Review: Liz Earle Brightening Mask & Hot Cloth Cleanser.


I’ve been using Liz Earle products for some time now, I first used the Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser probably over a year ago and I’ve been loyal ever since.
I regularly use this product in the evening to cleanse my skin of makeup and other dirt and I think it does a great job of removing everything whilst also keeping skin soft and reducing blemishes.
I do get the odd spot here and there, I’ve always had problem skin and I have no idea what causes it or helps it so I can’t really say if this product helps at all as I tend to use my skincare products in cycles, but I think Cleanse and Polish agrees with my skin and I’ve been using it for a while now so it certainly helps keep my skin in good condition otherwise.

To use this, I apply one or two pumps to dry skin in the evening. I wet the muslin cloth with warm water and place over my face for about 30 seconds and then use to gently remove makeup and exfoliate skin in circles. I use this over my eyes also and have no problem with it as it’s so gentle.
I think this is a great product and it removes all makeup (although I tend to take off my eye makeup first or do a double cleanse).

I’ve recently been using the Liz Earle Brightening Mask as an added extra to give my sometimes dull skin a boost. I usually use clay masks as I think they do a lot more for my skin, but once or twice a week I will pat on this Brightening Mask to give my skin a bit of radiance. I do notice a difference with this product, it’s a quick and easy way to make skin look more awake but I do use a more potent (usually clay) mask for a deep cleanse also.
I saw that Ruth often mixes Cleanse and Polish with the Brightening Mask and leaves for 30 seconds before wiping off as usual. I’ve been doing this occasionally in the mornings when I don’t have eye makeup to remove as it’s a great way to skip a few steps and still have cleansed, radiant skin.

Overall, I’m a loyal Liz fan – the products are always excellent quality and I’m yet to find something I don’t like.
What do you think of Liz Earle products?


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  • Ou will have to look into getting this too.

    I am a Liz Earle fan myself, I recently invested in the Face Exfoliator but seeing how that goes.

    Nice to see a fellow LE fan.


  • I have recently bought the cleanse and polish and abs. love it! I really want to try more products xx

  • I’m a fan of the cleanse and polish also but I haven’t tried the brightening mask so may have to give this a go! Is the clay mask you use also liz earle?

    Katharine x

  • I constantly hear such good things about the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish but when I tried it, it brought my skin out literally in pus-ey boils (um, nice). I really want to try some of their other products but I’m scared that they may have the same effect! It’s a shame really as the Brightening Treatment Mask sounds fab x

  • I really need to check Liz Earle out. I hear good things all the time!

  • I swear by Liz Earle products, I think these are my favourites and I also love the facial exfoliator!
    Ashleigh x

  • I’m a hug fan of all Liz Earle products and have been using them for about five years, I know what you mean about the brightenin treatment – its a lot more subtle than other products but its so nice and you never react from it! have a lovely evening! x

  • Just found your blog, and I am loving it!!! You look like Katy Perry + Zooey Deschanel… pretty! 🙂

  • I always go back and forth between Liz Earle and other products, can never make my mind up! Love your posts 😀

  • I’m not exagerating when I say this, but I absolutely love Liz Earle products, I think they are amazing, they are the best product I have used on my skin. The cleanse and polish cleans your face of all make up wonderfully.
    I would be lost without my products.

    Jess x

  • I use both these products. I think LE products are amaze, they have a high end feel about them without breaking the bank.

  • this post has come just at the right time as i’m needing a new skin regime and was wondering whether i should get liz earle or not and i think i will! thank you!

  • The more I read about Liz Earle the more I want them!! I will definitely have to get the hot cloth cleanser and maybe pick up a moisturiser too!

  • Oh I liked Liz Earle a lot when I used to use them. This looks so so good though.


  • I love Liz Earle stuff. I use both of these products and adore them, my skin has definitely been in better condition since discovering Cleanse & Polish. Eyebright is my latest purchase and it’s a life saver for puffy eyes brought on by hayfever or late nights.

  • I have recently bought the Clarisonic and I think this compliment it well as a once a week treatment (maybe a stupid ques but do you put the cloth through the wash when you have used it?!)


  • i liked Liz Earle a lot…..Super COOL Post.



    I’m waiting U.

    New N E L L Y HEELS in:

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

  • Love Liz Earle products. The super skin concentrate is amongst my favourites alongside cleanse & polish and super skin moisturiser. The concentrate smells AMAZING. Oh and can’t forget the body wash – so nice xx

  • I love the Liz Earle products! They are always such good quality and always do a good job i think! 🙂

  • There is a free tester kit of this with Red this month, I think I might try it out because everyone seems to really love this product and I haven’t tried LE before. xx

  • I’m a big fan of seaweed masks and clay masks and have yet to really invest in a good brightening cream or mask. I may check these products out. Thanks!

  • This has done it for me, off to buy the clense and polish!
    Great post.