Review: MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel.

MAC Lustre Drops in Pink Rebel – £17.50*

Lustre Drops are a liquid bronzer with a pearlescent lustre, they provide a natural looking luminous finish for those areas you like to have a little bit of highlight.
I’ve had these on my wishlist for some time now, they are limited edition (although this may be changing?) and I was lucky enough to get them to take away from the MAC event!

These can be used on the cheeks, brow bone, cupids bow etc. to give a lovely, natural highlight. You really only need a few drops, and they can be applied using a brush or your fingers – I find using my fingers to dot the drops into my cheekbones works best.
You can also add the Lustre Drops to moisturiser or foundation for an all over soft glow. This is something I’ve been doing recently.

Pink Rebel is the most amazing pearlescent rose gold colour, I absolutely adore the shade! I think Pink Rebel is more of a highlighter than a bronzer, and they’re quite different than the powder highlighters I usually use on my skin. I think when they’re mixed in with foundation they look so beautiful and really give a healthy, glowing finish to the skin.

What do you think of Lustre Drops?

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18 May, 2012
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18 May, 2012
  • I love lustre drops! They deffo need to make them permanent.

  • so pretty xoxo

  • So, so pretty!

  • never heard about these before but they sound great 😀

  • Gorgeous colour!! I have to get me some.

  • I LOVE anything that give the skin a beautiful sheen/glow! So pretty I hope they do become permanent! x

  • this has been on my wishlist for a VERY long time now! i don’t know why i haven’t bought it yet. the color is so gorgeous as well!


  • They look lovely! Sometimes highlight can be too OTT but this looks really natural 🙂

  • Completely sold. These do look pretty and elegant and like the coveted natural glow. I’m normally turned off by MAC prcing but these actually seem like a special product that definitely justify the cost. Thanks for the heads up.

  • It looks a lot like benefit moonbeam- is it the same sort of thing? Looks lovely on the skin though x

    Samantha’s Secret

  • Those look so nice on your skin!
    Girl Meets Beauty

  • I’ve heard so many nice things about this! Can’t wait to get my hands on it and try it mixed in with some foundation 🙂


  • I’ve never used this product but think I may pick it up over the weekend. It looks so pretty on you!

    The SkinnyBlondeGirl Blog – Fashion + Beauty + Style

  • Amy

    I’d love to try adding this to my foundation! x

  • I wish this was a part of the perminant line. I really want to try them as I love highlighting products! x

  • This looks lovely! NEED to get hold on them some how xo

  • what an amazing things in here!
    lovely as always!
    happy weekend!

  • I’ve not tried this, but the product sounds wonderful

    Jess x

  • I’ve never tried these but this shade looks gorgeous and so glowing on your skin X

  • Totally in love with this product! I need it in my life. x

  • Looks great, what a lovely product! x

  • this looks gorgeous!


  • looks absolutely gorgeous oon your skin

  • I’ve never tried Lustre Drops before but this looks gorgeous on you! x

  • oh they look so pretty! definitely want to try them x

  • This sounds like such a great highlighter ! Liquid highlighter are so nice to use ! xx

  • they sound and look amazing! xx

  • It looks lovely, love the last picture you look so pretty!

  • these are definteley on my pay day wishlist!

  • How different is this from Strobe Liquid (aside from the colouring)? I have a nearly full bottle of SL which I use both as a highlighter and mixed in with my foundation for a nice glow and I’m trying to justify purchasing Lustre Drops as they look amazing…

  • This looks great on your skin! I have to get some!
    Pretty Little Lives

  • Gem

    It looks so pretty – I’m always a bit wary of highlighters because they can look awful if overdone. This might be one to try x

  • I got them just yesterday and i like them, dont now yet with what to wear. Wonder with what eyeshadow and blush you combined them?x