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How To: Minimise Daily Makeup Part 2.

Clinique High Impact Volume Extreme Mascara – *
Accessorize Brow Pencil *
Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in 01 *

Following on from this post, here is the second part of my guide to minimising daily makeup. This post focuses on eye makeup, as you may have noticed if you’ve been following my blog for some time, I’ve stopped wearing eyeliner completely. Read on, and I will tell you my hints and tips for wide eyes without the slap!

I used to wear liquid liner everyday, but I found that thick black eyeliner was making my eyes look small and harsh. I decided to just go without, my eyelashes are naturally quite long (thankfully) and the day I stopped wearing eyeliner I got quite a few compliments on how long they looked as they were suddenly more apparent. I, personally, look so much better without eyeliner – my eyes look wider, brighter and clear blue.
I understand not everyone looks better without liner, so if you can’t live without it, try swapping to a soft brown liner instead. Even if you think you look different at first – and it may be a shock, I used to think I looked tired and dull – give it a week and see how you feel. I doubt I would ever go back to wearing eyeliner now, but that’s just me and I know not everyone feels like that!
Instead, I have swapped dark, thick liner for eyeshadow, this Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight palette is full of lovely soft browns which give my eyes a boost in a way eyeliner never did, I much prefer wearing eyeshadow to eyeliner. Before, I used to think I looked a bit overdone with eyeshadow and eyeliner, but now I love experimenting with subtle eyeshadow shades.

To open up eyes, I use the Shu Uemura curlers. These are definitely the best tool I own, they are worth every penny and more. I never used curlers before these, the brands I had tried previously aren’t a match for Shu Uemura! These will really change how you do your makeup, and allow you to wear a lot less mascara. I don’t need to wear fake lashes (which is lucky as I have zero patience for that kind of thing!) so I slick on a touch of mascara like Cliniques High Impact Extreme Volume and my eye makeup is done. It takes no time at all, but my eyes look bigger and brighter than before.

At the end of last year, my brows were ridiculous, obviously drawn on and really dark – swapping from a matte powder to a medium brown pencil and combing through with an eyebrow comb after has meant my eyebrows now look far more natural. Your eyebrows frame your whole face, my makeup only comes together once I’ve filled in my brows, so experiment with a comb and a pencil – I promise you, you will see a difference.
The best advice I’ve heard recently is “they’re sisters, not twins”, don’t aim for exact eyebrows, no one is completely symmetrical and more importantly, no one should be looking at them that closely anyway.

Finally, my lip favourite product at the moment is Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01. This is like a primer, balm and gloss all in one. I wasn’t a fan of glosses before this, but this has completely changed my thoughts. A great product to slick on during the day to keep lips looking smooth, flawless and glossy with a hint of a natural colour. I love this product, and it really pulls the whole natural, flawless look together.

So there we have it, a long but informative guide to cutting down on your makeup. We should be enhancing our features, not hiding them with layers of makeup. I’ve had a lot more compliments now I’ve changed my makeup routine and I feel better (and hella more natural) for it.

What are your thoughts on natural makeup? Don’t forget to check out Part 1. here

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  • That Bobbi Brown pallete looks so lovely! Not that I need anymore eyeshadow palletes though!

  • You’ve convinced me of two things: ditching the eyeliner for a while and switching over the powder for a brown pencil on my brows 🙂

    You look gorgeous!

    Ysis xx

  • I love the look of that palette!
    I’ve started doing the same with eyeshadow as liner too, I love the effect it gives, and find that black liner looks so much better for more dramatic night out looks!
    Your skin looks amazing in this picture btw, you look really fresh and summery.


  • I love the Clarins gloss! It’s so nice on! I really like the pallete too, looks like I’ll have o try that soon 😀

    Laura x

  • your gorgeous! loved this post, come check out my blog too!xxx

  • Love this post! The Bobbi Brown Palette is so pretty.

    I have recently stopped wearing gel eyeliner, I used to wear it pretty much every day but have found my make-up looks a lot better without – I tend to use the eyeliner if I happen to be going on a night out instead now 🙂 xx

  • you look just lovely! x

  • I really like this look. I used to wear eyeliner pretty much every day but then I started working in the morning, which meant I didn’t have as much time to mess around…so I went for minimal and still stick to it and only use eyeliner every now and again, when I feel like spicing things up a bit:) I’m a big fan of the blush you’re wearing as well x

  • You look absolutely gorgeous!
    I love natural make-up, but it’s just not me. I’ve tried it during my previous internship, but no, I can’t live without my winged eyeliner and bright lipsticks 🙂

  • I like this look, you look really good without eyeliner. I definitely need to try and reduce my ‘normal, everyday’ make up. Great post.
    Daniella x

  • I love my eyeliner but I tend to prefer using brown now:)

  • HSK

    This has been such a great series of posts! I completely agree about enhancing instead of hiding your features and its so nice to see it being promoted by so many beauty gurus lately.
    Your eye makeup looks gorgeous and I’m totally in love with that Bobbi Brown palette! If only I had the money 🙁

  • Your makeup is so pretty! I like it natural and clean as this 🙂 Ixx

    ps. I am your new 3666th follower haha!

  • I love the natural look! My little sister is just starting to experiment with makeup and I told her, “You want people to look at you, not your makeup.”

  • I may have just fallen ever so slightly in love with that Bobbi Brown palette….BEYOND my budget, oh my, but it’s so pretty.

    Lucy xxx

  • This make up look is so beautiful, so light and fresh and really perfect for summer! I used to be someone who thought I couldn’t live without eyeliner either but since I stopped I honestly wouldn’t go back. Love the look of this palette, all very wearable colours. Great post

  • I’m trying to ditch my eyeliner too at the moment, its a struggle because I do feel like I look tired without it! But i’ve invested in a good undereye concealer and I’m gonna soldier on! Big love for your blog

    Kate xx

  • you look beautiful, the palette looks so pretty. i much prefer natural make up too! xx

  • really want to try the clarins lip perfector. always looks amazing. you look great!

  • lovely make up, you look beautiful!

  • i really want to try clarins lip instant!
    you look very pretty with this makeup!

  • Less is definitely more. You’re beautiful and glowing!

  • I wish I could go out without gel eyeliner but I just feel like an alien and super ugly!! your eyes do look good though!xx

    Samantha’s Secret

  • Such a good post! I used to only wear eyeliner and now all of a sudden I’m wearing the whole shebang and its normal!? My routine takes me about 15 mins if I do it fast and that’s a joke. Gonna start weaning myself off the eye makeup, tried only the mascara this morning and noone gave me funny looks; yay! Will be taking baby steps tho when it comes to going out all day and going to work etc. Thanks for the inspiration! Xx

  • I love this kind of posts! Thanks for the tips

  • the bobbi brown palette is absolutely divine!! actually looks like a palette that you could carry around in your makeup bag, i hate the big ones that have to stay at home, and you have to hope that your eye makeup lasts through the day 😛 xxxx

  • Ahh thank you! What an insightful post. You’ve won me over I’ve made a list and going out to buy the products you have used. Your make up looks lovely in that photo xx

  • This is a beautiful look. It just goes to show there’s no need to layer on the slap, make up is about enhancing what’s already there, not putting on a mask. I love minimal make up!

    Rachael x

  • That Bobbi Brown palette is full of gorgeous colours!!!

  • You look absolutely gorgeous here X