Beauty Favourites

August Favourites.

MAC Bite of An Apple Blush, Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega pefume, MAC Matte Gel, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Alterna Caviar Hair Rapid Repair Spray, Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. 

01. MAC Bite of An Apple Blush; this was from the Venomous Villains collection and is a matte powder blush. I’m partial to a matte blush now and again, especially as you can add your own highlighter if you fancy it. This gives the perfect “rosy” blush, which is buildable so looks good on fair skin or tanned. Probably my “go to” blush at the moment.

02. Viktor & Rolf Eau Mega perfume; Overshadowed by it’s older brother “Flowerbomb” (which I also have), this perfume just doesn’t get the recognition it deserves! It’s like nothing else I’ve ever smelt, which is why I love it. I hate going out in the typical branded perfumes, I like something a bit different. This is floral and fresh, and really does smell so nice. I’d say it’s a bit heavier than Flowerbomb, so definitely a good Autumn perfume if you enjoy something fairly light and refreshing.

03. MAC Matte Gel; I’ve had this for a while and only recently started taking it seriously. I rarely use primers, even though I have quite a collection, as I feel they don’t help my oily/combination skin type. I spread a bit of this mattifying gel on the t-zone (after a very honest girl I know told me I was a bit shiny round the ol’ forehead, thanks pal…!) to help combat any shine I get throughout the day. It also works as a really great primer, it gives such a smooth feel to the skin!

04. MAC Studio Fix Fluid; I stopped using this for so long and have recently come back to it. I think it is one of my favourite foundations, it’s really versatile and loved by so many! A great foundation whatever your skin type/coverage you prefer.

05. Alterna Caviar Hair Rapid Repair Spray; This came in the first Glossybox and has to be one of my favourite products. I dropped it on the floor once and it cracked, I sobbed and then promptly wrapped it in tape. Problemo solved, although it does look a little unsightly. I spray this on wet hair pre-blowdry, it smells incredible – I’d quite like to wear it as perfume. On days when I use this, I literally cannot stop touching the ends of my hair! It makes hair so soft and glossy!

06. Too Faced Natural Eye Palette; Another forgotten favourite. This was found tucked away in my drawer, and I love the matte colours in the ‘day’ eyeshadows, all of the shades are so easy to wear, are very pigmented and all blend so well together. I think I prefer this to my UD Naked palette just because the colours are a lot more wearable.

If you haven’t already seen, I’ve done a guest post on Sofias blog with my beauty favourites!

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  • Palette looks amazing. I have their fairy one and it’s soooo good 😀 xx

  • The caviar hair stuff is AMAZING, I’ve already used all mine up 🙁 x

  • Oooh that Too Faced palette looks gorgeous, going to have to have a look at it! xx

  • I haven’t seen this Victor&Rolf perfume before, the bottle is beautiful! I need to try out the Mac matte gel as I get so oily during the day. I’m not sure I’d like friends to be that “honest”, sometimes it borders with “rude”…

  • I love the V&R perfume as well! It isn’t comparable to any other scent. Definetly wanna try out the caviar hair thing. Sounds amazing.
    XX LillyLIa

  • Fab picks, I might have to have a look at the Mac Matt Gel as I have really oily skin 🙁

  • Anonymous

    ooh I just looked to the side and noticed you have exactly 1400 followers! Congrats!

  • The palette looks gorgeous! I’m sucha sucker for neutrals! xoxo

  • I love that V&R perfume, I always give it a cheeky little spray when I’m in Debenhams. I dont know why I havnt brought it yet!

  • I have oily skin too, may have to invest in that MAC matte gel! x

  • Great collection, i really like the colours of Too Faced Natural Eye Palette. xx

  • I really want to buy that palette! Do you know if all the ones on ebay are fakes? There are loads :S

  • Love the look of that Too Faced palette, the shades look gorgeous! xx

  • What a great selection of favourites! I love flowerbomb so will have to look out for eau mega! x

  • I love that venomous villains blush! It looks great on tanned skin.

  • Ooh, I’ve been wanting to buy Flowerbomb, but I think I’ll smell the Eau Mega one first before I buy!

  • Hi! In some ways I prefer the Too Faced palette to UD’s Naked, which has too much choice almost. I only ever use 2 colours from it!! I use all the colours in the Too Faced one.

  • I would be interested in the caviar spray (shame its so pricey) as I’m not a big make-up wearer but my friend bought a palette like too faced and it does look so wonderful on her.

  • My hair spray is running out a bit – heartbroken!

  • i love the too faced palette..its one of my favs too although one of the really glittery shimmery colours is really hard to wear it always ends up all over my cheeks and not on my eyes! 🙂 xo

  • Laura

    Love vintage gh0stparties… “rarely use primers” x