Review: MAC Lovelorn Lipstick.

I recently purchased MACs Lovelorn lipstick. It’s a Lustre finish, which means its incredibly easy to apply and wear. My lips are so so dry all the time, so I can really only pull off lipsticks with a sheen.
This reminds me of MACs Fanfare lipstick but more blue toned. It’s been one of my favourites recently.

I find it lasts longer due to the moisturising finish. Definitely one that can be worn day or night, as it can be layered up for a deeper colour, or worn as one layer which is like a pigmented lipgloss.

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21 September, 2011
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21 September, 2011
  • Was looking at this yesterday in a ‘best MAC pinks’ post! Now torn between this and Creme Cup! Giz a snog xoxoxo

  • I have this already and literally just bought a new up for back up πŸ™‚ Love it!!


  • ooh this is gorge, but damn you kate for making me want yet another mac lipstick! xx

  • oooh this looks nice.. judging from the actually colour of the stick i would never even think to try it but it looks lush on!

  • Mine have become dry due to the weather so I take some chapstick with me but to be honest it doesn’t do the trick. That shade looks stunning on you, compliments your blush also!

  • Liking your new header too, very profesh!

  • This is such a pretty colour, I don’t know if I could pull it off though. Looks lovely on you though πŸ™‚ x

  • Amy

    This is so pretty, I love the lustre finish πŸ™‚ xxx

  • I suffer from dy lips too, such a pain!
    The colour is very pretty!

  • Ahh I have this too, and its amazing! Such a good go-to! Looks lovely on you, too!

  • Such a goregous colour and you have such nice lips! x

  • This is a pretty colour, i love mac lipsticks – my lips are really dry during winter months aswell. I feel like I need to buy a new lipstick after reading this post. x

  • Ahhh you’ve just reminded me how much I want this!

    T x

  • Gorgeous colour πŸ™‚ xx

  • Love this colour, I like bold pinks but also have dry lips so sometimes lipsticks can look really crappy. This looks and sounds perfect! xx

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  • Lovelorn is one of those lippies you can keep coming back to. It really suits your skin tone too! xx

  • This lipstick looks gorgeous on you, it’s such a pretty colour and lustre finishes are the best :).


  • such a lovely colour! πŸ™‚

  • Oh god it’s lovely, don’t encourage me! I always avoid lipsticks really because of my dry lips and just favour a pigmented lipgloss because it’s easier, but if I could wear a lipstick that would last on my lips and not show up every chap(?) I would be all over that!!

  • Tea

    This is one of my absolute favourites. I need to buy another as I finished and B2M’d my tube!

  • I love this colour! It looks really easy to wear. So jealous of your skin, it looks flawless! x

  • I really need to stop reading MAC lipstick posts. My wishlist gets longer and longer every time I see another gorgeous colour! I love Fanfare and go through it at warp speed so I bet this’ll be another fave. One can never have too many MAC lippies huh? πŸ˜‰

  • Such a pretty colour!
    Sirens and Bells

  • Gorgeous Colour hun! for dry lips, you should try the nutrimetics lip apeel. It is a lip exfoliator. I have suffered from dry lips for so long, and used it the other week, and my lips feel super soft still! definitely recommend πŸ™‚
    love your blog xo

  • I love Lovelorn πŸ™‚ Like you say it is a bit blue-toned which means it isn’t my favourite.

  • Mac are the ones when it comes to lipsticks, this may just be my new ‘snob’.

    Helen, x

  • This is the only mac lipstick i own and i love it! Looks great on you. xo

  • It looks totally different on you than it does with me! Looks great though. x