Review: L’Occitane Limited Edition Pivoine Delicate Collection.

I love L’Occitane and it’s gorgeous scents and packagings, so when I was offered the chance to try out this range, I couldn’t help myself. 
Pivoine Delicate is a limited edition collection from the natural line of beauty products, I was sent the Hand Cream, the Eau de Toilette and Gloss Duo and the Shimmering Powder.

From the packaging, I knew I would love this range. The pink, chic boxes really stood out to me and I know I would have picked this up first if I saw it in store. 

The overall scent is gorgeous, really floral yet light and fresh. It has notes of peony and rose and lily of the valley which really stand out. Like all L’Occitane products, the scent isn’t too overwhelming, although I would say this probably isn’t to everyones tastes. 
The underlying base notes of white musk come out when the fragrance has settled, which really appeals to me. As L’Occitane products are all natural, and usually organic, the scent isn’t synthetic or chemically at all.
The hand cream comes in a lovely, easy to use tube which leaves little mess or waste. It absorbs quickly into my hands without feeling greasy or sticky and the scent lingers slightly leaving a lovely fresh smell.

The Eau de Toilette and Gloss Duo is one of my favourites from the collection, this will be so handy when I’m travelling. The gloss is a light, shimmery pink which isn’t sticky at all. I know I’ll be wearing this a lot.

Lastly, the shimmering powder, which has the best bottle! So classic and elegant, it looks lovely on my dressing table. This is a fine mist of iridescent, scented powder which can be applied to the hair and body. I think this will be nice used on the collar bones and shoulders for the evening. I’m in love with the bottle, it really is so gorgeous! 

What do you think of this range? 

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  • All the product must smell amazing! I’m sold to the packaging. Might make a cheeky order. x

  • Love L’Occitane, everything is yummy and so good on my skin. I love the Peony collection and the lavender hand cream!

  • these products look so cute, they must be just as great as they look.

  • I’ve received the hand cream, eau de toilette and lipstick and absolutely adore them all. They’re so beautiful and peony is my favourite scent too! The shimmering powder is definitely on my list!

  • I’ve never tried anything from L’Occitane but I’ve read so many good reviews about them. I’d probably get this JUST because the packaging is so pretty haha, easily persuaded!!
    I love floral scents though, so I reckon this is RIGHT up my street!

  • I love l’occitane! 🙂

  • mel

    I adore the packaging of this range, so beautiful xx

  • Lijken me fijne producten
    ik volg je trouwens via bloglovin, volg je me terug? xx

  • Looks SO pretty and girly, and I bet the quality is great as usual.

    Kyrie x

  • the packaging is soo cute!

  • wow, i LOVE the bottle for the shimmering powder, and the cardboard packaging is so cute! x

  • All the products have great packaging which attracts me instantly! I will have to have a nose at this stuff. I love L’Occitane 🙂

  • Having just purchased the L’Occitane supple skin oil and fallen in love this is definitely a brand I shall be purchasing more from in the future. In fact I was unaware despite visiting Bluewater almost every weekend that there is a store there so I will be excited to test this. The shimmering powder bottle looks to die for.

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  • They look so pretty, i bet they smell gorgeous too as alway!x

  • I love L’Occitane, and I’ll probably be getting that shimmer spray thingy! c:

  • the packaging is gorgeous xxx


  • HSK

    They look so pretty! I might have to go try the Duo out 🙂

  • Suc lovely, girly packaging!

  • Oh my god these look adorable – the shimmer powder is so cute!!! Does it just spray out powder?! xx

  • I love the L’Occitane range!

    Little Miss Sunshine

  • I love the shimmer dust soo pretty! *schedules trip to l’Occitane*

  • Fabulous ♥ ♥ all the products!!

  • Sounds perfect…maybe in the afternoon i will go to check it =)

    XOXO from MUNICH

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    La Vie Quotidienne

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  • such pretty packaging x

  • Oh my gosh! I really want this whole range!
    I adore L’Occitane but I promised to curb my spending for mortgage saving! Blahhhhhhh.
    Stupid responsibilities.


  • I can almost smell them through the screen! I’ve heard about these but haven’t tried them, they look so fantastic, definitely going to try them! xx

  • I absolutely love the cute packaging!
    Ive always adored their perfume collection 🙂

    The Fashion Cyclist

  • looks amazing!
    packaging is glorious!

  • Beautiful packaging!

  • The packaging wins it – and I love the colour of the duo 🙂

    Fashion Blog – Lela London

  • I’m so in love with that shimmering powder bottle! It’s a lovely idea too… I’m tempted to try it! xx