Review: MAC Well Dressed Blush.

I bought this blush after a recommendation from Lily and I love it! It’s a satin finish, a lovely cool toned pink with just the right amount of shimmer. I put slightly more blush on than usual today so it would show up well in the photos, but I think it really suits my skin tone.
It looks like a ‘natural flush’ which is what I aim for, as well as providing a slight shimmer to highlight.

This is the last blush I will purchase from MAC as I have far too many! What are your favourite MAC blushers? 

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23 January, 2012
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23 January, 2012
  • Love it. Looks so good on you xx

  • Pretty! Also, love the ring. A lot.

  • Love this! I use my friends all the time 🙂

  • I absoloutley love this blush, I always pick it up in MAC, but like you, I have far too many already!

    Your hair looks really lovely here by the way! Making me want to chop mine off!!

  • Loving the blusher shade and the ring your wearing, love to know where it’s from? xxx

  • Springsheen is my favorite mac blush, its the perfect colour 🙂
    Though i also quite like their cremeblend in ‘Something special’, its nice when i’m not in the mood for shimmer.

  • This blush looks gorgeous on you :-). I don’t actually own any MAC blushers – it’s a crime I know! xx

  • This looks great on you. x

  • arghh KATE just transport your face onto mine please?! aha You’re so beaut! I love mac well dressed too, such a pretty shade. &

  • Been wanting this blush for ages but you’ve totally just sealed the deal for me: I NEED IT. Absolutely gorgeous colour x

  • Lu.

    Love this colour on you, what brush do you use to apply your blush? It always looks lovely. xx

  • That looks really pretty. I’m stuck in a bit of a blush rut at the moment with my ‘me me me’ blush me in pink. It looks like a similar shade to me with just the right amount of shimmer too – I wear it everyday!

  • Looks super cute 🙂

  • I don’t own any MAC blushes but this one is really lovely and natural looking 🙂

  • Very pretty and suits you well! Not sure if cool toned pinks suit me very much which is a shame!

  • It looks beautiful on you, I think I need to start using this blush again, it’s gone unloved for too long! x

  • Wow I love this, I don’t own any Mac blushes but may just have to try this one it looks great on you 😀 x

  • This looks great on you! Ive been wanting to try it for awhile now, but have yet to buy it.
    Im also a big fan of the blushcreme in Lady.

  • LL

    That shade looks fabulous on you! I wear Frankly Scarlet and the cremeblend one in Something Special – tempted to give this one a go now despite the horrendous number of pink blushes lurking in my makeup drawers…x

  • This looks amazing on you! xx

  • This is the first and only one I ever bought. Really like the soft colour! Love

  • need to get me a blush like this asap, haven’t really seen that many cooler toned pinks like this though- might have to splurge!

    beth x ramz and the flock

  • I think this shade looks lovely on you! It also helps that you’re stunning lol x

  • Welldressed and blush baby are my favourites! I’ve even hit pan on well dressed which is a first! Looks lovely on your skin!

    abbi xo

  • Wow it looks absolutely gorgeous on you! Well Dressed has been on my to-buy list for over a year but I think this blog post has bumped it up to the top of the list haha. x

  • Love the look of this blush on you! I’ve never got around to buying a MAC blush really want to try it though. The colour of this is so pretty! xx

  • I love thiss blush, i just wished it showed up on my skin tone better :/ xxx

  • Such a gorgeous colour on you! Can I ask what brush you use to apply your blusher? It looks flawless!xo

  • Looks amazing on you!
    I haven’t got any mac powder blushes but I really want this one. I have the cream blush lady blush and love it!!

  • This is beautiful! Blushers are very addictive aren’t they! Yet to try any Mac ones yet, this may have to be my first as it looks so lovely on you!

  • That shade really suits you, it’s lovely! Xo

  • This blusher is beautiful and it really suits you!

  • That blush looks PERFECT on you! Such a lovely color.
    xoxo Debby

  • You are honestly one of the prettiest I have ever seen.


  • I love blush but it’s so hard to know where to stop! I mean, you think you need just a little bit more and the moment after you look like you have a fever haha. well, in my case at least! 😉

  • I got this one for christmas and LOOOVVVEE it! I have quite tanned skin but it still gives a really natural flushed look to my cheeks without looking barbie doll-ish! used to use different blushers daily but since discovering this I havent strayed xx

  • it’s funny that you should bring this blush up, as it’s been on my wish-list forever now, and i’m literally buying it now!


  • This looks so lovely on you. Love the shimmer.

    C x

  • This looks gorgeous on you! I don’t have any mac blushes 🙁 I tend to go for peachy or dark pink colours though!xxxx

  • this is such a pretty blush, it really suits your complexion 🙂


  • looks lovely! my favorite mac blush at the moment is peachtwist!

  • haha! I’ve told myself ‘this is my last MAC blush’ about four times so far and I always go back to them. I love Well Dressed as it’s so soft but Dame definitely suits my complexion more. Give it a try if you’re ever lured back to the blush section!


  • It looks lovely on your skin ! I want to try this one ! xx

  • Nic

    looks stunning on you! also, i would like your eyes,thanks. xx

  • That is such a pretty colour on you! I should check this out!!

  • i love it1thanks for sharing.regards and have a good one!

  • ohhh, you look gorgeous! love that colour on you


  • looks lovely on you! 🙂
    xx raquel

  • Thats such a pretty shade, I usually go for the pink tones. It looks great on you, I am envious, you have the perfect shaped face for blusher, that sounds a bit odd but I’m sure you kind of get what I mean!!

  • love this colour!! so natural looking! =] gonna go get me some!

  • your so pretty, and that blush looks great on you. I have heard so many positive things about this blush so i really want to try it.

  • can you do more post about your mac blushes?

  • lovely colour, the only mac blush i own is dame.
    i need some more mac blushes

  • This blush looks beautiful! Definitely added to my list x

  • This blush looks lovely! Sadly there’s no MAC counter where I live so I always have to wait until I’m in Edinburgh or Glasgow to give them my moneys! x

  • I just bought a blusher palette from MAC and bought fleur power to put in but this might be my next purchase 🙂 melba is nice too x

  • I really adore your hair color against your skin tone 🙂 What do you use to get the colour?

  • You’re beautiful, this blusher is amazing ! I shall buy it soon.

  • I was looking at this post thinking “wow, I love that makeup look… this is what I want for when I cover the Leanne Marshall show…” and then I realized I already have the blush. Looks like I shall start applying it a bit heavier. Love the look!

  • It looks like such a natural but lovely shade, I think I’ll have to buy it!!

  • What a beautiful shade! You have gorgeous facial features, love the way you’ve used it to contour. xx

  • This was my first ever MAC blush and I love it! Amazing for my pale skin and never looks too much, gorgeous X

  • Love this mac blush – think it will have to be my next purchase =]

  • i don’t actually wear that much blusher as i’ve never really had a good quality one but i think that mac blushers are the one for me. this blusher looks amazing on you and it looks so natural! it’s the most gorgeous shade of pink with your skin tone and i think that this is the one i’ll try out first! X

  • so beautiful and natural look!