Review: Chanel Blush Horizon De Chanel.

Chanel Blush Horizon De Chanel – £46

This is definitely the most expensive blusher I own! I wouldn’t have looked twice at this and the price tag except I had something to take back to Boots that I didn’t have the receipt for, so I had to choose something then and there and this was the only thing I wanted.

It’s made with the horizon in mind, the colours of the sun setting from dawn til dusk. I absolutely adore the varying shades of pink and the soft sheen of the highlighter. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to use this as it’s so beautiful and I know I’ll never have another one, but it’s too beautiful not to use!

As you would expect with a Chanel product, the quality is incredible. The shades really come together to create a wonderful pop of pink with the most brilliant sheen. It applies so well and blends to create such a beautiful flush. I think it looks lovely against my fair skin and dark hair, especially when I pair it with pink lips.

Chanel say  To create a soft fresh look, gently sweep across all of the blush shades as a harmony and sculpt the face using the beveled brush. For a healthy glow add just a touch of the pink shade to your cheekbones and temples. Create a sun-kissed glowing complexion with the peach shades.” 
Personally, I just swirl the shades together but i might try using the different shades as I like the sound of the more peachier colours on their own.

Obviously the price is a slight issue, but this is a gorgeous product that I feel lucky to have. I’m unsure if I would really part with £46 for it as that seems very steep, even for this beauty. 
However, I have spied Horizon De Chanel in the up and coming co-buys on Buyapowa so watch this space!
What do you think of this product? Would you fork out £46 for it?

NOTE: You can also see this blush in this post.

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  • I’ve been eyeing this blush up for ages, but can’t justify the price :/

  • Ouch £46 :-/ big price tag but that blush looks absolutely gorg..esp on you kate :)I wouldnt pay that much for it though!1
    P.S I Love your shirt!!
    Hope your well !!

  • I’d definitely buy it … in duty free!! haha I travel quite a bit so I’m always in the Chanel section in airports, the Bronze Universal was only £24 compared to £30something in boots! amazing! can’t believe how gorgeous and precious this looks! i’d probably be too scared to use it, too though! xx

  • it looks SO gorgeous but £46 is so much to pay! saying that if i was having a bad day I’d probably think “sack it” and buy it anyway. loving your videos lately by the way! x

  • That blush is amazing!!!
    eeeek for that much i think i would just sit and look at it all day haha xxx

  • That looks absolutely beautiful on you? What are you wearing on your lips and nails?

  • I really love this blush, but I can’t justify the price tag and even though its so pretty I don’t think the colour is unique. I still want it so much though. haha. x

  • Evi

    Ooooh what a gorgeous blush! Have fun wearing it, hun 😉

  • I too have some Boots credit to use up and am seriously contemplating this blush, but worry it is a bit similar to stuff I already have 🙁 It looks absolutely stunning on you though, so maybe I will risk it! xo

  • Zoe

    I keep seeing this but like you, never been tempted because of the price! Cant wait for it on buyapowa, the colour looks so pretty on you! x

  • Very pretty… such a shame about the prize! Treasure it! I’ll be interested to see how much this will be on Buyapowa x

  • Looks lovely on you. I want some Chanel products, I like the luxurious feel of them!

  • I really want this it looks beyond gorgeous! <3

  • This is so pretty, I really want it but am unsure i should be spending this much on blusher at the moment.

  • it looks so good on your skin, suits you perfectly 😀 i love the colour of it 🙂 xxx

  • I never feel guilty about buying Chanel products, and when I have some extra money it’s always what I go for. Quality over quantity in my opinion.

    This looks lovely and adds a really nice natural glow to your cheeks. I hope I can pick it up soon!

  • Before I started using their foundation, I never thought I’d spend the money for Chanel makeup. However, the foundation is so fantastic I’m now looking into investing in the pressed powder and the primer. I think I would be tempted by this, then, if I were not completely dedicated to Benefit’s Sugarbomb!

  • that is wayyy to expensive for a blusher!

  • What’s the brush like? I know some brushes that come with blushes can end up being a bit crap, but as it’s Chanel I’m hoping that this one was up to par?
    Devon x

  • This blush looks incredible on you, worth every penny!

  • You get what you pay for – I bet it lasts for ages! A lot of money, yes indeed but if it lasts longer than other products then you get your money back. It’s beautiful on you xx

  • Wow, this looks lovely on you!

  • so beautiful xx

  • I have a Chanel blush I got as a present, I use it every day. Love it! This looks gorgeous 🙂 x

  • As beautiful as that is I don’t think it will be in my make up bag unless i win the lotto!

  • The blusher is quite pricey but it looks gorgeous on you! So pretty!

  • Amy

    Such a gorgeous colour!

  • Looks beautiful, but would kick myself for spending nearly 50quid on a blush x

  • rae

    thanks for the review. this color looks absolutely stunning on you, and you are right, the quality of the product is beautiful. i cannot judge the quality of its application since i do not own it myself, but i trust you. i am just so impressed with the packaging and design – even the way the horizontal lines of the powder sit in the pan. great product 🙂

    <3 rae

  • OMG this blush is just perfect for you! you look so so pretty! 🙂

  • I’ve had my eye on this blusher for ages, but the price tag is putting me off, I’m waiting for it to pop up on buyapowa. Looks great on you xx

  • Eeeek the thought of £46 for a blusher just made my eyes water! That said, it looks beautiful in the pan and looks perfect on your cheeks…just not sure that near on £50 is something I’d be willing to part with! x

  • This looks like a gorgeous product and very pretty on you but I don’t think I could justify the hefty price! :/ X

  • this looks like such a pretty shade. I love pinks like this!

  • You look stunning, such a pretty blush too. I am a new follower x

  • Don’t think I could ever explain how much I LOVE this blog. This Chanel blusher us amazing, I think every lady dreams of this! xxxx

  • Your make up is so so so nice!

  • This blush is gorgeous! Think I may have to wait for a lottery win though 🙁 x

  • I have this blush, it took me a while to start using it as I was more in love with my Dior Rosy Glow.. However, I now adore the peachy shades swirled!

  • This blush looks stunning but I’m not sure if I could justify £46! Looks so nice on the skin though …