Review: Chanel Blush Horizon De Chanel.

Chanel Blush Horizon De Chanel – £46

This is definitely the most expensive blusher I own! I wouldn’t have looked twice at this and the price tag except I had something to take back to Boots that I didn’t have the receipt for, so I had to choose something then and there and this was the only thing I wanted.

It’s made with the horizon in mind, the colours of the sun setting from dawn til dusk. I absolutely adore the varying shades of pink and the soft sheen of the highlighter. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to use this as it’s so beautiful and I know I’ll never have another one, but it’s too beautiful not to use!

As you would expect with a Chanel product, the quality is incredible. The shades really come together to create a wonderful pop of pink with the most brilliant sheen. It applies so well and blends to create such a beautiful flush. I think it looks lovely against my fair skin and dark hair, especially when I pair it with pink lips.

Chanel say  To create a soft fresh look, gently sweep across all of the blush shades as a harmony and sculpt the face using the beveled brush. For a healthy glow add just a touch of the pink shade to your cheekbones and temples. Create a sun-kissed glowing complexion with the peach shades.” 
Personally, I just swirl the shades together but i might try using the different shades as I like the sound of the more peachier colours on their own.

Obviously the price is a slight issue, but this is a gorgeous product that I feel lucky to have. I’m unsure if I would really part with £46 for it as that seems very steep, even for this beauty. 
However, I have spied Horizon De Chanel in the up and coming co-buys on Buyapowa so watch this space!
What do you think of this product? Would you fork out £46 for it?

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