Nail Art: Silver Tips.

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with nail art. I’m really impatient and I hate painting my nails as it is, but blogs are inspiring and I can’t help but join in with the nail obsession!

I painted my nails with Models Own Blooboo (I used three coats to get it just right) and then used Nailene Perfect Tips to do the tips silver. I think it turned out really well, so I shall be experimenting a bit more with coloured tips and maybe even some half-moons!

Any other nail art ideas I should try? I really want to try Aztek nails but I think this is beyond me!

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17 August, 2011
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17 August, 2011
  • I really want to do silver tips next time I do my nails!

  • thats amazing! i would never have the patience to do that..i always smudge my nails because i get bored and start doing other stuff while i wait for them to dry D; xo

  • Good idea! I really like this!

    London Last Night

  • Oh, I’ve just done silver tips on mine, too, but I have to say, I’m liking your colour combination much more!
    I’m really wanting to try Aztec nails, too, but I have such an unsteady hand – have you tried any tape manicures? They’re quite easy but always look great! xx

  • They are gorgeous, fab combination, every time I try though, I always pull of the polish underneath 🙁 I dont know what I’m doing wrong.

  • This looks great!

    I’ll definitely be giving this a go myself 🙂 I’d love to try leopard print but I need to invest in a few nail art pens for that xx

  • This is so pretty, love these two colors together <3 I love silver accents on nails!

  • I’m also becomming obsessed with nails, just yesterday I watched tons of YouTube video’s on nails and I want to try aztec! I think I may try it tonight if I’m feeling adventurous!xx

  • that looks so good. i’m obsessed with doing leopard print on my nails gem fatale stylee at the moment!

  • this is such a good idea, and it looks so cute kind of like a modern twist on a french manicure haha 🙂 xx

  • Loving the colour combo there, I don’t own Blooboo but now very tempted to buy it lol
    I usually just use those ring binder stickers when ever I do tips ^_^

  • oooh that pretty! i must try this!

    maddie xx

  • Lovely idea for nails! Super cute 🙂
    xoxo Debby

  • They’re fabulous Kate, I spend £30 a month on having my acrylics done aswell, I’d pay you to do my nails like that – they’re gorgeous

    Eda x

  • i love the silver tips!
    Krissy xoxo

  • they look so cool! here’s a good simple nail tutorial that im gonna try tomorrow:

    also check out my little blog?

  • Pretty funky nails, really nice colours – quite futuristic!

  • Love the colors! Very cute! 🙂

  • Great job!

  • love that combination! 🙂

  • Ohh these look so effective! I really want to try aztec nails too, but the design looks so intricate I know I’ll mess it up. It may be time to treat myself to a WAH! manicure.

  • I love the colours you’ve chosen! You should try polkadot nails, they’re probably the easiest you can get! 🙂 xx

  • I’m the same – hate painting my nails, but the pretty designs I see online always put me in the mood! x

  • your nails look oh-so cute!

    jules @ a bit of jules

  • I’m in LOVE…with your nails.
    Definitely going to give it a try.
    Thanks for a sort of step by step picture thing.



  • Everyone has such wicked nail art these days, I’m so jealous! I can’t do it because of work, my boss said orange nail polish was ‘too much!’ Dammnnnn! Found you through Gembear and will spend the afternoon trawling through your old posts! Following you for sure!
    Burn the Blonde XXX

  • They look great, I’d love to try this with some reddy orange nails and gold tips… Mmm! Will need to get some of those guides though 😉

    Dayner x |

  • They really look great, I’ve been trying out nail art recently too. Check out my blog for some ideas 🙂
      Madison’s Assortment

  • Ah, I haven’t seen these! Seriously need to get some! Love the colour combination you chose. xx

  • i adore your nails. i want to try this combination with gold tips

  • Very cute x

  • Oooo I love your nails. I need the gosh nail polish but everytime I look for it it is sold out. Looks gorgeous xx

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