Review: Malin + Goetz Acne Treatment.

I, like most, am prone to the occasional spot especially when I’m run down or haven’t been eating/sleeping properly. I wouldn’t say I have acne, I just get the odd spot here and there a couple of times a month.
Most of my skincare is for combination skin type, but I don’t really use any products for “acne prone skin” as it’s not really for me and I find it tends to make my skin worse.

I’ve been using this for a couple of years now, I don’t use it a lot – just when I have a blemish that needs to be treated. This little wonder is made up of sulphur (to dry out the spot), salicylic acid (to exfoliate skin and open pores) as well as zinc oxide to minimise scarring – all suspended in alcohol.
This is the best spot treatment I’ve tried, it works over night to ensure the blemish is dramatically reduced (or gone!) by morning without trying. I’ve used other products before, such as those which contain benzoyl peroxide, which have really dried out my skin and made it so much worse so this really is a miracle product.

I use a clean cotton bud to apply the white solution (not the alcohol, this just ensures the product doesn’t dry out – you can add vodka or whatever alcohol to top this up should it run low) to the affected area. It dries to a white sort of clay which can be washed away in the morning. I sometimes also apply this in the morning if the area is still quite red and just rub away the white dried bit.
My only negative comments would be that this smells very strong, thankfully not like sulphur but a very strong chemical smell. It goes rather quickly and it doesn’t bother me, personally.

This is the ideal spot treatment, the best I’ve tried and a firm favourite of mine. At £16.50 this is slightly more expensive than you’d expect for a very small jar but I assure you it’s very much worth it, especially if you’re prone to whiteheads. I’d say a jar lasts quite a while, but it depends how much you use it! My first bottle lasted about 8 months, which works out quite well when you think about it.

Has anyone else tried this treatment? What do you use to clear up blemishes?

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  • ooh this sounds good! The last spot cream I tried actually burnt my skin xx

  • This is really interesting because it sounds like my skin is very similar to yours. Where do you usually buy this from? xxx

  • I use PanOxyl but this looks great! x

  • This look great. I use Freederm and i thought that was expensive at £5-6 especially as the tube is tiny. Your skin always looks great in photos so it must be worth a try! X

  • I’m genuinely running out to buy that tomorrow! I got acne cream from the doctor for my “stress chin” as I like to call it, and the ingredients are so scary. Thank you xxx

  • I too get the occassional spot. Stess/sleeping patterns/poor diet etc all affect my skin. I think I might just try this. Thanks!

  • You have really great skin so this must be amazing, defiantly going to give it a try xx

  • Sounds like I have similar skin to you-combination with the odd blemish so this sounds so so brill! Those odd blemishes really bug me and I always want to touch and pick and squeeze (lovely) so is would definitely be worth it for me, thanks for sharing!

  • You have a way of convincing myself I need things when I don’t, but I do love this 😉 xoxo

  • I get the occasional spot or two as well. And usually comes when I don’t sleep or eat like I should…but I haven’t found a good spot treament for my skin type, I might give this a go…
    xo Smitty

  • st ives apricot scrub is great for your skin!

  • does this really work? i try not to use any form of cream. i just use a garnier face wash which i believe helps clear skin, the one with cucumber it exfoliates all the dead skin and it smells fresh too

  • I might try this, my skin is so frustrating, it isn’t awful but I get the odd spot quite often. Great review, I hope to try this out soon! x


  • Bookmarked this post because I had a really bad breakout last week. I’m using Benefit Boo Boo Zap! at the moment during the day, but an overnight treatment like this really looks like something I need to add to my spot-tackling arsenal.
    Definitely gonna try it out when I get some money. Cheers for sharing 😀
    Devon x

  • It looks good. For it’s lasts so long then it’s not too bad value for money. But I think I’d try anything and everything!

  • Never heard of this but really fancy trying it 🙂 x

  • Ellen

    This sounds awesome! Right now I’m just using the Origins Super Spot Remover which I quite like but I may have to give this a try as well!

    xx Ellen

  • Definitely wouldn’t advise topping up with vodka or any alcohol as recommended. They have sugars in that will inflame the skin. Just use pure alcohol, you can get it from most pharmacies/drugstores and is much cheaper too.