Review: ghd Black Gloss IV Styler.

ghd Black Gloss IV Styler – £99 *

Let me start by saying I’ve had my last set of ghds for almost 7 years, they still work perfectly fine. They have been everywhere with me, they’ve moved with me countless times over the years and I adore them. I remember being 13 or 14 and desperately wanting a pair, and the moment I finally got them for my 15th birthday. Although my old set work fine (my Dad had to change the plug once, good old Dad) I was worried about the day they were going to break due to the amount of travelling they do, so when I was offered a pair to review, I couldn’t say no. 
I love the packaging of my new ghds, so sleek and stylish! I also love that over the years, the price has remained the same – I’m almost certain they used to be the same price 7 years ago! 
I have nothing but good things to say about ghds, they really are the only set of straighteners out there for me. I have straight hair anyway, but I use them to wave and curl my hair. The new pair are easier to use than my last pair, which looking back now, did drag my hair slightly (probably due to age). I find the new pair glide through my hair and therefore, create an effortless wave or curl. 
The new functions are great also, the beep when they heat up (remarkably quick!) is so helpful and the sleep mode takes a weight off my mind. 
Overall, these are the only straighteners I would recommend, they are incredible quality and last so long. 
What are your thoughts on ghds? 

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22 June, 2012
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  • I’m the same! I’ve had GHD’s since I was 12 years old, 5 years later they are still going strong. These look great so maybe they’re a next purchase!

  • I’m definitely getting this!

  • love mine to. had my first set many years ago when they first came out. ive had my second set for about four years. i have tryed other straightners and they just dont compare.

  • I have had mine for 8 years now! And plan to replace them in the Autumn. I love GHD, for me, nothing else compares xo

  • I love my GHD’s. I rarely style my hair using them at the moment, although I used them religiously for about 5 years. I bought them in 2007 or so I believe and they were £135, but they’re still going strong! I do love the colour of these ones though, might have to renew mine!

  • Totally agree, I’ve had mine for almost 7 years too. Tempted every once in a while to buy a new pair when they bring out a new pretty one, but can never justify it as mine still work perfectly!! x

  • I used to have a pair, but they didn’t last as long as yours! Mine went up in smoke, quite literally and were promptly replaced by my corioliss straighteners. I have no problem with GHDs but I love my corioliss as the have different heat settings – my only bugbear with GHDs! Xo

  • I don’t know what I would do without my GHD! so great purchase 😉 xx

  • :O these are so pretty! I once had a pair of GHD’s and loved them so much but they died 🙁 I would love a new pair, wish I could afford them! xo

  • I’ve had my GHDs for 5 years and love them as much as ever! I almost cried when I thought I’d left them in my uni room when I moved out.

    Emily Wears Things

  • I love GHD’s! I once bought some Remington ones when I was away and forgot my GHD’s, and they didn’t even begin to compare! GHD’s are the way forward xx

  • I had these for a couple of years when I was 13, they only broke when a friend stood on them! I haven’t used straighteners in about a year such I just have a really cheap pair for emergencies now, but they really are the best! xxx

  • You know, despite still seeing GHD adverts everywhere, for some reason I have never really considered buying them. I’m actually just terrified that I wont be able to use them and it’ll be a waste of money!

    Perhaps I need a styling lesson before I part with my cash!

    Amber xx

  • When my hair straightners broke last year my lovely boyfriend even knew to buy me a set of GHD’s. They must be doing something right if boys know they’re the best.

  • i really want to try them xx

  • sorry for the last comment putting your link at the bottom i clicked something by accident and didnt realise it sorry its because i just coppied your link so i could follow you on bloglovin xx

  • I would be lost without my GHD’s. I upped them to the wider version about 4 years ago after battling with the slimmer ones on my long unruly hair and have not looked back since. I think they are one of the best hair investments appliance wise that a girl can make…

    beckys makeup

  • I have the old styler which I also got for my 15th birthday and after 5 years they’re still going strong! But I recently bought the new edition & tbh I don’t like it as much, its completely useless when it comes to curling hair or trying to make it wavy as my hair just slides out of the plates. All my friends who’ve got the new styler have this problem too! I’ve given my new ones to my Mum and still use my old ones. Shame 🙁 xo

  • They look so sleek! They’ve changed so much from the days were they were only available in navy and orange. I can’t live without mine!

  • I have had my GHDS for 5 years now and they’re as good as ever, I think they’re the one beauty product I have that if they broke today, I’d have them fixed or have a new pair bought by tomorrow! Best straighteners EVER!

  • I’m still on my first set (6 years strong) and i love them. So many friends have borrowed them because their straighteners just don’t cut it . As much as I wish I had a cool pair like this, I still love my original set!

  • Ooh I like the glossy black finish! Also a sleep button is such a great idea!

    I had ghds about 7/8 years ago but broke them a couple years later 🙁 I’ve never been able to afford another pair and none of my straighteners since have compared!