Review: Collection 2000 Cream Puffs.

I’m wearing Cotton Candy with a touch of Powder Puff to soften.

As soon as I saw these on a blog, I really had to have them. The colours look incredible, just the shades I usually go for in lip products. The packaging is really cute too.
The Cream Puffs are a bit like a creamy lipstick, they apply like a lipgloss yet are matte and highly pigmented.
I find they stay on the lips longer than a lipstick, and they don’t tend to crease or show the dryness on your lips like a matte lipstick.

They’re easy to apply, and I find as there’s an applicator, it’s easy to mix the colours on your lips.
They retail at £2.99 which I think is very reasonable, considering how pigmented they are, and how long they last. I definitely think everyone should own at least one of these!