Review: Benefit The Porefessional.

Benefit Porefessional Β£23.50 for 22ml

I bought this a while ago very impulsively whilst buying a packet of aspirin in Boots (that’s what happens when you put the Benefit counter too close to the till, Picadilly Circus Boots!).
I remember when this first came out a year or two ago, I had really wanted to buy it but for some reason never really got round to it. I own quite a few primers that I rarely use as I don’t think they really work for me.

I saw a work colleague using this a few months ago and put it back on my list of wants. It’s different from any other primer I own, it’s a beige colour and seems to really help to even out tone whilst also minimising pores. I have quite a few red blemishes on my face which can be hard to cover, it’s a shame as where I don’t have blemishes my skin is rather good but I do have to apply a heavy coverage foundation all over.
I bought Porefessional to help cover these blemishes and overall, give me a healthier looking skin tone.

I usually pat this on around my nose, cheeks and chin – the areas which cause the most problems due to blemishes and large pores. I feel that this primer absorbs in really well to give such a smooth surface to apply foundation to (although you can use this alone).
I also find it hides a lot of the redness, whilst also not drying my skin.
After a few uses, I found I got a few blemishes but I think this was more down to me not taking my makeup off properly – I was going through a lazy stage! I’m not always that bad.

Overall, I do think this is a great primer for leaving a smooth, soft base. It smooths over pores and blemishes well, and I find my complexion looks a lot better on days when I chose to use this.
I think the price is pretty typical for a Benefit product, I do think it’s worth the price – the tube looks quite small but you really only need a tiny amount. I’ve been using this every day for a few weeks now and you can’t really see a difference in the tube.

You can see me wearing this primer in this post.

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  • I have this and I think its so good, I use this on my nose, and my bareminerals primer on the rest of my face!


  • You’re right, this is really good for covering red patches, I often get them on my cheeks. This does last forever, I used it pretty much daily and its been going for 4 months… a little goes a long way!

  • I want to try this now!! haha primer envy!

    Great review lovely xx

  • Zoe

    havent heard about this before, sounds great though.

  • Arh Ive been pondering over this for ages – Still not sure haha, heard so many good things though x

  • I think I might have to put this product on my Christmas list , love benefit πŸ™‚

  • Likewise been looking at this for a while but did not want to part with my money until i had seen it reviewed. Defintely back on my wish list. Hoping it will help to cover up / reduce the red birth marks on my face. Here’s hoping. :o) xx

    Btw please feel free to enter my birthday blog giveaway comp

  • i wanted to purchase this foro quite some time now, but the price always puts me off!! will try it for xmas though!! πŸ™‚ xx

  • I have this, It’s really good to use on its own if you want a bit of a makeup free day!

  • I’m always a bit wary of primers as I’ve never found one that actually works but this sounds like a good one – surprised I haven’t tried it already cos I love Benefit! xxx

  • Thanks for the review, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while!

  • great review, definitely gonna buy this now! btw i LOVE your blog!

  • My sister has this and i tried some of it but it didn’t work for me (i think its because my skin is beyond help!!! I need to drink more water!) x

  • i really quite like this but it does separate and that kinda annoys me

  • Thanks for sending this link πŸ™‚

    I’ve seen this everywhere and have never used a primer before (more because I didn’t know how to use it opposed to not wanting it). Anyway, i’m kind of in the same situation as you, I have pretty okay skin apart from some really annoying tiny red patches which are almost scarred marks (gutting). I’ve started getting more into my makeup and everyone’s been saying a primer is a good first coat pre foundation.

    Anyway, long story short, i just purchased this πŸ™‚ Your review is good news, glad you rate it, and good to know to just dab on the ‘bad’ patches as I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be an ‘all over’ time product.

    Thanks again me dear
    Mel x