Review: Look Beauty Double Hit Lip in Rose Riot

Look Beauty Double Hit Lip in Rose Riot – £7 (Sample from an event)

I’ve raved about this lip product several times, but still not had the chance to blog about it. I wasn’t that fussed about the Look Beauty range. A beauty range coming from a magazine sounded a bit toy-in-cereal-box to me, but I had a lovely time at the launch and we were given great goody bags to take home. 
This product consists of a supposedly matte lipstick (I wouldn’t say matte as it has quite a frost/sheen to it) at one end, and a lipgloss at the other. You can use each side alone or together.
This product really stuck out to me, despite the colour being far too bright for me (in the packaging) and also the small fact that I never, ever wear lipgloss. 

I have quite dry lips, lipsticks rarely last on me so mostly, I don’t bother much. However, this lipstick has some serious staying power. It almost sets on your lips, and stays for hours. It reminds me of NARS Orgasm, that sort of peachy pink with a gold sheen. 

I wear the lipstick alone quite often, but probably more often with the lipgloss. 

Although I’m not a fan of lipgloss (I think it looks a bit overdone on me, and also it’s sticky and my hair gets stuck in it), I use this most days when I’m heading out. As you can see in the picture above, it’s not overly glossy and leaves quite a subtle sheen to the lips without that sticky, unnatural feeling. It also smells incredible!

In all honesty, this has become one of my favourite lip products. It stays on for hours, the lipgloss is perfect for keeping lips moisturised and adding a bit of a gloss. 
Have you tried any of the Look Beauty range? 

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  • I haven’t tried any of the look range yet, but this colour is gorg. I may have to go and purchase a couple of bits. I’ve a post coming up soon on a new lippy range which I am desperate to try xx

  • Ooh this definitely looks worth a try. The colour is absolutely gorgeous! You look so lovely too. I need to investigate the Look beauty range more I think xx

    Little Glitter

  • This looks like such a pretty colour, definitely going to check out the look beauty range!xx

  • I love the colour on you. Im just not keen on the packaging. I know packaging isn’t everything but I think the Look beauty packaging looks really cheap and naff.

    You on the other hand look stunning and gorgeous! lol

    I have a blog sale on my blog at the moment if you fancy taking a quick peek

    Blog Sale


  • Really pretty colour, sort of reminds me of one of the cream puff lip colours 🙂 x

  • It looks lovely 🙂 xx

  • That’s such a pretty colour – it really suits you 🙂

    I’m not a huge fan of lipgloss, mostly because of the hair gets stuck to lip when wearing issue but I’d give this a go as it doesn’t look sticky at all! xx

  • Wow, I couldn’t tell this lipgloss that looks warm on the tube would turn out such a lovely pink! Thx for these pics! xx

  • Amy

    haven’t tried anything, but i’ve read so many rave reviews it would be ridiculous not to! FASHION JUNKIE

  • I think I’m going to try this now, I adore the lipgloss in Powder Puff, but otherwise the products are a little bit hit and miss for me.


  • I have this exact one! but it doesn’t finish like this on me! the lipstick colour barely comes out on my lips and combined lasts about 1 or 2 hours! must just depend on the individual with this! I so wish it came out on me like it does you, looks gorge xx

  • Looks really pretty, your eyes are amazing x

  • Tor

    What a gorgeous colour! I might try this out, especially now you’ve said the gloss isn’t overly sticky. I’m not a big gloss fan for that reason, so guess this one’s worth a go!
    Tor @ That’s Peachy Fashion Blog xx

  • such a gorgeous colour and suits you so much!
    a great review also!

  • Looks beautiful! Goes with your skin tone perfectly 🙂 x

  • That’s a gorgeous colour, I want loads of stuff from Look Beauty! xx

  • Can’t wait to try this!
    seriously your eyes are beautiful its not even fair!
    really random but do I remember you saying your from Aberdeen? I just started my blog and I’m from Aberdeen and have this feeling you are too and just thought its cool to see another Scottish blogger!


  • I’ve not been able to get my hands on any Look products yet, but some of the reviews I have read make the range sound really good quality, I get that toy in a cereal box feel too but the reviews have been great so I shall have to try and get my hands on some! The colour looks so lovely on you, and your make-up looks stunning!

  • Oh this is gorgeous I am dyyyying to try some Look goodies but they aren’t here in Ireland 🙁

  • The colour is gorgeous, I’m dead annoyed that my local Superdrug doesn’t have the Look products. x

  • That colour looks lovely on you, really suits your skin tone. I haven’t tried any of the Look range yet think I need too! xx

  • sooo nice! x

  • This colour looks lovely on you! Need to try the looks beauty range 🙂 x

  • dead nice!

  • I’ll definitely be looking through the Look Beauty range soon 😀

  • ahh your skin is flawless!! So jealous!

  • I’ve not tried any of their products yet but I think I’ll investigate next time I’m out shopping, I was looking at this the other day and thought it was far too bright but it looks so pretty on you!!


  • I haven’t tried any yet, do you know if you can get them online? Also, I love your top – where is it from?

    Laura x

  • Haven’t tried the look beauty range and where can i get it form?
    btw i so believe that ‘A beauty range coming from a magazine sounded a bit toy-in-cereal-box’ to me too

  • Such a nice colour, your skin is amazing, jealous!! Love your top also!

  • that shade looks so nice on you, i love your shirt too!

  • Great post, but i’m actually more interested in the shirt you’re wearing!! Where’s it from, it’s lovely? xx

  • I really want to try these out but I’ve not found the stand in any Superdrug I’ve been to yet. I will keep searching!

  • i am still trying to get my hands on this! xxx

  • Thats gorgeous!
    I was the same, I’d heard about it and seen it in Superdrug but walked past thinking it would be a little rubbish tbh. I’ve seen a few reviews now on different products from the range and its changed my mind. I think I’m going to have to try a few things out!

  • I have the one in pink punch and I absolutely love it, I am desperate to try more from their line 🙂

  • It looks so so pretty on you!

  • These look great and it looks even better in your lips. I think I may have to invest in some of these! X

  • Such a beautiful colour on you! I’ve been looking for a shade just like that. Woop.


  • your makeup is flawless. i love your blog!!