NARS Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush.

(wearing MAC Desert Rose blush on top)

I bought this NARS highlighter recently (see more detail in my new video) as I’m a massive fan of NARS products, I have two of their blushes (soon to be three…) which are Orgasm and Deep Throat and they are my most used products.
I love wearing highlighter, it really adds so much – if you’re after a glowing, naturally flawless complexion I always think you’re on to a winner with highlighter. I don’t have the best skin, but I always seem to get compliments on it, and this is usually down to the boost that highlighter gives me.

I prefer powder highlighters to liquid, for my cheeks anyway. I apply this after foundation but before my blusher – I find this gives the most natural result. I only really apply this to my cheeks, and very lightly. Sometimes I apply it down my nose and run the brush around my face to give a bit more of a glow but I don’t really find it necessary.
I only use liquid highlighters (like Benefits Highbeam) on my brow bone etc. but save a powder for my cheeks.
This highligher is a sort of gold-beige, at first I found it was rather glittery, but I think this was just the top layer as I’ve swatched it a few times since and found that it’s just a really fine highlighter which leaves a lovely, natural glow to my cheeks. I always feel like highlighters go well with any blusher, I chose a matte one today because I felt like it should have been a sparkle overload otherwise!

Overall, another winner from NARS! I love all their products, and their shades (although there’s not many of them) are all so gorgeous. I think I’ll try Albatross after this as I do want to try more of their highlighters.
This product was meant to be a Limited Ed. but I think it has gone into the main collection as it’s on the NARS website!

What do you think of this NARS highlighter?

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6 March, 2012
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  • you look beautiful, such a good review x

  • I’ve only ever used liquid highlighters too. This sounds good though!

  • gosh, your so so pretty! 🙂
    I’ve never tried a NARS product before; they look so amazing though!A blush would definitely be a good place to start 🙂 xo

  • Your make up looks really lovely here, and I love the detail on your collar. Great view, seem like brilliant products as to be expected from NARS!

  • Your blush/highlighting always looks so amazing! I’ve not got any powder highlighters so a NARS one would be a very good start xx


  • bea

    I absolutely love your collar tips. 🙂

  • rae

    i really quite like this highlighter. it looks great on you. i usually use highlighters for my nose and chin and a bit on my forehead, not so much on my cheeks. for this reason i usually use something skin toned and not as pink as this color, but this would be perfect for the cheeks. also, just wanted to say your skin looks amazing in general!

    <3 rae

  • Ah you posted this at the wrong time – it’s gorgeous but I’ve literally just placed an order for four of their blushes! I may have to make another sneaky order in a few weeks.

    I’m really getting into highlighters at the moment. I have moonbeam but i want to get more! It looks gorgeous on you. xx

  • Have always gone for liquid highlighters but this looks so amazing on you – one for the wish list! 🙂

  • This looks beautiful. I’m a big fan of Albatross and I think I need to try this next. x

  • Ah! This makes your skin look incredible and it looks so natural! I can’t go a day without wearing highlighter so I’ll add this one to my wish list :)x

  • I love what highlighter adds to my makeup, I love the glowing finish! This looks so pretty, definitely on my wish list

  • This looks really nice 🙂 x

  • Looks really good!
    What do do you have on your eyes? Really compliments the cheeks!

  • This is so pretty on you! I have Dior Amber Diamonds, but I wont repurchase it because I think it makes my face look shiny and not glowy.. this looks amazing though 🙂 xxx

  • I love your cheeks here. They’re what I’m always trying to acheive.
    If you feel up to it, it would be great to see a video of how you do your face routine, specifically your cheeks.


  • Looks really cute on you 😉

  • This looks really good on you! It’s definitely one I would think about trying after reading this, another item to add to the pay day wish list 🙂

    great review, xoxo

  • you look so beautiful xx

  • I was put off buying this because of the glitter, but if it is just an overlay i may check it out again. You always have such lovely make up. x

  • I’ve always stayed away from highlighter because I don’t have the best skin and I thought it would highlight my flaws but I’ve never thought of trying it under my blusher before. Thanks for the tip!


  • this is stunning, I love highlighters but never really tried a powder one. I have just had a really moment of embarrassment when I realised that I have subconsciously ripped off your banner, using the same font as you. must must must spend the day changing that. cringe. sorry 🙂

  • so pretty! I love Nars products! I would love to try this.

  • This highlighter is a must have for me, I’m obsessed with highlighters. x

  • thats a lovely colour!
    please check out my blog xo

  • really pretty colour!

  • I love nars, this highlighter looks lovely!

  • May I just say your collar and ring are amazing! xo

  • This really suits you ! It gives such a glow ! xx

  • Never tried NARS, all I have is one of their nail polishes. But I’m really interested after seeing this review 😀 What would you recommend for someone trying them out for the first time?

    Devon xx

  • This looks gorgeous, I much prefer powder highlighters for my cheeks! X

  • Anonymous

    ooh I am totally addicted to highlighters! I also prefer powder over liquid for my cheeks. My favorite highlighter is definitely Too Chic by MAC – actually it looks quite similar to Miss Liberty!

  • Anonymous

    Love your eyeshadow! What is it?

  • I love Benefit’s High Beam. This looks great on you
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  • I love NARS blush and highlighters, just not the price! The blush looks great on you. Can definitely recommend Albatross though I’m mega pale which is why I love it.

  • This looks gorgeous! You suit your hair darker too 🙂 xx

  • that is such a gorgeous color on you!

    The Fashion Cycle

  • omg,i love your shirt you’re wearing, where is it from? great blogpost xx

  • I love that highlighter! Is it all you’re wearing on your cheeks in the photo?xx

  • i love my nars albatross highlighter, but definatly want to give this a try! xxx

  • I orderes miss liberty instead of albatross. Can’t wait to review it on my blog! 🙂