Review: Clarins Liquid Bronze Facial Tanner.

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning For face & Décolleté – £17.50

I’m not big on tanning, I quite like being fair and I find fake tanning hard to keep up. I do like a bit of colour on my face, so for the last two Summers I have been using Clarins Liquid Bronze (please note they have changed the packaging recently, this had me very confused!) on my face and neck to give me a subtle glow.

I don’t use any other tanning product on my face, as this area takes in more product so if you’re using a tanning product for your body, it’s likely it will end up darker on your face (compared to your body). Clarins Liquid Bronze gives a really subtle glow, without looking uneven or dirty.

I use this a few times a week, I used to use my hands but I find using a cotton pad gives a more even finish as the consistency of this product is quite thin and milky. I use it after my moisturiser (sometimes before I don’t think it matters too much), in either the morning or the evening and I love the subtle, healthy glow it gives my skin.

If you’re worried about applying a self tan to your face, then I would go for Liquid Bronze. It’s really subtle and won’t leave you looking orange or a different colour from your body. I’ve never had any problems with it streaking or going in my hairline and I find it’s really easy to use – I’ve actually never had this go wrong (apart from one time when I first got it, I left a considerable gap from my hairline and face and had a pale streak around my hairline – hot).

I find the bottle does last well, although it’s hard to say as I use this most in Summer and only occasionally in Winter (twice a month maybe) but I do think it’s worth paying a bit more as I use less foundation and look a lot healthier after using Liquid Bronze.

What are your favourite Clarins products?