NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Fiji – £29.50

I’m always on the look out for new foundations to try. I love NARS, and Sheer Glow has had great reviews – I know the Pixiwoo girls are big fans – and I wanted to try something which was good coverage yet gave my skin a glow.

I was put off this foundation for so long purely for the name, I’m not a fan of sheer foundations, I like a good amount of coverage (usually medium) but after asking on Twitter I was told it wasn’t all that sheer and a lovely foundation. I was buying online on ASOS with a discount code so I guessed my shade, Fiji, but it seems to be quite right. It’s perhaps a bit on the darker side but great for Summer. The shade range seems to be quite good, with quite a few varying shades and some very light shades too.

NARS Sheer Glow is a medium plus coverage foundation which gives skin a satin-finish and a glowing complexion. It’s meant to hydrate the skin to make it brighter, softer and smoother and I do really like the finish of this foundation. It doesn’t look heavy or caked on my skin at all and gives just the right amount of coverage, while still giving a lovely glow to the skin.
I’ve heard this foundation can make people look sweaty but this is not the case with me, although I do have slightly oily skin in Summer.

I’m really impressed with the staying power of this foundation, it’s one of the only ones I’ve actually noticed it lasts well on my skin.
I’ve been using this a lot recently and I’m so impressed with the results, it’s probably my most used foundation at the moment.

I’d say this foundation is best for normal/dry skin types who like a luminous finish with good coverage and excellent staying power.

What are your thoughts on NARS?

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  • I love Nars Sheer Glow, always leaves the skin looking amazing and apparently it works better when you don’t use a brush, can’t wait to repurchase! xxx

  • I would love to try this foundation, but i’m slightly put off by the price, but who knows, maybe one day I might just go on a splurge!

  • I’ve wanted to try this foundation for ages but I wasn’t really sure what colour would suit my skin. The fiji looks just right for a summer glow!


  • I’ve heard a lot about this foundation, I haven’t yet tried it but it sounds great. I do have quite oily skin so might not be the right one for me, I’d love to try it though however the price does put me off a bit! x
    Dreams and Dresses

  • I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin, it has a tendency to cling to any dry patches. On my skin it looks awful, but I’m glad it worked for you.

  • Oooh the coverage seems pretty impressive, and your skin looks so damn radiant! I’ve been umming and ahhing over this foundation for so long – I’ll probably have to give it a go!

    Sarah xx

  • Zoe

    Ive been wanting this forever as its literally everything i want in a foundation! i just need to actually figure out what shade i am as theres not a nars counter anywhere near me!x

  • Wow such a lovely foundation! You do look so lovely with it on, love your hair! But for £29.50 I might have to diss 🙁 x

  • This is my favourite foundation along with Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. It is expensive but a bottle lasts me 6 months.


  • I tried the Nars Matte foundation and the application is terrible and it looks really patchy 🙁 this one sounds much better! 😀

  • I want to try this! I have the neutrogena healthy skin which is apparently a dupe for this one, which I quite like

  • This is something that I have been eying up for a while so this review could not have come at a better time. Well done for being brave enough for ordering online. I would love to but for the cost I think I will stick to being matched in store 🙂

    beckys makeup

  • I bought this foundation after watching your favourite foundations video on YouTube and omg, I’m so glad I did! It’s literally the most perfect coverage ever – medium to full, but so light and a thin consistency. It’s going to be perfect when I’m in Europe next week. If it weren’t for you, I probably wouldn’t have discovered this gem! I had heard lots about it, but didn’t think anything of it because like you, the name put me off. Thanks so much!

  • I’ve never tried a Nars foundation, but I’d loved to try one!!

  • I’ve always wanted to give this foundation a try, but like you, haven’t known which shade to buy off the internet! .. reading this has tempted me to go ahead and just buy one because it looks so lovely on your skin.

  • this looks stunning on you!

  • I loved that foundation, especially because it doesn’t emphasize the fact that my skin is as dry as sand. But sadly after six month I started to get allergic reactions. I still dont know if it was the foundation or something else because I was very sick when this happened.

    I’ll probably buy it again when I’m finished with my Bobbi Brown foundation and give it another go because it was really really awesome and the lightest shade Siberia is a perfekt match for my super pale winter-skin

    • Kirsty

      I would really like to know more about the allergy you had with this if you are still thinking it was the cause. I think I have a very bad reaction this foundation and would be interesting to know what your symptoms were. Thanks

  • I too have oily skin during the summer and I have been on the hunt for a foundation which does help me out in that area! Do you have to use an excessive amount for coverage? Is it likely to last long? Your hair looks lovely, definitely makes me want to chop mine off! X

  • This actually sounds perfect for me as my skin is pretty dry and quite dull so I’m always looking for something to give me extra radiance. The name does scare me a little but if it’s not actually sheer then I’ll definitely be trying it when Double Wear runs out 🙂

  • I’ve been putting off buying this foundation mainly because of the price but i think ill go for it since my usual foundations are giving my skin a weird dry look this seems perfect for me!

  • I didn’t realise ASOS sold NARS! Would this be the cheapest place to buy their products? I’ve been looking for a better foundation!

  • I’ve only tried NARS blush, but this foundation looks great. I’m really a fan of more matte-like foundations + using a highlighter, but maybe I’ll try this out and see what I think.

    Great review!


  • The only NARS product that I’ve used is blush but am really loving it. I’m keeping this in mind for the next time I need a foundation.

  • Ouu, I want to try this! My skin has been so dry lately! Thanks! :~) x

  • Ouu, I want to try this! My skin has been so dry lately! Thanks! :~) x

  • looks good, I’m tempted 🙂

  • I’ve been thinking about getting this recently in the same exact shade. Is your skin NC25ish in MAC?

  • HSK

    This is my favourite foundation even though I have an oily T-zone! I find the oiliness thought to be caused by the foundation to generally translate as a gorgeous glow. It also a dream to apply although I wouldn’t necessarily stick to the finger application pushed by the NARS reps.
    I find the shade range to be a lot more flattering than the MAC range too.

  • jae

    i love this foundation. it makes my skin look so healthy. i only have to use a small amount so it is definitely worth the price.

  • I have juyst ordered this foundation along with a whole bunch of other nars products and some paul and joe products stuck in too. I too used a asos discount code its fab u can get tht discount on cosmetics. Il be writing a post about what I think about this foundation and the rest of my new goodies, so watch this space maybe il inspire you to invest in even more nars (if possible) lol.
    Much love M x