Review: Laura Mercier Foundation Powder in 01.

After purchasing Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (review coming soon), which is rather sheer and water-based, I wanted a good powder to keep my makeup in check all day, whilst also keeping me matte.
I have recently found some gems from Laura Mercier and it’s been a brand I’ve used a lot over the years so naturally, I picked up the Foundation Powder in the lightest shade. 
The Foundation Powder is a wet/dry formula which comes with a puff and a sponge, the puff allows you to apply the powder dry as a touch up over foundation and to help shine or you can apply it wet with the sponge which offers more coverage. 
I applied this using a stippling brush, and then changed to a powder brush but it made my skin look dry and caked. This is usually how I would apply a powder, rather than a sponge or puff (which I find can wipe makeup off) but eventually I followed instructions and I have seen much better results with the sponge and puff. 
My skin is clear overall, so I can wear a sheer foundation with a powder, but I am prone to blemishes on my cheeks and chin, so these need a little bit more coverage. I don’t want my whole face to be covered in makeup as it’s not necessary, so I usually apply a bit of powder using the sponge around the blemish-prone areas and then use the puff during the day to keep my foundation matte and touch up any other areas if needed. 

At first I wasn’t too impressed with this powder, but once I’d mastered the puff and sponge, I was really impressed. It’s almost a multi-use product and it leaves my skin looking flawless and matte in all the right places. 

It’s great to travel with as it cuts down on the products I’d usually need and the quality is great. I find it helps to keep makeup lasting as long as possible, which is essential in Summer. Of course, you can also use this as foundation, rather than a top up powder but personally I prefer liquid foundations. 
What’s your favourite Laura Mercier product? 

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  • Always wanted to try this, I don’t currently own any Laura Mercier products but definitely want to buy this soon! Although the price tag does put me off slightly!
    Dreams and Dresses

  • I really like the Laura Mercier Gel Brown. Keeps my brow in shape all day long x

  • I haven’t tried any Laura Mercier products, but I keep seeing good things about them so I think i might have to try them out!
    Girl Meets Beauty

  • Never tried a foundation powder before!

  • I love the brow powder in auburn and their eye shadows are lovely, but I’m allergic to their primer and it messed my skin up for weeks which has made me very wary of their face products. x

  • I’d love to try this! It looks great! xo

  • Good review, I havent had anything from Laura Mercier but would like to try! xo

  • I’m really getting into Laura Mercier recently, the mineral powder foundation is amazing! I’m just like you more of an liquid foundation girl, so I never thought I would like the mineral foundation. x

  • I’ve only ever tried Laura Mercier’s hydrating water which I received a sample for. I really, really like it and it makes me want to check out more of her line. xx

  • Ooh I might look into this , I really love my silk cream foundation eventhough it took me a while to get to gripes with it 🙂

  • I’d love to try this out, i’ve heard great reviews!
    I am yet to try any of the Laura Mercier products yet!

  • this sounds like a great product. i really like the laura mercier mineral powder foundation & secret brightening powder, might have to give this one a try too xx

  • i havent used a powder foundation in so long! looks really nice

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  • I’ve tried the loose powder and her tinted moisturizer! The powder can get messy, so this foundation powder seems like a better choice, I will have to try it! Thanks!

  • I have her loose powder but it can get so messy! I think this foundation powder might be a better option, will definitely have to try it, thanks for the review!

  • I’ve never actually tried out a powder foundation before, but I love the primer and tinted moisturizer so I just might have to try this next! xxx

  • I’ve never tried a foundation in a powder but it sounds really good ! xx

  • I am OBSESSED with my Laura Mercier mineral powder foundation, it gives flawless coverage and feels so light!

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