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How To: Minimise Daily Makeup Part 1.

If, like most, you have a full makeup routine each day, it can be easy to slap on a little extra blusher, draw your eyebrows on thicker or cake on foundation over time. Before you know it, you resemble Jodie Marsh and you know it’s time to take action!
In recent months, I’ve been wearing minimal makeup. I still wear a “full face” daily, but my makeup is a lot more fresh and natural. I’m going to give you a run down of my favourite products and how to cut down on the layers. This is part one – part two is on its way and will focus on eye makeup.

A good base is essential for helping makeup last (which in turn means less makeup is used), I swear by Origins VitaZings moisturiser – it has a sheer tint which gives a brilliant glow, leaving your skin fresh and healthy looking. I find that if I start my day with this, my base falls in to place and I use less of everything, especially foundation and concealer.

To prime and leave my skin looking healthy, I use Clarins Flash Balm. This is the ultimate primer for a glowing base. My skin is normal/oily but I use products which give a satin finish rather than matte, I never find they leave me looking oily. Flash Balm is ideal for all skin types, it smoothes and brightens tired and dull skin. I adore this product and I always use it when my skin needs a boost. Flash Balm is an all time favourite and I really recommend this if you want a healthy finish.
My current favourite foundation is Laura Mercier Silk Creme, a long lasting foundation with great coverage and a natural finish. This covers all without looking caked, I use a small amount and apply it with my fingers, buffing in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This foundation is buildable, so if you have areas (like myself) which are prone to a blemishes or redness, you can apply a little bit more in these areas and still have an overall natural looking base. For me, areas like my cheeks and forehead don’t require much coverage, so rather than apply a thick layer all over, it makes sense to leave makeup looking light and fresh in these areas.
Silk Creme lasts incredibly well and I don’t feel the need to use powder. Powder can give makeup a caked look, rather than a “less is more” natural glow, my advice is to only use powder if you really need it and even then, only on the areas you really need it – such as your T-Zone. On days I do wear powder, I think it takes away a lot of the glowing look I’ve tried hard to achieve, my makeup looks a lot more natural without it. 
Concealer for me is essential as I do have a few blemishes that need a little extra coverage, I usually use less foundation for a natural look and use concealer where it’s needed, rather than slap on foundation all over and be left with a thick, unnatural looking base. Collections Lasting Perfection concealer is one of the best I’ve tried and a great way to cover all without looking heavy. Make sure your concealer matches your foundation perfectly, as too dark or too light can highlight and make it more obvious! I dab a small amount on and use a brush to buff in lightly. You’ll be surprised at how healthier you look with less foundation and concealer where you need it.
Bobbi Browns Concealer Kit is a light concealer which covers dark circles like nothing else. I’ve been using this for years now and it’s brilliant, it blends in so well and completes my whole base. 
Using less blusher is one of the best things I’ve done, a product like NARS Deep Throat has a little bit of shimmer and a light pink flush for a really natural but healthy finish. Apply blusher lightly along your cheek bones, I avoid the apples of my cheeks as I think this looks too much. Remember we’re only trying to give ourselves a natural flush, not two bright stripes across our cheeks. I use Real Techniques Stippling brush to really blend in my blusher and create a natural, subtle glow.

When using matte or cream blushers, I like to add a subtle highlight to my cheekbones. At the moment I love MAC Lightscapade MSF, a really fine powder which just enough sheen to give the perfect highlight. I use a highlighter most days and I regularly get comments on how “glowing” I look, so I do recommend using highlighter if you don’t already. 

I hope you found Part 1 helpful, I shall be putting up Part 2 (eye makeup) soon. I have felt a lot better since wearing more natural makeup, so these are just a few tips and tricks for you all. 
What are your thoughts on minimal makeup? 

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  • I’ve got to try the Clarin’s flash balm soon as it sounds perfect for that glowing withiut being shiny look. Really enjoyed reading this post! x

  • I much prefer having a lighter face during summer, interesting to hear how others do theirs x

  • I feel the same way! I love/use that foundation daily. It’s perfect for the natural look. I have NARS Orgasm but was lookin to Deep Throat for something more subtle. Might have to purchase now! x

  • Can’t wait to see part 2! That eyeshadow palette looks amazing! x

  • Thank you this is so useful! Maybe you could do a post later in the year for winter? I always hafto slap on the makeup because I look so grim! :p x

  • Yeah same, recently I’ve been relying more on concealer than foundation and my skin looks much more alive! 🙂

  • Kim

    I have to admit that I didn’t really find any benefit to using the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm but I’ll have to revisit it. I’m really in to minimal makeup at the moment – I’m finding that less definitely is more! Great post, looking forward to the next one x

  • I’d been wearing a full face of makeup for years, every day, but recently my face suddenly started fighting back. Instead of using more makeup to cover up this sudden breakout (I presume I can blame exam stress…) I started using less and I’ve now got used to completely foregoing foundation almost every day. My skin feels so much better! This is a lovely post. 🙂 x

  • I’d been wearing a full face of makeup for years, every day, but recently my face suddenly started fighting back. Instead of using more makeup to cover up this sudden breakout (I presume I can blame exam stress…) I started using less and I’ve now got used to completely foregoing foundation almost every day. My skin feels so much better! This is a lovely post. 🙂 x

  • Love this post! Curious about the Origins Vitazing, might have to give it a try. Can’t wait for post 2 …that eyeshadow palette looks unreal!! Xxx

  • Such a useful post! I’ve been trying to re-evaluate my makeup routine as well, so this has come in really helpful!


  • that eyeshadow palette is to die for! x

  • I have to say in the past year I have also gone the same way with more natural, fresher looking makeup…a year ago I would never have dreamed of giving up my heavy black eye liner. Now I hate wearing it. I’m definitely going to have to invest in the Bobbi Brown Concealer kit, and I’d like to give the Urban Decay Naked Pallette a try for some neutral eye shades for evenings out x

  • What a great blog!
    I just purchased the same MAC MSF as this one, and I adore it!
    Rachel xo

  • This is a great post! I’m definitely slapping on far too much these days, so I’m going to take these tips on board!

    Emily Wears Things

  • This is a great post, thank you 🙂 I definitely find I’m always adding more and more products these days! I need a new primer so think I’ll have to give that Clarins one a go 🙂 xx

  • Totally agree about concealer!

  • For me it’s almost the other way round – while I love reading beauty blogs and could roam the make-up department for hours, all I ever seem to wear is a little concealer, mascara and cream blush/bronzer.

  • Flash balm, what a babe of a product. My Mum gave me a tube of hers last year and I love it! She reckons it’s ridiculous that a 17 year old acquired some haha xxx

  • this is such a lovely post, really enjoyed it! i’ve been trying to minimalize my makeup recently, having noticed how much better it makes me look and feel 🙂 xx

  • Without sounding too enthusiastic, it’s like this post was written for me personally! Ha! Everything you’ve written describes what my own skin is like and what I try to achieve with my make-up, a natural “glowing” look. Think I may have to try the Bobbi Brown concealer kit to to tackle my dark circles! xo

  • Really want to try the Laura Mercier foundation. Sounds perfect!

  • Love this post, always like seeing other beauty blogger’s routines.


  • This is such a good post, you have so many nice products! The eye palette looks really amazing. xx

  • I love more natural, glowing looking makeup, I think it makes anyone look naturally pretty 🙂 This is such a good post, I really enjoyed reading it 🙂 From what I’ve seen in your pictures you’re quite a similar pale skintone to me, you might like this VIVO blush I’ve been trying out recently, that’s really natural and gives a lovely glow, I just reviewed it on my blog! 🙂
    Eleanor x

  • I’m a big fan of natural looking makeup. I find my skin can breathe more and my pores look less clogged up at the end of the day. Great post – I love to see what works for other people, especially people with similar pale skin tones!

  • Meg

    I’m all for minimal, natural make up! I was getting to the stage when my day make up looked more like night make up so I’ve cut it right down now and it’s so much better. Thanks for such a great post 🙂 xxx

  • This was a great read – thank you! Quick question – do you still apply a moisturiser under the vitazing – or does this act as your daily moisturiser as well?

  • Great post!!

  • hey there i just discovered you blog & love it keep on posting!!
    I just recently created my own blog too Id really appreciate if you could check it out & leave me some of your expert feedback thank u

  • so many products here that i’ve wanted to try!

  • I really need a Mac Highlighter! My skin has been looking so dry lately so thank you for the suggestion as to which one I shoul get!!

  • I’ve been doing the same recently, I’ve embraced the tinted moisturiser!

  • WOW, you’re SO stunning! My eyes look like yours and I too prefer the light, bright, clean look. I’m a fan of the no-makeup-makeup, and love your blog!

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