Pearl Collar.

Dress (as top) – Romwe (sold out) * 
Jumper – H&M
Skirt – H&M
Lipstick – MAC Creme Cup 
My outfit for London Fashion Week yesterday, I actually asked Lily to take some pictures there but I didn’t really like them! Soz Lily. 
Yesterday was great fun, Lily, Emma and I had a look around and met up with a few others. We spent the afternoon in the Glam Suite with Zoe, Anna & Jen which was so much fun. 
I’ve been pretty busy lately, as you have probably seen from my last post, so I haven’t outfit posted in a while. 
I’ve had a lot of interest in this dress (with the pearl collar), but it looks like it’s been sold out from the Romwe website! Keep checking back, they might get it in again!

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  • I love it, you did look lovely when I saw you!

  • This is gorgeous! Love the collar. You look lovely x

  • I love the dress you’ve worn as a top, i hope they restock it, its so so adorable!

    rachelpan xo

  • You look gorgeous. I hope everyone doesnt go mental about your hair again, you dont look different but you do look pretty! As usual. Haha I love how you talk about being so busy then on twitter you claim not to know what a life is, its much more exciting than mine 😉 xxx

  • The dress/jumper combo works so well, I love doing this.

    e x

  • I really love your outfit !

  • The dress is so cute and I love how you’ve styled it 🙂

  • love this look, very cute but edgy at the same time 🙂


  • gorgeous, and the love that skirt. 🙂 glad you had fun yesterday. xx

  • This is such a cute outfit. I tried that skirt recently & it really didnt suit me, so i’m very jelous that it looks so good on you! x x

  • you look great I love you’r hair tied up!

    Carmen xx

  • You look lovely xx

  • I LOVE the dress! I really hope they restock it! You look great


  • Sooo cute 😉

  • Very cute!

  • It’s such a shame that dress has sold out! You look lovely though! xx

  • Loving the pearls, looks great as a top! x

  • can’t believe that dress has sold out! it’s gorgeous, and so are you!

  • Ah, the pearl collar looks super cute poking out of that jumper 🙂

    Rosie x

  • Anonymous

    You are so beautiful but i wish you would list the other make up you wear too other than lipstick. xx

  • love your outfit, hair and make up as always!

  • I love it! It look so chic but with an edge due to the leather skirt. Love!! The pearl collar is also beautiful! xxx

  • I love the top. Your makeup looks flawless!

  • you look so beautiful! love the pearl collar


  • This looks really lovely! Love the leather skirt and the dress, so pretty! xx

  • Lovely outfit 🙂
    The pearl detail is lovely, and with the skirt looks fab
    Glad you had a good time x

  • You always look great! I love the pearl detail to the dress, its gorgeous


  • such a cute outfit, the pearls are so pretty x

  • I love the peaking peter pan collar, you make-up looks so flawless, beautiful photographs!

  • Meg

    pretty! x

  • I love this outfit! I want that skirt so much, I can never find it in my size!xx

  • Such a lovely dress! you look great!

  • Looking fab as always! I absolutely love the collar of that shirt 🙂 Glad to hear you had a great time at LFW!

  • Love Love Love the pearl collar! It looks rgreat with the jumper and skirt! Really love the pearl collar idea, might try and create something like that xxx

  • I love collars at the moment; especially embellished ones! This outfit looks great on you and I adore your leather skirt. You are so pretty xxx

  • Loving the outfit ! xx

  • Bek

    You look lovely and I love the way you’ve styled the dress! xx

  • I love a detailed collar!

    Natalie x
    Trying To Make Fetch Happen

  • LV

    Love the outfit!x

  • I love it! the collar is amazing!

  • you look fab, the collar is really cute! xxx

  • ADORABLE. I love this!

  • wow, that collar! it’s amazing! as is this whole outfit! i love how you’ve layered a dress, a jumper and a skirt! i’d never have thought to do something like that, i really love it! also, i’m so very jealous that you got to go to london fashion week! X

  • love this outfit so much! and don’t know why people get a shock when you tie your hair up – its lovely! x

  • Sweet outfit! You can always DIY a pearl collar as I saw on someone’s blog a while back, so there is still hope for the rest of us lol

    Jade x

  • I love your dress, hope you have fun at LFW 🙂

  • love your outfit 🙂 x

  • Lovely outfit, you look really pretty! X

  • what makeup are you wearing in this post? you look really pretty

  • what makeup are you wearing in this post? you look really pretty

  • That skirt is gorgeous! xx

    Having a MAC Giveaway if your interested xx

  • rae

    i think these photos look lovely! love your outfit! you have such fantastic eyes as well! so blue and big!

    <3 rae

  • You look lovely! Have enjoyed your LFW tweets – my timeline has been filled with LFW news, and pics. The more the better! I wish I was there! x

  • so girly and pretty!

  • So pretty, absoloutly love the pearl embellishment!

    Eda ♥

  • Really cute!
    What actually stands out to me are your lashes! What mascara/ false lashes (?) did you use? (make up addict much?)

  • your face is flawless! love the subtle polka dot detail


  • Beautiful simple outfit! Love the pearls with the black and grey xo

  • Wow I love your skirt 🙂 I love the leather-look with the pearls x

  • You are so adorable! I love your outfit, edgy and girlie all in one.
    xoox Debby

  • Look at those eyes! You look gorgeous xx

    The Londoner

  • really pretty makeup- fresh and flawless 🙂

  • love the pearl collar!