Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

After all the hype surrounding this foundation, I decided to purchase it earlier this year to see what all the fuss was about. I like a medium to full coverage foundation buffed in really well and one that stays all day without looking cakey.
I’ve heard mixed reviews about this foundation, especially regarding the “ghost face” it apparently gives due to the SPF, but I’ve never experienced this (I’m pale anyway so I suppose it doesn’t matter).Double Wear is a “stay in place” foundation which is lightweight, provides a natural finish and lasts up to 12 hours. I think this is the perfect description for this product, it provides excellent coverage without looking too heavy (providing you buff it in well) and lasts all day without transferring or separating.
I don’t require a top up during the day, although as my skin is a little on the oily side, I usually add a touch of powder to my T-Zone.This has been my perfect foundation over the last few months and I’ve recently purchased another bottle. It’s perfect for me in terms of coverage, lasting power and finish and I’m yet to find something that works for me better than this. My skin hasn’t been great recently but this foundation really covers all without looking like a mask. I love the natural finish that it gives which is slightly more matte while still looking flawless.

I am shade 1N1 (Ecru) but I recommend that you get matched up. I’ve been using this since January and my first bottle is almost empty (I think, I can’t tell how much is in there which is annoying but it’s feeling lighter) and that’s after a fair bit spilt in my makeup bag, so it does last quite some time as I wear this every day. I apply it with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and buff it in well to give a flawless base.

Overall, this is the perfect foundation if you like medium to full coverage which stays all day. You only need a small amount and buffed in it creates a natural base which lasts all day.

What are your thoughts on this foundation?

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14 April, 2012
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  • I use the same shade of DW, picked it up in December and I’ve never thought about trying another foundation since! I really love it. To be honest though, Ecru isn’t quite pale enough for me, but it’ll do! xx

  • I have the maximum coverage double wear one and it’s amazing, though I only wear it for nights out, this might be a good purchase for a day to day one 🙂

  • oo this review makes me consider it.. i prefer light to medium coverage, but the fact you can use the product sparingly appeals to me, as does the flawless finish.. but to be honest i’m suppose to be writing an essay so have no idea why i am thinking about this right now! heeheee :]

  • This is my favourite foundation, lasting power and coverage are fab. I only wish i had found out about this foundation sooner tbh, to me it is well worth the price tag!

  • I love this stuff, though after a while found it quite cakey! Amazingly, I prefer the maximum cover one, which somehow doesn’t seem as bad, maybe because the absolute tiniest amount is needed?!


  • I have been using EL double wear for the past year! I am the same shade as you ( I am also a pale gal)and I think this is amazing. I have alot of freckles and I find that this is the only foundation for me that gives good coverage, without being cakey and actually has the STAYING POWER that is needed! it definitely does what it says on the tin! lol 🙂 Even though this is quite pricey, I was previously using a rimmel foundation and I found that it was actually CHEAPER to but an EL once every 3-4 months ( cause it really does last me that long) than it was buying a rimmel every 2 weeks.

    I would recommend this to anyone! Brilliant review Kate! Love you

  • This is my holy grail foundation too, works all year round.

  • I was matched to Ecru but I found it slightly too peachy for me, so my initla thoughts of double wear were jaded slightly. I then matched myself to shell and bought a bottle of it and I love it! I use my real techniques brush to buff it in and it looks so natural and flawless and lasts such a long time.

    I mainly use the maximum cover one on a daily basis though, not because I prefer it but because it’s in a squeezy tube it makes it much easier to apply on a daily basis before work. I find them both much the same (I buff the maximum cover one in well anyway so the coverage difference is minimal), only the maximum cover one doesn’t last as long. xx

  • This is my perfect foundation too, although I have started mixing it with a little bit of Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser just to get the perfect colour for me. My bottle is about to finish, but I don’t know whether to get another one of try the Estee Lauder new invisible range. Decisions, decisions!! xx

  • I’m shocked to read that yours is almost empty! My bottle lasted for almost a year and I also used it daily!

  • Ou I’m the same decided to try this foundation due to all the hype, I found the double wear a bit too cakey and so opted for the light double wear which is perfecto! Although I do wonder if I just needed to buff the doublewear in more to make it less cakey. But great foundation definitely lasts all day! Xx

  • I really want to try this foundation but I’m terrified to splash out on new foundations in case they’re awful. Time to go ask for a sample so I can trial it! x

  • That foundations sounds great! I’m in need of a new liquid foundation and have oily skin, too, so I may give this one a shot next time I’m out shopping.

    x Michelle |

  • This is possibly my favourite foundation! I don’t have to re-apply at all! This is such a great review! xx

  • I went to get swatted for this yesterday but there was no-one on EL counter! Gutted. Really want to get some of this.

  • I would never change from Double Wear – the coverage is amazing. Can’t believe you get through a bottle in a few months though – mine lasts 6 months and I wear it every day!

  • i really need to try this now!
    amazing review!! xxx

  • M

    I thought about buy it, but I like my moles to show up perfectly so I didn’t buy it. Then I discovered Double Wear Light and I jumped of joy in the middle of Sephora.
    My skin is oily with an eventual dry patch and I LOVE this foundation. I pad it into the skin with my fingers, so the dry areas don’t get flaky, and buff a little the T-zone with my Sigma F82. Awesome finish.


  • This is my favourite foundation, I love it xx

  • Following your review, this will be my next foundation purchase. Thanks. x

  • I agree – complete miracle worker,

    Rosie x

  • Anonymous

    I found this foundation to be quite drying, its better suited for oily skins. I sometimes add it to chanel vitalumiere to cover redness, but other than that I have to say it was quite disappointing!

  • I have the maximum cover version, which I adore but gives an awful case of ghost face! I’d like to try this one; if it’s the one you’ve been wearing in your photos, I definitely want to give it a shot because it looks so lovely!

    Emily Wears Things

  • I got matched up the other day and have been using a tester I really like it but I never really spend much on foundation so I’m a bit apprehensive- I won some real techniques brushes the other day so think I’ll try applying it with that before I make my decision. & argh I hate it when foundation bottles do that, I like to be able to squeeze out every last bit and get my moneys worth!! x

  • ooh this sounds lovely xxx

  • Great review, this one is still on my wishlist. I do like the double wear concealer so I’m looking forward to try out the foundation.

  • i’ve been um-ing and ahh-ing over this foundation for a while but you may have just convinced me to buy it! but you’ve worried me about the ‘ghost-face’! :s xx

  • been hearing a lot about this foundation and all thoughts seem to say that this is worth the buck, i should probably head out and give it a shot too.

  • This is so great!!! I’ll definitely try it 😀

  • I like this but as I am so pale I find it makes me look a bit like a pocleain doll, which is nice on nights out and things, but I’m not so keen on everyday!

  • HSK

    This is going on my list to buy after my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua has run out! 🙂

  • It’s definitely about time I purchased this!

  • I really want to try this, I’ve heard great things about it! x

  • I’m currently using the MUA BB cream for day to day wear but I absolutely swear by the maximum wear for evenings out, I have bad acne scarring and this foundation covers it completely, it makes me feel so confident x

  • New With Hashtags

    I was sooo impressed with the Estee Lauder Double Wear! Seriously it’s been amazing for me. I’ve got oily skin, but it just stayed put all day, but it didn’t look unnatural or ‘caked on’.

    See my review here:

    I’ll be reviewing the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light soon too!

  • This has to be hands down the best foundation I have ever used! It is the only foundation that doesnt break down on my face by lunchtime. It looks smooth on the skin and doesnt settle into my pores at all, infact it airbrushes them to extinction! Yay!!