Review: Fashionista Custom Blush Palette.

I was recently given this lovely Fashionista Palette at an event, as if I need any more blushers but they are my favourite products so this little palette is perfect for me.
There’s a lovely shimmery peach, which is quite similar to NARS Orgasm, a light pink and a deeper, richer pink. There’s also a lovely shimmery highlighter thrown in for good measure too.

The idea is to choose your own shades, and put them into the palette to create something thats unique to you. It’s a fantastic idea, especially if like me you like to change your blusher every day – this is going to be really useful when I travel.

I think this is a really great idea, the shades are all really appealing and good quality. I don’t usually go for brands you get in Superdrug because I like the higher end brands, but this has really proven to be a good product. You can also choose eyeshadow shades to pop in as well.

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9 November, 2011
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9 November, 2011
  • These look great! I’m definitely going to check them out! x

  • i really want to try these, i saw the fashionista stand in my local superdrug but decided against getting one:( xx

  • Really want to get my hands on my own palette. I love how you can combine blushes and eye shadows in one palette, something MAC should take a leaf from xx

  • I saw these for the first time IRL in my local superdrug, they’re such a good idea. Love the colours you got, the highlighter looks good x

  • looks gorgeous! could you do some swatches on them? im highly interested in these especially the darkish pink one! x

  • What a lovely idea for a blush palette, love it! I’m intrigued by the top right colour 😉

  • I think these are a great idea and I love the shades you chose!

  • ooooh looks lovely, especially the highlighting one! 🙂

  • this is a fantastic idea! highlighting blush looks pretty x

  • Zoe

    such gorgeous colours, im dying to try these out!

  • such a great idea! you chose some great shades

    Elloise xxx

  • Just found your blog, had a good creep through it for ages 😛 Check mine out