Review: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation.

I feel like I should have my own series at the moment, like Mythbusters but with makeup. I’ve coined the name Hypebusters for this elaborate series.
Moving swiftly on, I felt a review of this foundation was essential as I’ve had it since IMATS in February and haven’t really mentioned it a lot. To be absolutely truthful with you, I wasn’t at all impressed with it until recently (funny how these things change) and now I’ve really started to enjoy it.

This is a really talked about product, probably as it’s not readily available in UK stores (always makes everything more desirable!). I like this product as it does give really good coverage while still looking flawless, and the lasting power is great.
As always, I top up with a bit of powder to set and ensure I stay matte all day long.

Is it worth the hype? It’s a grower, that’s for sure. I wasn’t keen the first few times and I wouldn’t say it’s as full coverage as I’d like, but the finish is natural without looking heavy and it does look lovely on my skin. I wouldn’t say I’m overly buzzing about it, either. It’s a great foundation and probably one I’ll use for now and I may repurchase providing my skin stays okay!
I apply this either with a Sigma F80 brush or a Real Techniques buffing brush.

Have you tried this foundation? What were your thoughts?

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30 April, 2012
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30 April, 2012
  • I’ve heard so many great things about this foundation, but my issue was I wasn’t able to find a good color match for my yellow undertones.
    It looks beautiful on your skin, though!


  • This is one of those products that I want to try but there have been so many mixed reviews about it. A lot of people seem to have fallen for the hype but then not been overly impressed with it. I think that happens with a lot of products with a lot of hype surrounding them unfortunately. Luckily its not readily available in the UK or else I think I would have bought it by now x

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  • I also got this at the IMATS and amn’t too sure about it yet. Its a bit dying on my skin and the coverage is a bit mehh! Will wait for the revelation moment 😉 It looks lovely on you! x

  • I have tried it, I have gone through 2 bottles of it, and I keep going back to it, because in comparison to all other foundations I’ve tried, it is much smoother, much more natural looking on the skin, with medium coverage ( which is exactely what I need, because my skin doesn’t have many flaws). And I have tried Mac foundations, Dior foundations, Chanel and still come back to this one. And it is a perfect match for my pasty white skin.

  • Your make up looks beautiful, very lovely 🙂

  • I’ve not tried any Make Up Forever bits, its covetable nature does appeal to me. Coverage looks really lovely 🙂

  • I’ve not tried any Make Up Forever bits, its covetable nature does appeal to me. Coverage looks really lovely 🙂

  • I really like mixing it with Double Wear Light to increase the coverage but keep the ‘glowiness’!

  • I’ve never tried this foundation but I have heard a lot about it and seemed really good ! xx

  • Its funny how foundations sometimes grow on you.. I’ve had a few do that to, looks lovely on your skin though, stunning.

  • I have tried and I love it 🙂

  • What’s the consistency like? Would it be thick enough to cover blemishes well? Your skin looks perfect though 🙂

  • i bought this on holiday last year and now it’s ran out and i’m gutted! it’s perfect for my skin and looks flawless and lasts ages being oil free. big fan x

  • I have this one too and tell you the truth I wasn’t that impressed either… it emphasized dry patches on my skin and went flaky, but in photos looked absolutely amazing. I might give it a try again and see if I like it any better now than when I got mine last year.

  • Your skin looks amazing – flawless, even! I really want to try this out x

  • I’ve tried this foundation actually it used to be my favourite foundation I stoped using it because my skin is very sensitive and right now I’m trying to use products with as much natural ingredients as possible, apart from that it is an amazing foundation and I love the finish of it xx

  • i love this foundation. it’s really great for full coverage and makes your skin look amazing for photographs. the color matching is a bit weird tho, because the colors are scattered everywhere. but def love this product!

  • Your skin looks incredible! I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but it seems impossible to get my paws on. xo

  • I’ve read so many differing opinions on this one, some people love and others are somewhat indifferent. I guess it’s the kind of thing you have to try out for yourself.

  • I haven’t tried this. I ♥ MAC. The Benefit one is really nice too. x

  • Hmm I’ve heard some mixed reviews on this foundation, not sure I’ll be buying anytime soon X

  • I definitely agree that this is one of those products that you learn to love. I was disappointed with the coverage as well, but after I used a buffing brush to apply it I completely loved it! I have other foundations that I favor over this one, but I still like it quite a lot 🙂 !

  • im currently travelling the states, and for me it was a toss up between getting the mufe hd foundation or the laura mercier mineral foundation. after reading your post i think you’ve secured it for me that it isnt instant gratification what we all look for! (the hype of it haha).

    great blog!


  • Great post, this is one of my favourite foundations. It gives good coverage, looking natural. I love to apply this with the beautyblender.