March Favourites.

A little bit late with this one, I was going to film a video but it’s my first day to myself in London in a month and I have the flu so it’s not happening!
Last month saw quite a mix of products being used, which I always love. It’s great when you find products you have loved and forgotten about in your stash!

First up is the newest Garnier body gel-cream which is a great price – £1.99 for 250ml! I actually really liked their original version of this which I have somewhere, but decided to get this as I liked the sound of it. Let me start by saying, I actually hate the feel of this when I apply it. The gel-cream has a really strange consistency and texture, a bit like gunge! This would have put me off right away except that it leaves my skin feeling gorgeous. I’ve never really used a body moisturiser which has left my skin feeling this great. I usually apply it after a shower or bath at night and wake up with lovely soft and nourished skin. 

I’ve had this Sanctuary Facial Oil on my list for, quite literally, about a year. I never know if products like this are going to break me out, but even though I have normal/combination (slightly oily) skin, this really helps to keep my skin in tip top condition. I apply it at night, usually mixing it in with my serum or moisturiser, to give my skin one hell of a boost! I don’t use this every night and only use a pea sized amount (I’ve been using this for months and there’s only a small amount gone so it’s worth the money) but it really does add so much to my skin. This product is great for all skin types, so don’t feel put off if you have skin on the oily side – your skin needs this just as much as anyone else, but don’t overdo it.

I’d never heard of theBalm before, but Lily got this blush in her Carmine box (RIP) and I fell in love. I hunted this down (I didn’t want to pay the full £16 when I knew there would be someone who got it in their box and didn’t fancy it) and Lucy came to my rescue. This is a gorgeous peachy pink blush which leaves my cheeks looking so smooth and flushed. I’ve not stopped using this since I got it, which is made as I must have over 50 blushers in my collection. A great blush/eyeshadow (I only use it as a blusher) and definitely one I would recommend.

I hadn’t really heard a lot about MACs Fix +, but I wanted to see what it was like so I picked it up at Duty Free when I was flying home before Christmas. This is a mineral and vitamin based water which sets makeup and adds a lovely glow to skin. It contains lots of lovely ingredients to help skin and keep it hydrated. I spray it on after applying foundation, before powder, to give my skin a glow and to set makeup for the day.
I really do think this keeps my makeup in place for longer, and I know it really does benefit my skin so much. 

Lastly, I’ve been using No7s new exfoliator for a month or so now and i’m really enjoying it. It’s quite a fine yet slightly abrasive exfoliator to gently but thoroughly buff skin, leaving it looking so fresh. I bought this with a voucher (they’ll no doubt be back soon) so it was only £3 which is amazing for such a good product. I would probably even pay full price! 
What do you think of this (last) months favourites?

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  • I’ve been loving the No7 exfoliator as well. It’s the first one that hasn’t made my skin red/blotchy after use. The Sanctuary facial oil and the Garnier gel cream are on my wishlist! 🙂

  • Great post I am for sure getting the sanctuary face oil 🙂 amazing suggestion Kate 🙂


  • I’ve always been scared to try fix plus as I thought it would make your foundation patchy if that makes sense? but by what you’ve said I may have to try it!

  • I bought the Facial Oil after you mentioned it in your skincare post and have not looked back since. I tend to mix it with my moisturiser in the mornings when my skin needs an extra pick me up but it actually works well with the EL advanced night repair too.

    Becky x

  • I also got the exfoliator with a No7 voucher and love it! Its rough but not harsh.
    Also would love to try the face oil but the thought of oil on my skin makes me a little nervous, especially for that price! wish I could get a sample first 🙂 xo

  • I love the sanctuary facial oil too! It’s amazing.

  • i should try that body cream! it looks great 🙂

  • I love Fix+, it’s a godsend when my foundation is looking a bit powdery, this gives it a nice dewy finish x

  • I really want to try mac fix+ xx

  • I adore FratBoy and the No7 Exfoliator, I use them both all the time! I’ve been meaning to pick up Fix+ for ages too and I also like the sound of the Garnier gel-cream which is a total bargain! Even though this post was late I really enjoyed reading it and hope to see an April post! 🙂

  • I also have very similar opinion about Garnier Body Intensive Gel-Cream as you, I love the original one a lot better. I love Fix+ spray, need to stock up on it. x

  • I love your favorites and that gel-cream seem really nice!

    -Lily <3

  • Im dying to try The Sanctuary oil, but I always get put off because I think it will just get cast away amongst many other un-used products! Need to stop being so bloody lazy.
    Im trying to build up my blusher collection but I get too attached to certain ones and refuse to look elsewhere. Just bought a mac cream blush which is nice, but not very pigmented.

  • the sanctuary facial oil sounds divine!! Wish i knew where to get it in canada.

  • i really love ThBalm products. they have very simple yet interesting packaging, plus the colors and texture of their products are really pretty. i have the hot mama ES/blusher. and like u i pretty much just use it as a blusher 😀

  • I’m in love with Frat Boy too, managed to track it down on ebay for £5! Love the packaging too, The Balm reminds me of a more affordable version of Benefit X

  • Love the garnier moisturising products, I have an apricot one with a tanning ingredient in it -it’s lovely but smells a little tan-ish after a few hours of having it on.

    Eda ♥

  • love the packaging of that blush! I have a lonely No.7 voucher in my purse, i think i know what to get now 😉 xoxo

  • Wow nice work on finding the Fix+ at the airport. I’ll do the same next time I fly, it’s a great product.

  • I love that Garnier mosituriser too! Hope you feel better soon X

  • I didn’t know that the Mac fix + was so cheap, I assumed as it was Mac it would be really expensive, I think I’ll try this out 🙂

  • really wanna try out the garnier gel cream 🙂 xx

  • Mac Fix + sounds great! I have the original version of that Garnier moisturiser and I swear by it, it’s great 🙂

  • Was never sure about the MAC Fix +, might have to try it

  • I bought the Garnier Cream but in the Mango Lotion version, it’s so lovely and smells beautiful! (: xxx