Top – Topshop
Collar – H&M
Disco Pants – American Apparel 
Lipstick – MAC Reel Sexy 
I haven’t done an outfit post in so long, for various reasons. I find the clothes I wear really hard to photograph and like it doesn’t do them justice, nor my figure… I thought I’d give you an idea of my sort of go to outfits these days. 
I find my Disco Pants really easy to wear, I can throw on any top and dress it up a bit. I usually wear high-necked shirts and vests and tuck them in at the front. 
For reference, I have sized down in my disco pants. I get asked this a lot, I’m a normal size 8, I’m 5ft 4 and I find the XS the perfect size. I did have a Small but felt they were slightly big. American Apparel advise to size down and I think that’s the best way as they tend to stretch slightly. 
I think they’re definitely worth the money also. They are really flattering and comfortable too. 
I have always loved rose gold (or “copper” as my boyfriend calls it…) and couldn’t stop myself buying this cute collar necklace from H&M for £7.99! Such a beautiful piece that goes with anything. 
What do you think of the outfit?

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14 May, 2012
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  • you look lovely, and have the perfect figure!

  • You are an incredibly stunning lady! Love the whole look xo

  • I love the outfit! The collar looks great am going to have to get one!


  • SO gorgeous! x

  • it is a great wee outfit for everyday. the pants do look flattering but i know i’d look awful in them. i love those h&m necklaces but they always go a funny colour after a few wears 🙁 guess you can’t complain at 8 quid! x

  • The pants really suit you & photograph so well! x

  • I’ve nearly bought that top so many times and I really like the way you’ve styled it – might have to go and grab one myself now! Collar looks great with it too 🙂

    Lauren @


  • this outfit is amaze! xx

  • arhhhh everytime i see you style disco pants it makes me want to buy them but they are SO expensive!!! love the lipstick by the way! xxx

  • I love this outfit, it looks simple and easy to wear. You look great 🙂 xx

  • I love discopants! but don’t think I could pull them off as well as all the girls I see on here!
    Lovely outfit, nice and simple 🙂

  • Love this outfit on you, it’s very flattering but quite versitile at the same time 🙂 I always downsize with skinng jeans or leggings aswell to avoid them getting saggy and stretchy! ~ox

  • I have the H&M necklace! Wearing it as me speak, I love it x

  • Love this outfit, really like the way you style disco pants to keep them casual

  • Those disco pants are amazing! So flattering on you too, you’ve a great figure in them. Wish I could get away with wearing a pair like these as they seem so easy to wear and great for mixing and matching outfits.
    Love the rose gold collar too, I can’t seem to stop wearing collars at the moment! What sort of shoes did you wear with this outfit?


  • I love that necklace! definitely rose gold, not copper! x

  • Love this simple outfit and the necklace is gorgeous!
    Cara x

  • You look so lovely. I love the simple top. x

  • Absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the combination.
    Love, Elise xx

  • Wearing the exact same top today! You look fab missus x

  • Love this outfit, I really really like disco pants but the price hurts me 🙂 I just bought AA leggings, but had to send them back cos they were too big…wish I’d read this post first!

    Love the colour of your lippy too! xx

  • You look lovely, I really want some disco pants but they’re so expensive!

  • babe! love your collar necklace, totally gonna buy it now xx

  • I was just thinking the other day how you hadn’t done an outfit post in ages and voila! haha love your outfits and that collar necklace is amaaaaze!

  • I love that lip colour! x

  • at first, I didn’t like the look of disco pants at all but they are definitley growing on me! you look great in them! x

  • Loving the outfit, simple but efficient and the collar is amazing ! xx

  • You look SO amazing!

  • they look awesome on you, totally compliment your figure. I actually love teaming striking bottoms / skirt / shorts etc with a really plain T. I think it looks really chic 🙂

    Your makeup is flawless as usual too. Oh and also (haha, sorry) your post yesterday re your makeup travel bag was ace, I actually saw in Topshop they’ve bought out another version of your makeup bag, just with a different styled stud pattern. Considering a cheeky purchase as my makeup is too big for my current little bag

    Mel x

  • Gorgeous! I love how you’ve styled the luxurious rose gold collar with a grey marl tee xx

  • You look gorgeous! I love the lipstick colour, XO.

  • I despise disco pants normally, but you look lovely in them! I like the way the dark colours contrast with your pale skin, I really like this outfit xx

  • Amy

    I was going to buy that top the other day, but thankfully I tried it on because it was hideously unflattering on me!

    Loving the way you’ve styled it!

    Amy xx

  • disco pants grow on me more and more…but i don’t wanna order them. i wanna try them on in a store.

  • I’m so jealous of your figure and lovely skin! I love how casual but pretty this outfit is 🙂 Bargain collar too!

  • you look lovely, love your outfit. Your lipstick is gorgeous xxx


  • I love the collar necklace, rose gold is amazing.

  • Your face looks absolutely flawless in the last photo! I love this outfit too, I always reach for my disco pants and a plain t-shirt for those days when nothing else seems to cut it!

  • Like what everyone’s saying: nice outfit + gorgeous make-up. I’m curious, which blusher are you wearing in these pictures? x

  • Amy

    This outfit looks so stylish, regardless of its simplicity. You look effortless, Kate 🙂 x

  • You look gorgeous, i have the aa riding pants, but the disco ones look amazing too! xx

  • Shy

    Love the outfit!
    What mascara are you wearing?

  • I love my disco pants, I really dont wear them enough though! Love rose gold also, goes with anything!

  • Ohhhhh! You look gorgeous! Xx

  • LOVE the addition of rose gold! You look great. 🙂

    Enter to WIN my hotel, afternoon tea and beauty Competition!

  • The disco pants looks lovely on you, really flattering, makes me want to invest but don’t think I could pull them off :-(. I have to say I love that lippy!


    Beckys Makeup

  • I love everything about this outfit, especially the rose gold collar. You’re gorgeous.

  • I love everything about what you wear. Seriously, would love to have your body. 🙂

  • Lovely outfit and your make-up looks so pretty and flawless X

  • I loved this collar when I saw it in H&M but my boyfriend laughed at me. Still tempted. haha


  • great outfit