator. That’s because I have discovered chemical exfoliants and I find these to have a much better effect on my skin than abrasive, scrub exfoliators. My skin is a little on the sensitive side after I get back, and it’s a bit much to go in with my Clarisonic and Alpha H Liquid Gold (although I adore these both). I have been using the REN AHA Concentrate, which uses fruit acids to remove dead skin cells and leave skin looking healthy, glowing and flawless. This is similar to Liquid Gold but a lot less harsh on my skin. It took me a while to get the hang of the AHA Concentrate (ie when to use it, how often etc.) but I think on my skin it can be used quite often (usually every second night) and leaves great results. My skin has been looking so much better after discovering this.

I absolutely love using facial oils at night, even though my skin is slightly on the oily side I’ve always seen so many benefits from using oils. I use Clarins Lotus Oil most nights, it’s light and leaves my skin glowing and so soft and clear. I spend a few minutes massaging this in to my skin to increase circulation, I see so many good results from doing this so I always try to do it in the evening.

For moisture, I usually go for the Avene Skin Recovery Cream – it’s very sensitive, contains few ingredients and really helps to nourish and soothe my skin. I do prefer the results of the REN AHA Concentrate on it’s own, but I think if I’m going to use any sort of night cream, then this is the one I reach for. It’s a beautiful moisturising product which is light and refreshing on the skin and really helps to calm, I find it’s great for blemishes too.

Lastly, I dab on a bit of La Roche Posay’s Effaclair AI to blemishes, this is again very soothing so it doesn’t irritate blemishes.

This seems very long, but it really only takes a few minutes after the mask has been on. It’s all been trial and error to see what my skin loves but this is the Sunday night detox facial my skin is craving at the moment. I find that if I spend a bit longer on my skin once a week, I can cut down on my routine through the week and only do the essentials!

What is your Sunday night routine?

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  • Zoe

    Ive been trying out the Avene skin recovery cream but im not too sure about it yet! The REN products sound good and im so tempted to try them – just put off by the price a bit!xx

  • NOM REN. I missed out on that mask on ebay for £10 the other day, I was gutted!

    Interested in trying some avene now, that cream sounds lovely!

  • Avene is my current favourite skincare brand, but I’m tempted to invest in REN products as my facialist uses them on me and they always have great results. Love this post! xo

  • I’ve never used anything by REN but I’m definitely going to now – sounds lovely! Xoxo

  • Wow I’m so jealous of all these amazing skincare products! I really want to try some REN masks they look fantastic and I love the brand too! I really sympathise with you about having to travel back and forwards lots, it sucks xx

  • i always love giving myself facials — only i use steam, baking soda, and squeezed orange juice. i totally love what it does to my skin!


  • Nice to see Ren stuff as I believe they are not tested on animals 🙂 am hoping to try some when I can afford it xo

  • I love setting aside time for pampering and I try and do something similar at least once a week as my skin definitely takes a battering! I know what it’s like having to go from one place to another. I live in Nottingham and commute on a daily basis to Uni in North London. It’s very tiring! xo

  • great post!

  • I really enjoyed reading this, I’m trying to spend a bit more money on skincare at the moment as I’ve noticed my skin getting a bit more tired and blemish-y over the last few months so this has given me lots of good recommendations! X

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  • I really like Avene products! And they’re not too pricey either. I usually spend a bit of extra time at the end of the weekend so my skin has a good start to the week! All the products you use sound amazing x

  • Feeling very inspired to create a Sunday pampering routine for myself now, sounds so luxurious and exactly what my skin needs at the minute!

  • Really getting into Ren stuff too and have started a little pampering session once a week. Its nice to just relax for a bit 🙂 x

  • I really really need some of those products…. great post and very helpful!!

  • intrigued to use the clarins oil! i use clarins for the rest of my beauty routine, so this would be an interesting edition 🙂 x

  • this looks lovely, really tempting me into getting some of these products. ooops!

  • Amy

    I am so bad at having any type of beauty routine, as I don’t start my working week at 9am on a Monday, I do shifts, so there’s no consistency in my week..

    Butttt… I have started using Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask twice a week, and I alternate between Bioderma and Cetaphil for cleansing, and use No7 Very Dry Skin Moisturiser.

    I need to buy some more Origins products, i feel 🙂