Review: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask.

This has become my favourite product of late, it’s an absolute winner and does everything I want from a product. It’s a ‘Peel Mask’ which contains fruit acid to give a gentle yet thorough exfoliation, leaving glowing skin after use. Although I’m partial to a clay mask as I can feel it working, this has a slight tingly sensation and really does the job, unclogging pores and revealing a brighter complexion.

My skin at the moment is rather blemish-prone and congested – I’ve also got scars from previous blemishes and it’s just not that great looking. This mask aims to reduce inflammation and clogged pores and to heal damaged and/or scarred skin. Basically, it’s everything I’m looking for and more!
I use this once a week, usually a Sunday night after cleansing. It’s an odd, sweet smelling sticky formula a bit like jam (?) which is applied to clean, dry skin and left for ten minutes before carefully removing.

I have seen great results in the weeks that I have been using it, it really does help blemishes and leave skin looking fresh, healthy and radiant. Hopefully over time I’ll see more results in regards to my blemish scars and clogged pores too.
REN has quickly become my favourite skincare brand and I have quite a few products of theirs which I love at the moment. I also bought the serum from this range today in the ASOS sale, I’m actually excited to try it!

What do you think of this mask? 

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22 May, 2012
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22 May, 2012
  • I would love to try this. I have a few scars that don’t seem to be going away, and this looks like a great product to treat it! x

  • I haven’t tried this one (yet) but I love the resurfacing mask and the pore detox one, REN makes fantastic masks!

  • scarring is such a PAIN! willing to try anything, so may give this a go!


  • This product sounds amazing, the price is a bit too steep for my student purse though ! xx

  • I hear great things about REN but have been unsure what product to try out!x
    Samantha’s Secret

  • I keep seeing this product popping up and I can totally relate to congested skin…I think a trip to Space NK could be called for!


    Beckys Makeup

  • Sounds really good! I’ve heard so much about REN recently but I haven’t tried anything from their range yet!

  • personally, i think REN products are overpriced things that you could easily make at home. i bought this same exact mask, and recieved the same results by making myself a DIY pineapple and papaya mask with a bit of honey thrown in.
    i also spent my money ($50! what a waste!) on their vitamin C serum, but recieved the same results with a DIY serum.
    still a lovely review though! i’m glad you like the product 🙂


  • I have been eyeing Ren Skincare and hopefully when I am able to pick some things up I love them just as much. Right now I am trying out the body shops products and so far they are really amazing 🙂

  • I was looking at REN when shopping last week and I was so tempted but I have so many skin care products right now that I couldn’t justify it! Lovely review though, great to see that it’s been a good mask for you! xo

  • I love this, it is by far my favourite face mask! I dread when I get to the end of the bottle and have to fork out another £30 but it is well worth the money 🙂 xx

  • I would defintiely recommend Alpha-H products for blemishes and exfoliation. Their liquid gold (a glycolic acid product) is completely worth the hype and their cleanser is wonderfully gentle but still effective– it’s really sorted my problematic skin out. I have heard great things about REN products too- thanks for the recommendation.

  • Likewise.. received this product a while back as a free gift when i got a magazine subcription, havent been able to live without it since, REN are amazing but no very well known which is such a shame xx :o)

  • I bought one of the Regime Kit’s that came with this (I think it was the normal skin one) and I haven’t used this mask yet. I can’t wait to try it now. Thanks for the review!

  • Love the sound of this, might have to treat myself come pay-day! X

  • I got the REN starter kit for normal skin which also includes this mask. can’t wait to try it!

  • Chris Guerra

    Hi, I was wondering after a year of use did the results continue? Is it your fav. Peel still?