Product of the Month: Caudalie Divine Oil.

Caudalie has been a favourite of mine for some time now, the use of grape seed extract which the brand include in their products seems to really agree with me (and many others) so I find myself reaching for Caudalie products often.

I’ve had my eye on Divine Oil for some time now, I’m a massive fan of using oils and believe they have so many amazing benefits. I currently use a facial oil, a cuticle oil and a hair oil so to have one product which can be used on face, body, hair, nails and in the bath is an absolute dream.
Divine Oil is a miracle oil which is a unique formula of 4 vegetable oils, all having amazing and varied benefits. It also smells incredible, such a soft, natural scent.

After showering, I apply this to my body, the ends of my hair and lastly, my face. The other oils I have come from bottles with pumps and lids and it can be hard to dispense just a small amount, so the spray bottle of Divine Oil is really handy. On damp skin, it locks in moisture and I’ve seen a huge improvement to the dry areas at the tops of my arms since I’ve started using Divine Oil.

As a hair oil, I find this to be a lot lighter than most other hair oils I’ve used. My hair is quite fine and too much of a product just weighs it down. Divine Oil allows me to apply just a small amount on the ends of my hair, which is quickly absorbed. Once dried, my hair looks healthy and shiny. I would definitely recommend Divine Oil if you’re looking for a light hair oil which can be easily applied. Most hair oils seem to be really quite thick and hard to just get a small amount from the bottle, resulting in heavy, flat hair.

Lastly, I’ve seen incredible results from using this product on my face. My skin is normal/combination – leaning towards the oily side – but I do use a facial oil most nights. I apply this by spraying a pump or two in to my hands after cleansing, and then quickly and softly massaging into my face. I regularly take a few minutes to give myself a facial massage, starting from the bridge of my nose, massaging in circular motions up to my eyebrows, forehead and then down my temples to my cheeks and chin (follow this tutorial for better instructions). This is not only great for increasing circulation, resulting in glowing, clear skin, but also really helps with tension and headaches and I feel so much better after taking a few minutes to give myself a facial massage.
On other nights, I simply mix it with my nightly serum and my skin feels and looks so much better come morning.

Divine Oil has become one of my most used products – it has so many great benefits and is worth every penny and more. It combines so many products in to one and I’ve seen improvements all over already. With the results I’ve seen, I’ll definitely be using this up and repurchasing.

What do you think of Divine Oil?

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  • I just can’t get on with any of these oils-makes me sad 🙁 x

  • I’m not a fan of face oils as they make my face so greasy. But as a body oil I’d really like to try this! I have dry areas on my arms that I’d love to get rid of
    Daniella x

  • i really haven’t tried oils…but this sounds such a good one cause i don’t need to buy seperate ones for my hair/face/body! might give it a go 🙂

    great review!

  • This looks lovely and the spray bottle really appeals to my clumsy self ! Lol

  • Great review! i’ve been wanting to try a hair oil for ages but morrocan oil is so expensive, definitely going to consider purchasing this seeing as it’s a multiuse oil-such a good idea. xx

  • I will give it a go! xx

  • This sounds fab! I use the L’Oreal Mythic Oil at the moment for my hair, but love the sounds of a multi-use product x

  • This sounds amazing! I can’t believe it manages to do all those things so well given the pretty reasonable price! I definitely think I might have to go and get some for myself as it seems so useful for everything – easier to justify the cost if it’s multipurpose eh!


  • oh wow, this looks amazing. would love to give it a go!

  • I don’t think I’ll ever stop using hair oil, it just works wonders! Moroccan oil is my oil of choice ^^

  • I love your blog, I always find great products by reading what you’re loving. This product sounds amazing, especially the fact that its light enough not to weigh hair down! Another product to add to my…where to find a spare £25 quid… 🙂


  • This sounds really nice, I like that it’s so light. Having oily skin and oily hair means I tend to shy away from anything with ‘oil’ in the title but I may give this a go!

  • I’m interested in trying Caudalie and possibly oils but the price puts me off – why spend so much when I have a perfectly good skin routine and oily/combo skin? Perhaps a sample would be a good alternative but have no idea how I’d get one! Interesting review xo

  • Caudalie has really good products so i’m not surprised u liked it! I will have to give it a go. I use the Nuxe oil and if fantastic

  • I am yet to try an oil on my face, I think I’ve been putting it off as I’m worried it will make my skin stay oily. I have tried a couple of hair oils and was a bit disappointed with the results, but it hasn’t put me off as I believe it’s just a case of finding the right one. I’ve got a couple of Caudalie products ordered, so will see how I get on with them. If I like them then I might give this a try, even on my face 🙂
    Mel x


  • I love Caudailie products, I might have to add this to my wishlist 🙂 great review.

    Jo. x

  • This sounds like it does indeed smell really lovely. Now I absolutely want to try it!

  • Rae

    I just purchased this and love it. Divine!!! Have you tried the new nuxe 3 rose micellar water? I have only used it once but I can tell its going to be a favourite.

  • carol

    i love this divine oil – i use it allover – i have sensitive skin and it does not cause a bad reaction….. i carried in my bag and must have lost it — on my way to purchase more – is sooo worth it . and i breakout over almost anything .. smells so soft and fresh … try it once and you will be addicted… god bless

  • I just received an email from Space NK saying they were gifting this to me for my birthday coming up so thought I would do a bit of research about it and stumbled across this post. I’m not usually an ‘oil’ person as my skin can be quite oily at times but I’m very interested in trying this now! x