Review: YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in Rose Paris.

After months of lusting after a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick, I purchased one a few months ago with a voucher I had from the Debenhams Press Day. These lipsticks are rather expensive so it took me some time to choose a shade, but I decided on Rose Paris as it’s a beautiful pink rouge which appealed to me at the time. You can see me wearing this shade here.

I love the way the creamy formula applies so well to the lips, it really does glide on while leaving the most amazing colour which lasts for hours. These have a beautiful finish and the colour pay off is amazing, so although they’re much more expensive than the likes of MAC and NARS, I would say they’re also of much higher quality. I don’t wear mine every day like I would a MAC lipstick though (although that may be because the colour really isn’t something I would wear to the office) but keep it for special occasions, nights out or when it goes with my outfit.
I wish I had chosen a shade which is more wearable for day, but at the time I was after something bright and bold, and I’d recommend this shade if you’re looking for something that stands out.

These lipsticks really are something every girl must own, the packaging is like nothing else – so luxurious and elegant! The shade range is great too, you are bound to find a few shades which are perfect for you.
The price is, of course, off-putting but I do believe you must try at least one YSL lipstick in your lifetime and I would pay full price for another.

What do you think of the Rouge Volupté lipsticks?

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17 April, 2012
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  • this lipstick is so gorgeous, I love pink lipstick!

  • Oh oh oh …. I loooove it. I have a sheer candy and I really wish I got a proper lipstick instead 🙁 its completely see-through.

  • Very pretty colour, love the packaging of YSL lippies.

    Holli x

  • I love these lipsticks! In the january sales house of fraser were selling them for £14.50 which is CRRRAZY. I got the shade Sweet Honey and it’s the perfect nude for me! They’re such amazing quality! x

  • i’ve had two and was a bit “meh” about them as I picked colours that required a bit of maintenance. they’re getting more and more expensive eesh, but who wouldn’t be in love with that packaging?! xx

  • brilliant post, ysl lipsticks really are high quality and this is a gorgeous colour!

  • I’ve always wanted a YSL lipstick but the price really put me off and I’ve heard some people say that the staying power isn’t so good. But may just have to bite the bullet and buy one 🙂 thanks for the review

  • I love YSL lip products! That shade is beautiful and I just saw Ingrid use it in her latest video!


  • i love these lipsticks, who wouldnt!? colour is lovely too x

  • i want it sooo badly! 🙁

  • cute colour ;>

  • I like the colors and texture a lot, but I just can’t stand the smell 🙁

  • The colour! The packaging! I want one! x

  • love love love this colour! x

  • i just bought one of the glossy stains and love it, so i can imagine a lipstick would be amazing! the packaging is just gorgeous x

  • I have two and I absolutely love them!

  • the packaging is beautiful! it looks like such a lovely colour xxx

  • I have this lipstick, too!
    Did a post on my blog, it really is such an irresistible and unique shade!

  • that looks absolutely gorgeous, i didn’t even have to look at the post of you wearing it to realise it was a creamy lippy it just looks divine, need need need!

  • Lovely colour, I love YSL packaging it’s so beautiful 🙂 xx

  • Is super pretty…this month i don’t have more budget for cosmetics..hahaha

    I need for the next month..i take a note. =) Thanks for sharing.

    XOXO from MUNICH


  • The price is very off putting like you said but I would love to own one at some stage in my life time! Hopefully soon 🙂
    How does it look with your fair complection?
    X x x

  • I love this range of lipsticks, I have #2 and #7. Love this shade. x

  • mel

    This is just a stunning colour, and the packaging looks so expensive! xx

  • oh i love a bit of YSL lipstick love! I love how creamy it is and the packaging is adorable!


  • Such a gorgeous shade but I just can’t justify that much on a lipstick at the moment :/ X

  • Love the colour.
    I always wanted one of those 🙂

  • What beautiful packaging!

  • stunning colour, might have to try this! I’ve never tried these lipsticks.. so tempted though.

  • The lipstick looks beautiful, I should try it! Although the price is putting off 🙁 Lovely blog by the way! 🙂 xxx

  • There’s nothing nicer than an expensive YSL lipstick in your bag! This looks stunning, but I get the point about getting something more wearable when they are so expensive! Have a lovely evening! x

  • oh yes the packaging is in a totally different league, i love the color you chose!


  • I love Rouge Voluptes, they’re expensive but the packaging and texture are so gorge, they last quite well for such a glossy lipstick too I think!

  • Anonymous

    I have two which are fairly wearable for the day, (7 Lingerie Pink and 13 Peach Passion) I love them, 7 is just such a go to lipstick but I have to say that neither last very long, I find myself reapplying a lot. Perhaps it is just because they are paler. However, I would still get another because the colours are beautiful, 11 is amazing.


  • Really want to try one of these and the packaging makes them look even lovelier! Good choice!

  • i’m so jealous!! It’s b-ee-a-utiful! xx

  • A little bit pricey but beautiful xx

  • Argh the packaging alone makes me want this lipstick. You’re right though, to spend this much you’d want to be sure about the colour!

  • OH MY GOSH that colour is amazing! Want it so badly! xx :o)

  • super mooi kleurtje x
    ik volg je trouwens vanaf nu via bloglovin !
    volg je me terug? xx

  • I’d love to try the peach faubourg shade:)

  • such a gorgeous color! 🙂 do you have another color in mind that you like alot?

  • i have pink lingeria and love the packaging, colour and everything

  • The packaging is beautiful ! And the colour you chose is really pretty ! xx

  • Anonymous

    nice idea.. thanks for sharing.