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Style: Stay Young, Go Dancing.

Top – Internacional, Belt – Primark, Skirt – New Look, Shoes – Ebay, Lipstick – Rimmel 
I should have taken these pictures earlier in the day, but it slowly got later and later and darker and darker. I love this little top so much, it’s a bit tight around my chest but luckily Emma gave me some velcro strips to stick it together so I don’t get that annoying gap that happens with button up tops!

I kept this outfit simple (like all of my outfits!) I always think high necked tops look funny with necklaces so I opted for bracelets instead. 

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9 September, 2011
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9 September, 2011
  • Velcro strips is such a good idea! I always get that with shirts too and it’s so annoying! Love the simplicity of this, it’s perfect. xo

  • I love that shirt! its such a nice colour 🙂


  • Love this outfit, I think it really suits you x

  • Im stealing that velcro idea! That always happens to me! xo


  • amazing outfit! i never shop at internacional..i may go and have a look see, they seem to be upping there game and selling Top shop esque things cheaper

  • You little babe! I love this top, I hardly ever go in that shop though as the girls always look at me funny! Glad you are using the velcro, need to find the rest of mine haha ): xx

  • Those velcro strips are such a good idea! You look gorgeous xx

  • OMG. Velcro strips – that is actually beyond genious! HATE when my stupid boobs ruin nice clothes!! You look so cute 🙂

    Hello Procrastination

  • Cute outfit, I really love the peachy top! Velcro is an great idea to stop gaping…
    Rachelle x

  • This colour looks gorgeous on you 🙂



  • Gorgeous outfit. The peach looks really great! xx

  • You look gorgeous, i love the colour of your shirt. xx

  • Velcro is such a good idea, I have that trouble with almost all of my shirts unless I buy them a size or two bigger, annoying!
    This is a lovely outfit xx
    Sirens and Bells

  • love the top, gorgeous x

  • This top is amazing, with the cheeky scallopping around the buttons- so cute! xx
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  • I love your top, I hate it when I try a button up top on and it gapes xx


  • The shirt is really lovely, the scalloped edge where the buttons are is really cute. The high neck really suits you too 🙂 xx


  • That top is adorable, velcro strips are a great idea why have I never thought of that?! I always get that with button ups so will be investing for sure


  • heyyyyyyyy weiner ! what polish you got on your toots????? xo

  • Gorgeous and great tip for blouses, velcro!

    Burn the Blonde X

  • Gem

    Wow, I’m absolutely in love with that shirt! It’s so pretty!!!

    Gem x

  • A perfect outfit – the shirt is such a lovely colour on you. Velcro is a genius idea for conquering the dreaded boob gape!

  • That top is lovely, really like the colour! xx