Review: Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless Collection.

I was sent a few bits from the Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless collection recently. Illamasqua is one of those brands that really stands out in terms of high end makeup brands. It takes influence from the 1920s club scene, inspired by those who use makeup to covey themselves.
It is one of my favourite higher end makeup brands, I think the collections have so much to offer and always contain such inspiring colours and products.

The Theatre of the Nameless collection is no different, stemming from 1920s Berlin, it is one of grandeur and decadence. The promo images are truly incredible, showing that makeup can be used to express oneself so dramatically and magnificently.

I was given the Powder Blush in Morale, the Cream Pigment in Androgen (pictured on my lips) and the Nail Varnish in Taint (pictured last).
I have built up a small collection of Illamasqua blushers, and it has to be said that looking at the powders in the pan, they are not ones I would pick out if I was looking at MAC, NARS or Bourjois shades. They are not my typical peachy roses, and Morale is not something I would usually go for. However, experience has shown me that although Illamasqua blushers look intimidating in the pan, they transform into such a brilliant shade on the cheeks.
Morale is no different, although it looks daunting – a rich purple with a glitter – it transforms on the cheeks to a soft blue-toned flush with only a slight sheen. It’s fast becoming one of my most used blushers.

The Cream Pigment in Androgen is probably my favourite piece I’ve tried from the collection. It is the most gorgeous soft pink with a slight coral tone to it. It’s thicker than a lipstick and also goes matte on the lips. I tend to just dab it on my lips for a lovely, natural warm colour. Sometimes I’ll add a bit of clear lip balm to make it slightly more moisturising.
It’s extremely pigmented, and can be used anywhere. I’d like to experiment with this on my cheeks but I’ve not had the chance.

Finally, the Nail Varnish is not something I would usually go for either. It’s quite dark and decadent (I usually only wear pastels or coral shades!) but I really fancied this from the collection. I wore a Missguided teal shade on one finger to brighten it up a bit. I quite like this colour, even though it’s not very me. I think the Illamasqua brand really brings out a creative side in me!

This collection is definitely not one to be missed, I highly recommend their blushes and the cream pigment is incredible. I would like to see what other uses I can find for this product, hopefully it will get me experimenting a bit more rather than sticking to my usual shades.
What is your favourite Illamasqua product?

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  • Zoe

    I love the look of the blush and the cream pigment, definitely going to purchase them!

  • The blusher really does look WOW in the pan but gorgeous on, also loving the lips x

  • I love the Cream Pigment on your lips, such a lovely colour x

  • That lip colour is so lovely on you.

  • Oooh Morale is way prettier than I thought it would be 🙂

  • Thanks for bringing this brand to my attention! The products look fantastic both in the pan and on. Gorgeous 🙂

  • morale looks gorgeous
    So jealous of you always getting freebies!xo

  • Illamasqua is one of those brands on my Must Try list!
    You wear the cream pigment really well, it looks super natural!
    And the lovely blush isn’t bad either 😉

  • OMG, the visuals!!! One of the most inspiring collections I’ve ever seen!!!

  • That cream pigment is such a gorgeous colour and looks really great on your lips! I’m a big fan of Illamasqua.

  • Really want to try an Illamasqua product!x

  • The illamasqua polishes are by far the best I’ve used from high end brands. The lipsticks are pretty lush too. I’m dying to try out some of their blushes, the look heavy lush and the colour looks so lovely on you xx

  • Lovely shades!

    London Last Night

  • I love the visuals for the collection! So beautiful and unique! :))

  • Gem

    Androgen is one of my favourite things ever, I just love it 🙂

    Gem x

  • Androgen is amazing!! I used it as a blush…and a bit as an creamy eyeshadow and it works fabulous :)))

  • love the colour combination on your nails!! stunning x

  • The blusher looks lovely on you xx

  • You’re so so stunning! x hivenn