Current Foundation Routine.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid & Illamasqua Skin Base 

I’ve had many people (online and in person) ask what foundation I’ve been using recently, last night I was lucky enough to get my makeup touched up by Sam of Pixiwoo fame (I know right, massive fan girl moment) who loved my foundation and asked what I used. By far the best ever compliment!

I’ve been using Studio Fix Fluid by MAC for some time now, although recently I’ve noticed it’s looking a bit orange on me and not really giving me the coverage I desire. I have overall okay skin, except for areas where I’ve had blemishes in the past and they’ve left marks, which is what I’m aiming to cover.
I purchased Illamasquas Skin Base a while ago, but got a shade which is far too light. I also find Skin Base on it’s own can be quite difficult to buff into the skin, so I started to mix the two together – this makes Studio Fix better coverage and less orange, and Skin Base blends easier into my skin for a flawless finish. 

There has been a massive difference to my skin, I think it looks a lot healthier and although the coverage is medium/full, my skin still looks radiant and natural. 

Does anyone else mix their foundations?

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  • Zoe

    Ive been mixing my mac face and body with a lighter foundation i have because its been looking too orange on me lately!
    I really want to try Illamasqua skin base.

    Lovely photos!

  • I hate the way studio fix goes orange. I just have a gosh foundation I mix in with it to make it lighter. So jealous you met Pixiwoo! x

  • You look glowing! Beautiful! x what is on your lips? 🙂

  • You make-up looks stunning! I have a bourjois foundation which is so hard to blend and a little too light, I am definetley going to try mixing it with another of my foundations!

    Thanks for such a great tip 🙂

  • I don’t really mix my foundations, but I’ve started using Skin Base too. What shade are you in it (just wondering as the one you have looks a lot like the one I have). I agree that skin base is quite difficult to buff into the skin, it is so thick!


  • i’ve also been mixing my skin base with bourjois’ healthy mix because the latter was a bit too dark and they work prfectly well together 🙂

  • your skin looks gorgeous! i haven’t ever tried mixing anything but i’ll give it a try ’cause most foundations are too dark for me.


  • your skin does look amazing! i initially wanted to try skin base but hearing its too thick from various people has kinda put me off.
    for now im mixing healthy mix and revlon’s colourstay which works well for me- even though my skin is awful at the moment 🙁

  • I totally understand the fangirling over sam of pixiwoo! You do have flawless/skin makeup, may mix some of my less favourite foundations and see what I get

  • I bought studio fix va few months ago and even though I got nc15 it’s still too dark for me , so I will definetly try mixing it with another foundation 🙂 🙂

  • I always just mix my foundation with moisturiser, then blend it in with the cheap blusher blush because my skin can be quite dry sometimes.

  • Wow I love Sam shes so lovely! I love the way your foundation looks, you look beautiful. 🙂 Xx

  • OMG! <3 skin base is the best best best! foundation i have used to be honest hah

  • I normally mix Mac studio sculpt with a bit of elizabeth arden, creates the perfect dewey (for want of a better word!) finish!
    Once i’ve used up all my other various foundations i’m going to try the Illamsqua I think!
    Belle du Brighton

  • ive been meaning to try skin base for ages ive heard good and bad things though, good post :] xx

  • I never mix foundation, but I may start as you look pretty good! xx

  • I have been uhmming and ahming about getting this Mac foundation as it is pretty expensive, but now considering you have got it then I will definitely buy it (as your foundation and makeup always looks flawless!) I look forward to your next post xxx

  • Looks really good, your skin looks flawless. xx

  • Im going to get the Illamasqua skin base now because I just recently started using mac and like you even though I use the lightest nc15 its coming up a bit orange probs because im at the end of the bottle. Im just worried because my skin is oily owel worth a try. Thank for the tip sweety :).

    Ashleigh x x

  • I’m a french fan of your blog, I really love your look (and I look pratrically the same)!!
    When are u gonna come in France?

  • I’ve never really liked MAC.Just because I don’t think it’s worth the price:)x

  • Your foundation really does make your skin glow! I really want to try the skin base it seems like I am going to love it. X

  • I do! I’m using Chanel Pro, Laura Mercier illuminater and a bourjois foundation. I don’t like any of them on their own!

  • you are so so cute.. and your blog is so fun to read aswell.