Benefit Hervana Blusher.

I’ve already done a small review on this here, but I thought I would blog about it fully as there’s a lot of hype surrounding it at the moment! I attended an amazing Benefit event last week, which was the launch of Hervana. It was an amazing night and we even got a Hervana blush to take away.

I love absolutely everything about this blush, the packaging is beautiful and the colours just look gorgeous. To be honest, I wondered how this would look on me as I usually wear rosy pink blushers.
I’m wearing it in this post, and I think it looks really good on me and a nice change from the pinks you usually see me wearing.
My face looks slightly contoured and glowing.

Benefit blushers aren’t cheap (although I think they work out as being better value for money than most) but they are one of my favourite brands and they look lovely on my dressing table.
I think it’s definitely a blusher to have in your collection!

Has anyone else tried Benefits Hervana?

* Free sample from an event.

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  • i bought hervana last weekend,and i can safely say i love it 🙂 x

  • i haven’t tried this but it looks lovely on you and i agree that they are worth the money, a good blush is so hard to find x

  • Benefit blushers are my all time fave… i think the gorgeous packaging helps too!!!

    Really want to add Hervana to my collection but im affraid i need to wait for payday 🙁
    The colours in this blush are lovely!!!

  • This is really tempting for me to buy pity Benefit are not cruelty free :(((

  • I have heard a lot of great things about benefit blushes! I might pick one up pretty soon!


  • I was so tempted to buy it last weekend but managed to steer myself away from the Benefit counter.. I feel a bit gutted now as it’s gorgeous! X

  • Oh I love the look of this, Benefit blushers are always so gorgeous! I really want to try this, along with the Chanel eyeshadow you posted about. I can hear my bank balance sighing xx

  • this looks lush xx

  • I haven’t tried this but I really like benefit Coralista as it smells gorgeous! I want to try this but I do think they are pretty expensive! x

  • The colours are gorgeous! I’ve never tried any Benefit products before, mainly because of the price, but I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews on them and the packaging is adorable. Perhaps they’d be worth the investment xxx

  • I love the sound of all benefit blushers, but the price puts me off as i am a student…

  • I really want to try this, looks gorgeous!

    Also, I just thought I’d let you know I’m giving away a Clarisonic Mia on my blog! I’d love it if you could check it out on my blog. You can gain up to 10 entries! Here’s a link xx

  • I want to try this out but I just have so many blushes I don’t think I need another!

  • UMM, Jealous. I love this shade, i’m going to have to purchase. Currently waiting for it to come on sale on Buyapowa 🙂

  • I really do love the look of this blush, but I swatched it in store and wasn’t really impressed with the pigmentation 🙁 Like you, I wear lots of pinky coral blushes and the idea of a purple-toned one has won my heart. I just ordered MAC Azalea Blossom which has a purple tone so I’ll see how I get on with that. I can imagine that at some point in the future though I’ll cave and just have to buy Hervana! x

  • I love this blusher! Bought it a couple of weeks ago and have been wearing it religiously since… you’re right about them being better value for money than most other brands because they last so so long 🙂

  • you’re tempting me even more to buy this…although my bank balance is stopping me :s

  • never tried a benifit box blush but really need to!
    please check out my blog xo

  • looks very nice!


  • Benefit Hervana is the ultimate perfect blusher! I wear it everyday nearly and it looks great in basically everyone.


  • I still don’t have any of the Benefit blushers, have borrowed Hoola off a friend before though and it was amazing! The colours in Hervana look incredible. x

  • i really need to get around to trying out their blushers!

  • I’ve got this blush and although I do love it & think it looks beautiful in the box; I find I get a lot more colour from the others especially Bella Bamba as this blush sometimes doesn’t show up very much on my skin. Still determined to wear it though as it’s just such a pretty looking blush! x

  • Looks so gorgeous!
    Charlotte Couture Blog

  • It looks amazing but the price is just too much :/ xxx

  • This is groegous, I currently have 3 benefit blushers already and this may have to be added to the collection xx :o)

  • This looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s beautiful in the pan and looks amazing on your cheeks! xx

  • I reviewed this as well this week, love the versatility of it!

  • oh, i really love this!

  • Really need to get my hands on this, beautiful colour and gorgeous packaging! What’s not to love?!