Review: REN Skincare Favourites.

As you may have gathered from this post and this post, I (…am addicted to skincare) like to buy “treatment” products like my exfoliator and mask from the same brand and use them together. I don’t usually buy from the same ranges within the brand, mainly because I like to brighten and help my combination/slightly oily/large pores skin type in one go. 

I bought the Micro Polish Cleanser from REN and couldn’t help but get the Detox Mask as well. These are products I’ve had on my wishlist for some time (especially the mask) and I’ve been using them weekly since. 
The Micro Polish Cleanser is a brightening product, it has gentle yet thorough exfoliating amber beads within a foaming cleanser to slough off dead skin cells. I love an exfoliator, and this does wonders for my skin. It’s such a nice formula, I love that it polishes and creates a lather at the same time, and my skin is instantly glowing and fresh. It also aims to help pore size, which is what really sold me on the product so hopefully I’ll see some good results over time. 

I love a clay mask, and recently my skin has been looking a bit more oily than usual. It’s probably because it’s warming up a bit, and my skin tends to switch to a slightly more combination/oily skin type in Summer. This mask draws out impurities whilst also helping with the excess sebum and removing dead skin cells. Pretty much everything I want after I’ve just polished my skin with the Micro Polish!
After using the Micro Polish Cleanser, I apply the mask to clean, damp skin and then leave until dry. 

So far this seems to be improving my skin, it looks brighten and pores look less clogged and my skin feels so soft after use. 
I think I’ve really chosen well with these products, they seem to work really well together – the Micro Polish brightening and the Mask clearing – and I’m already contemplating another REN purchase as it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite skincare brands. 
What are your REN recommendations?

NB: You can see my full evening skincare routine video here